4 Ryuko Matoi Quotes For Kill La Kill Fans

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Written by Theo J Ellis

Kill La Kill is one of those Anime‘s you either hate or love. And can sometimes be a little graphical and over the top for some people.

The main character – Ryuko Matoi has a “I don’t take no BS” kind of attitude. Which is why nothing gets in the way of her goals.

This fits well with her inspiring quotes taken from some of the best moments in Kill La Kill.

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Ryuko Matoi Quotes

If you don't try to win with everything you have, it'll come back to bite you. - Ryuko Matoi

“If you don’t try to win with everything you have, it’ll come back to bite you.” – Ryuko Matoi

What this quotes says is you have to put 100% into whatever it is you’re doing. If you don’t, there’s a chance things won’t turn out the way you expected them to.


To hell with your opinion. I'll take my own path no matter what anyone else says. - Ryuko Matoi

“To hell with your opinion. I’ll take my own path no matter what anyone else says.” – Ryuko Matoi

Everybody has an opinion about what you should and shouldn’t do. But in the end, it all comes down to what it is that YOU want.

Always go after what you want and follow your own path. Stay true to who you are.


I won't sacrifice the lives of others to achieve my goal. - Ryuko Matoi

“I won’t sacrifice the lives of others to achieve my goal.” – Ryuko Matoi

It’s all about having high standards and staying true to yourself. No matter what it is, never sacrifice something that’s not worth giving up for the sake of success.


Humans have a will to live. - Ryuko Matoi

“Humans have a will to live.” – Ryuko Matoi

Everybody has a will to live, to fight, to keep going, to succeed, and do our best. Never lose that will, that drive, that motivation and determination!

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