Demon Slayer Vs My Hero Academia: Which Shonen Is More Popular In 2024?

Kimetsu No Yaiba (Demon Slayer) is now airing with 2 episodes so far.

The first episode details the hashira gathering, with some humour to add to it.

The 2nd episode features Giyu, Tanjiro, Giyu’s back story, and Shinobu’s confession.

My Hero Academia does something similar by giving us some information on All Might’s foreign hero friend from America and so on.


The question is: which of these anime is the most popular right now in 2024?


Even though Demon Slayer may have become the best-selling anime movie of all time with Mugen Train, My Hero Academia (since 2016) has been consistently dominating and carrying the NEW era of Shonen on its back.

Let’s compare:

  • Statistics.
  • Available data.
  • Popularity.

And all things related.

Here’s a comparison.


1. My Hero Academia Vs Demon Slayer (5 year comparison)

For comparison:

  • The blue bar is Demon Slayer.
  • The red bar is My Hero Academia.

When comparing both anime series and their terms, Demon Slayer is the king of the graph.

When you look at the trend, Demon Slayer is still much higher and has higher bumps compared to My Hero Academia.

Though My Hero Academia is consistent in its trend, Demon Slayer is more wild and erratic while still remaining relatively higher.

Winner: Demon Slayer (past 5 years).


2. Demon Slayer Vs My Hero Academia in the last 12 months

When breaking down the stats even further to the last 12 months, we can see the bar is more drastic by comparison.

Demon Slayer’s blue bar is much higher, and that’s still true even at its lowest points in the past 12 months since 2023 to 2024.

My Hero Academia’s bar has been consistent yet again, with a steady rise since 2024, probably because of the announcements made about the new series and so on.

But Demon Slayer’s rise at the same time (announcements, news, etc) has a much steeper rise by comparison to My Hero Academia.

Winner: Demon Slayer (last 12 months).


3. Demon Slayer vs My Hero Academia in the last 90 days and past 30 days (2024)

90 days.
30 days.

When comparing My Hero Academia with Demon Slayer again, it changes slightly but still remains the same when comparing between the past 90 days and the past 30 days.

We can see when comparing the past 90 days the gap between both anime is much closer. In fact, if we look in a month or two from today, My Hero Academia may even out or surpass if it has a chance.

As of right now though, the gap is still enough for Demon Slayer to gain the edge as far as trends and popularity.

In the past 30 days, this gap has been bigger again, making Demon Slayer the winner between both series.


4. Comparing alternative names (MHA vs Kimetsu No Yaiba) past 5 years

Strangely enough, when comparing the alternative names for both franchises, MHA is more popular than the term “Kimetsu No Yaiba”, which is Demon Slayer’s Japanese name.

The gap isn’t massive, but it’s big enough for it to be a curious case.

MHA wins out in this section.


5. Kimetsu No Yaiba vs MHA terms in the last 12 months, 90 days, and 30 days

Similar to when comparing My Hero Academia Vs Demon Slayer, in this section MHA (the keyword) trends much higher than Kimetsu No Yaiba in the last 12 months, 90 days, and 30 day ranges the most.

Put another way, the gap between both anime and its terms is larger the more you narrow down the data.

Still, Kimetsu No Yaiba is still popular and this is more of a technical comparison since most people use the full terms of My Hero Academia and Demon Slayer when searching and exploring related content online.

Winner: MHA.


Image: source

In the end, Demon Slayer is overall the more popular anime at present. This is as far as May 2024 and (no pun intended) may be updated in the future.

But My Hero Academia’s consistency gives it a chance to shoot through the roof and claim the so-called throne.


Comparison in past 5 years

12 months comparison

90 days comparison



Demon Slayer Vs My Hero Academia: Which Anime Deserves The Crown?

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