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Top 25 Countries Where Anime Is The Most Popular (2022)

Top 25 Countries Where Anime Is The Most Popular 2022
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It’s basically a tradition at Anime Motivation to share a list of countries where anime is most popular.

This happens on a yearly basis, is covered for different topics, and has been one one of the sources of original content since 2017!

2022 will be no different, though expect different results this time around if you’ve been following for a while (it’s natural to see changes to data).

google trends data statistics 2022 anime

Let’s focus on anime’s growth, popularity, and the countries loving it the most in 2022!

Data taken from Google Trends for 2022. And will be updated throughout the year.


25 countries with the most anime fans:


1. Bolivia

bolivia flag red yellow green


2. Myanmar (Burma)

Flag of Myanmar



3. Philippines




4. Mongolia

Mongolia Flag



5. Vietnam

vietnam flag red



6. Nepal

nepal logo e1644942148823



7. Malaysia

1920px Flag of Malaysia.svg



8. El Salvador

el salvador flags



9. Peru




10. Nicaragua




11. Indonesia

indonesia flag medium



12. Ecuador

Ecuador flag



13. Jamaica

Flag of Jamaica



14. Panama

panama flag



15. Guatemala

guatemala flag medium



16. Paraguay




17. Chile




18. Trinidad & Tobago

trinidad and tobago logo



19. Honduras

honduras flag



20. Costa Rica

costa rica flag medium



21. Mexico




22. Cambodia

cambodia flag country



23. Georgia (Country)

georgia logo country



24. Argentina

argentina flag medium



25. Dominican Republic

dominican republic flag medium


Honorable Mentions:

  • Colombia (26).
  • Serbia (27).
  • Brazil (28).
  • Puerto Rico (29).
  • Venezuela (30.

google trends anime 2022 statistics data

You’ll notice NEW countries have been pupping up on these lists lately like Jamaica, Trinidad & Tabago, and carribean countries like it.

More fans seem to be coming from there these days (popularity wise). Also the country of Georgia, which is in between Asia and Europe is an interesting addition.

Philippines, usually at #1 is slipping slightly.


SOURCE: Google Trends

Did your country make it to the list of top 25?



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