Redo Of Healer Exceeds 2+ Million Copies In Reprint, With More On The Way!

Redo Of Healer has become the kind of anime that’s doing better than it “should”. At least according to controversy, white nights, or critics in general.

Understandably, most fans have an instinctively negative reaction to it. And have made their thoughts loud and clear.

But that hasn’t stopped the continuous growth of this series.


2+ million copies in reprint

As shared on May 22nd 2021, Redo Of Healer reprint exceed 2+ million copies.

This was because of the anime airing of course. And the anime doing so well in places it was allowed to be aired.

Whether it was Chinese streaming platform Bilibili, HDIVE, or pirate sites. The anime dominated with its view count.

It’s safe to say the author, Rui Tsukiyo, has had a good run with it. And it’s turned out successful on the surface.


Sold out limited edition

Also at the end of March 2021, a limited edition that cost 26000 Yen (£168) sold out.

1000+ pieces of it were sold.

It included Setsuna and Freiya body pillows.

What happens next is anyone’s guess.

With 2021 pumping out some of the craziest, raunchiest anime ever made, more controversy is to come.

That means more sales and more money for the anime and manga industry.

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