15+ Great Anime Tattoo Ideas & Designs Fans Should Consider

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Looking for anime tattoo ideas?

Thinking of what tattoo you should get?

There are plenty of cool anime tattoos out there, even an anime tattoo sleeve.


How to Choose an Anime Tattoo Design

anime tattoo goku kid

There are a ton of different anime tattoo designs out there. Choosing the right anime tattoo or anime design can be difficult enough.

An anime tattoo artist has to be skilled enough to do the job. And that’s not even thinking about the factors that come into play after the tattoo, like what you can and can’t have touch it.

Finding the right anime tattoo depends on what you like and what kind of style that you are looking to achieve.

Here’s some ideas to play with.


1. Sailor Moon Tattoo

sailor moon tattoo instagram

Sailor Moon tattoo ideas are always popular. Sailor Moon manga and Sailor Moon characters remain as popular an option for tattoos as there are.

The series is a staple in the anime community and would make for a great tattoo idea for sure.


2. Pokemon Tattoo

gengar gastly haunter tattoo

There may be no more popular idea than pokemon tattoos.

Pokemon tattoo sleeves can be seen everywhere and there is no shortage of pokemon tattoo ideas.

You can even get creative and go with a ghost pokemon tattoo if you feel so inclined.


3. Fullmetal Alchemist Tattoo

fullmetal alchemist tattoo

A full metal alchemist tattoo would be a great idea as well. There are plenty of fullmetal alchemist tattoo ideas to be chosen from.

You can even go with an alchemy tattoo or alchemy tattoos if you wanted to branch out a little.

Don’t rule out a fullmetal alchemist ouroboros tattoo, either.

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4. Spirited Away Tattoo

spirited away tattoos

A spirited away tattoo may actually stand out a bit better. You can go with a studio Ghibli tattoo, haku tattoo, or a stand-alone Ghibli tattoo.

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to this underrated anime classic.


5. One Piece Tattoo

anime tattoo zoro

Want to stand out? Look into one piece tattoo ideas. An ace tattoo one piece would be so cool.

One piece tattoos, like an ace tattoo or luffy tattoo can show your love for anime in a way that so many others don’t.


6. Cowboy Bebop Tattoo

cowboy bebop tattoo

The cowboy bebop swordfish tattoo would be a great idea if you want to get cowboy bebop tattoos. Or how about ed cowboy bebop or ein cowboy bebop tattoos?

There may be nothing cooler than a “see you space cowboy” tattoo from one of the most revered anime programs out there.

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7. Tokyo Ghoul Tattoo

tokyo ghoul tattoo

A Tokyo ghoul kagune tattoo is one of the more unique options out there.

If you are looking for Tokyo ghoul tattoo ideas, consider an UTA Tokyo ghoul, Tokyo ghoul flower, TA tattoos, or a kaneki tattoo.

There are so many options that you can get them all and more.


8. Naruto Tattoo

hinata hyuga tattoo naruto

Naruto tattoos are some of the most popular out there.

You will no doubt find anime fans that have an Anbu tattoo, Kakashi tattoo, Naruto seal tattoo, Naruto curse mark tattoo, and about a million different Naruto tattoo ideas.

One of the most popular anime works out there for a reason and this would no doubt be a popular route.

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9. Joestar Tattoo

jonathan joestar tatoo jojo anime

If you are a Joestar fan, what about the Joestar birthmark tattoo?

There is the option of going with any number of jojo tattoos, too, like the really cool jojo bizarre adventure tattoo.

These are the kind of tattoos that true anime fans will recognize and appreciate. You can go with the popular ones or go with something unique.


10. Akira Tattoo

anime tattoo design ideas 1

You can’t talk about anime tattoos without talking about an Akira tattoo. The Akira anime characters are super popular, spawning several ideas for Akira tattoos.

The great thing about anime is that there are so many different styles and shows out there that it can be difficult to find a true favorite.


11. Princess Mononoke Tattoo

princess mononoke tattoo instagram

What about Princess Mononoke tattoos? A Princess Mononoke tattoo is a great way to pay tribute to some of the cooler aspects of the shower.

Maybe you get a Princess Mononoke mask. Or a Princess Mononoke wolf.

What about a Princess Mononoke forest spirit? There are so many options to choose from.


12. Evangelion Tattoo

evangelion tattoo asuka

Whether you get evangelion angels, evangelion manga, or one of the iconic evangelion characters, you can get a tattoo that represents your love for the show.

There is even the neon genesis evangelion tattoo that can help you achieve a look that you have been hoping for.


13. Attack on Titan Tattoo

attack on titan tattoo levi ackerman

The popularity of Attack on Titan has lead to Attack on Titan tattoos, wings of freedom tattoos, and plenty of other Attack on Titan tattoo ideas.

An AoT tattoo can be an excellent way to show your love for this iconic show.


14. Dragon Ball Tattoo

kid goku anime tatoo

What about a Dragon Ball tattoo?

A Goku tattoo, DBZ tattoo, Vegetta tattoo, or 4 star Dragon Ball tattoo could all be really cool ways to show love to one of the most popular anime shows of all-time.


15. Berserk Tattoo

berserk anime tattoo sword

Getting berserk means berserk tattoos or a berserker tattoo.

Picking your favorite anime characters can sometimes be difficult but there is nothing quite like getting your favorite anime character’s audio.



If you are a big fan of anime and looking to get some ink, why not combine the two?

You can show your love for what you care for within it the art of your tattoo. Go as simple or elaborate as you so desire and you can create a look that is all your own.

All it takes is the right idea to get things started.

When you are hanging out and relaxing, you can look on your tattoos with pride.

Before long, you will be looking to add more and more of your favorite anime tattoos.

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