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20+ Obscure Anime Shows That Are Worth Considering

Obscure anime shows are the types of anime that fly under the radar, go unnoticed, or don’t get as much promotion despite being good.

They’re also anime that tend to be:

  • Underrated.
  • Underappreciated.
  • Rated highly despite little recognition.
  • Decent ratings with some great writing.
  • Overshadowed by more popular anime.

Opinions are opinions at the end of the day, but obscure anime have a quality enough people agree with.

Let’s talk about it.


1. Gunsmith Cats

Gunsmith Cats rally and minnie moments 1990s

Gunsmith Cats is an anime from the early 1990’s. And is an anime adapted from a manga.

It only has 3 episodes so it’s not surprising it went unnoticed since there were so many tend setting anime during the 90’s.

The plot is about Rally Vincent, a gun shop owner in Chicago, USA. And Minnie May Hopkins, a girl who’s Rally’s assistant when it comes to business.

She’s as small as her name implies.

Rally is also a bounty hunter, and works with the police from time to time. It’s about as realistic as it gets with an art style tats still fresh even today in 2022.

Easily one of the most underappreciated anime from the 1990’s era. And is obscure as F.

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2. Shadows House

YouTube video

Shadows House is an anime released back in 2021. And managed to go unnoticed with many other anime during the year.

The story is centered around mystery, fantasy, and hierarchy’s in a massive mansion. There’s rules to follow, and the nobles are the ones who run it.

Kate and Emilico are on one of the low ranking characters in the anime, who have to work their way up the ladder and gain respect.

The anime goes a lot deeper than what it presents on the surface, and manages to pull out plot twist after plot twists, which all connect to a bigger, relevant story relating to the main theme.

With a 2nd season announced in spite of it not being too known, it’s a good alternative anime to watch that’s obscure but well written and stellar.

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3. Psychic Detective Yakumo

Psychic Detective Yakumo haruka

Psychic Detective Yakumo is an anime about mystery, ghosts and spirits in a nutshell. Yakumo is a sort of super detective who looks into supernatural cases.

He’s not an ordinary person though and is more than human.

The female character of the show works with Yakumo and brings the fun side to things, while Yakumo brings the stoic, focused, introverted side to the investigations they take on together.

More than decent series, and definitely deserves a watch .


4. Ms. vampire who lives in my neighborhood

Ms. vampire who lives in my neighborhood 2018 anime e1642887347798

This is a slice of life anime series based on light novels. Sophie Twilight is the main character, a white haired demon girl who lives in a mansion b y herself.

After being out in the forest at night near where she lives, Akane, the other MC runs into her and that’s how their friendship starts.

That opens the door for Akane’s friends to become friends with Sophie as well.

Silly humor, comedy, cute vampires, relaxed episodes and tons of wholesomeness is what you can expect from this anime.

After the blonde vampire is introduced it does get a little cringey at times, but overall the anime is an obscure one that deserves some shine.


5. Corpse Princess

Corpse Princess shikabane hime anime

Corse Princess is one of the coldest and simplest anime titles I’ve come across. The anime though isn’t the most known in its genre.

It’s about Makina Hoshimura, a demon girl on a bloody mission to murder 100 demons to become human again. That’s the idea.

She’s well aware of the savagery involved, and doesn’t pretend to call it justice or to downplay the immorality of the situation.

Makina is honest, straightforward, and someone who doesn’t take her decisions or life lightly.

2 seasons, a mixture of action and mystery, and it might offer something different if you’re looking for something new in the genre.


6. Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World

kino no tabi the beautiful world anime

Kino’s Journey, the original version released in the 2000’s is a solid piece of art, storytelling, and writing that didn’t seem to blow up in a big way.

The anime follows Kino, a girl who travels the world on her motorbike that can actually talk. You’ll get over the weirdness fast once you listen to their deep conversations.

Kino stays in each pace for only 3 days to avoid getting too attached and to comfortable. And this gives her enough time to explore each place enough to understand it.

Expect every episode to be different in this action adventure/slice of life anime.

There’s no traveling anime like it. It has its own identify and character.


7. Police in a Pod

Police in a Pod anime 2022

Police In A Pod is an anime that’s airing during Winter 2022 (January) and is an obscure anime this season. And likely will stay that way.

It’s an anime about 2 police officers who are women. You get to see the world from the perspective of female police officers (and police in general) doing their job.

The aspects it focused on is apprehending criminals, taking them in for questioning, being verbally abused by people in public saying “fuck the police”, etc.

There’s a serious side to this anime, and a comedic, chilled side to it with main characters who bring different vibes and attitudes to the anime.


8. Denpa-teki na Kanojo

Denpa teki na Kanojo juuzo ame

Also known as Electromagnetic Girlfriend, this is a psychological anime that focuses on aspects of suicide, murder, and mental health.

It’s too an extreme in certain cases.

Juzo and Ame are the main characters who end up being together and ending up in the middle of bizarre, dangerous situations.

You Might have to watch the anime twice to get the deeper message and to understand even more than you might notice the first time around.

It’s a thought provoking anime when all is said and done.


9. Squid Girl

Squid Girl funny cute e1642886753628

Squid Girl is an anime with similarities to Jahy Sama or anime with an animal as a mascot type of character.

The main character comes from the sea, being a squid girl, and plans to conquer the earth,

She ends up paying debt and working for Lemon Beach House. A seaside business she partially damages with her tentacles.

With its parody style of writing, clever dialogue, and hilarious dubbing (if you watch the dub), few anime are this creative.

It all fits in well and matches the themes, and you have to watch it to understand how solid the writing is.

10. Paradise Kiss

Paradise Kiss anime madhouse

Paradise Kiss is a romance anime made by Madhouse studios, the same as the anime NANA that’s also pretty obscure by today’s standards.

Yukari Hayasaka is a regular teenage girl who goes to school, but clearly wants something more from life. And she ends up getting it.

After running into a group pf creatives who are actively working on their dreams and goals, Yukari is told she has the body for modelling.

She eventually gets into modelling, and it later becomes her career which she pursues instead of focusing purely on the traditional route through college.

Sex, romance, music, fashion, living life, the themes in Paradise Kiss are realistic, relatable, and it still looks good enough visually despite the old school aesthetics.


11. After The Rain

After The Rain wholesome

After The Rain is a sweet romance style of anime that starts out politically incorrect as far as “age” gaps and how society views it.

The main character goes to a certain cafe. She’s tall, has black hair, and is considered good looking.

The guy at that cafe (after she finds work there) becomes interested in her, and vice versa. But it starts off with her finding interested in this older man.

The conclusion of this anime isn’t what’s to be expected, and it in fact turns out differently to what the initial expectations are. But that doesn’t turn out to be a bad thing.

WIT Studios is the studio behind it.


12. The World In Colors

The World In Colors wholesome moments

The World In Colors is an anime that released back in 2018, but was overshadowed by many popular anime like Darling In The Franxx during that year.

Being a color blind girl, she’s never been able to see the world in colors but would like to experience it. She’s sent back in time and this plays into her desires coming to fruition.

It’s only a short 12 episode series so it doesn’t drag on, and the conclusion is wrapped up nicely with the cliche fireworks to end it.

Still a good anime that hasn’t managed to rise above obscurity since it first released.

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13. Alice to Zouroku

Alice to Zouroku episode 2 anime

Alice To Zouroku is an anime that released around 2017. It’s a Seinen series with supernatural and slice of life vibes.

Kanna Kashimura, an adopted child was held captive and enslaved inside of a laboratory before she escaped. The reason is her powers.

Her gift is called “dreams of Alice”. It allows her to create anything she wants from her own imagination.

Demons, a new world, a new existence, she can do it all.

Kanna explores and figures out the world while trying to find herself, understand herself, and find out who she truly is since she’s different to what’s human.

Her adoptive family play a role in shaping these beliefs as she experiences their love and affection, and other things she’s not used to being part of.


14. Guardian Of The Sacred Spirit

Guardian Of The Sacred Spirit prince and balsa

Guardian Of The Sacred Spirit is an anime about Balsa Yonsa, a bodyguard and talented fighter who lives for herself and her friends/family.

She’s a warrior who’s experienced the harsh aspects of life, and was forced to learn to survive and protect herself through self defense and other methods.

Her latest job is to protect the prince,a so called “cursed” kid who’s own kingdom is trying to kill him off. The princes mother gives Balsa the job of protecting him for LIFE.

She pays Balsa a nice sum of dough to make it worth it.

The bulk of the anime, besides the solid art and fights, is about Balsa and the prince’s mother-son style relationship, and the hard choices and decisions they have to face together.

It’s wholesome, violent, and action packed simultaneously. With music unlike any other comparable anime.


15. Witchblade

witchblade anime masane moments

Witchblade is an anime that has some good writing and a good story, but has gone under the radar and is obscure to a lot of anime fans.

It’s about Masane Amaha and her daughter Rihoko Amaha. Masane’s arm has something called the “Witchblade” embedded in it through no fault of her own.

The Witchblade chooses whoever it chooses, at random. Which happened after a drastic event that Masane happened to be near when it went down.

The themes and plot evolves into more than just this, getting slightly more emotional and more involved as things are explained and revealed.

The ending is sad, and some of the characters mesh well. With the music being a perfect blend with everything that’s going on.


16. Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

kuma kuma kuma bear anime cute moments

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear isn’t the best title just like a lot of fantasy adaptations these days, but it does partly explain a running theme in this anime.

It’s an Isekai series, similar to SAO for how it’s portrayed. Yuna, a stock investor ends up being trapped in the game she’s so fond of playing.

She’s not trapped in a “bad” sense. It’s just a case of not being able to leave the game, but no major repercussions (like death) are related to it.

After acquiring a new bear suit from an in-game event, Yuna becomes known for her bear suit and she uses its  abilities to help people, save the sick, build businesses and help towns flourish.

It’s a wholesome Isekai with some action and definite comedy (season 2 has been announced).


17. Inari Kon Kon

Inari Kon Kon moments inari and

Inari Kon Kon, an anime about shrines, Goddesses, Gods, and Inari Fushimi who’s connected to it all. Along with her older brother coincidentally.

Inari Fushimi has been going to the shrine since childhood with her friends. Lady Uka, the shrine Goddess watched over her. Inari is lead to her shrine one day by one of her Fox deities.

Being the insecure teenager inari is at that moment, she asks Uka to make a wish for her, which is to become the girl who she believes her “crush” fancies.

inari crying running

She later regrets the decision after what she learns, and luckily she can return back to her ordinary body.

This is not without consequences that are revealed later (as she gains powers).

This anime is a Seinen with romance and supernatural elements, making it a little different. And it’s so wholesome and stacked with emotions that I’m surprised it’s so obscure.

Quality series with a fresh style of writing.


18. Twin Star Exorcist

twin star exorcist anime benio and rokuro couple

Twin Star Exorcist is a Shounen anime that didn’t get as much coverage as the big boys, or even those that are quite known.

The anime functions similar to D. Gray Man, Bleach, and anime shows where “defeating” a type of monster is necessary. And one especially where there’s a crossover between the human world and an alternative dimension.

Rokuro is the male MC. Benio Adashino is the underrated female MC.

They work together as a duo and get variably stronger as the anime progresses, and certain events take place.

I wouldn’t advise anyone to watch the dub because it’s one of the worst I’ve heard. Otherwise the anime is a n obscure shonen some fans have come to appreciate.


19. Minami-Ke

minami ke funny moments episode 6

Minami-Ke is a slice of life/comedy style series with similarities to shows like Simpsons.

  • Kanna Minami.
  • Haruka Minami.
  • Chiyaki Minami.

These are the 3 sisters who live together and who the anime is centered around from episode to episode.

Kanna is the funniest character who makes the comedy. Chiyaki compliments the humor as they’re sisters who fight and argue a lot.

Haruka is the big sister they both look up to, and she takes care of the household and plays the mother role. She has “Ara Ara” vibes.

With about 3 seasons and other material, it’s an anime that flies under the radar even though the comedy is fresh and easily one of the best slice of life there is.


20. Scrapped Princess

scrapped princess brother sister family

Scrapped Princess is a classic from the early 2000’s and it’s actually made by studio BONES. The same studio behind MHA, Eureka Seven, Mob Psycho 100 and others.

This anime is about Pacifica Casull, a blonde 15 year old girl who was originally abandoned and thrown off a cliff as a child in an attempt to kill her off.

She miraculously survives, but is now being hunted down and considered a cursed girl who will destroy the world when she turns 16.

Shannon and Raquel are her adopted family who raise, take care, and protect her, and they gain some unlikely allies along the journey.

It’s rare for an anime to be sc-fi, adventure, mecha, fantasy, and COMEDY all at once… And still manage to not destroy itself by trying to do too many things.

It’s part wholesome, slightly romantic at certain points, philosophical and fun.


Other Obscure Anime Shows:

  • Ghost Hunt.
  • Read.Or.Die (R.o.D).
  • One Outs.
  • Level E.
  • Robotic Notes.
  • Best Student Council.
  • Ryuu no Haisha.
  • Grimoire Of Zero.
  • Bokurano.
  • Kuchu Buranko.
  • Ultimate Otaku Teacher.
  • Denpa Onna.
  • Laughing Under the Clouds.
  • Magic Knight Rayearth.
  • Air.
  • Hanayamata.
  • Planetarian.
  • Children of the Whales.
  • Bamboo Blade.
  • Red Garden.

What obscure anime would you mention?


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