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27+ Great Quintessential Quintuplets Quotes Fans Will Appreciate

Quintessential Quintuplets quotes taken from characters:

  • Nino Nakano.
  • Yotsuba Nakano.
  • Fuutarou Uesugi.
  • Ichika Nakano.
  • Miku Nkaano.
  • Itsuki Nakano.
  • Raiha Uesugi.

Quintessential Quintuplets is an anime about the 5 sisters Nino, Yotsuba, Itsuki, Miku and Ichika.

All 5 of them are doing awfully at school and their rich father coincidentally hires Fuutarou, a smart student to become their home teacher.

With 2 seasons and a movie, this wholesome anime’s quotes center around romance, pain, sadness, the fun times between characters, and the important life lessons to be learned.

Let’s focus on these types of quotes and more.


Quintessential Quintuplets Quotes:


1. Yotsuba Nakano Quotes

yotsuba nakano quotes anime

“I love the view you get here when you swing as hard as you can. It’s not the same as those million dollar views they talk about. But when I imagine that each of those lights is a family, it warms my heart.” – Yotsuba Nakano


yotsuba nakano quotes anime 1

“Don’t feel like you should be the only one holding yourself back. Just do whatever you want to do.” – Yotsuba Nakano


yotsuba nakano quotes anime 2

“Even you might find someone you love in the future, Uesugi-san. And when that happens, no matter who you love, no matter how you come to love them, I’ll always be on your side.. supporting you with everything I’ve got!” – Yotsuba Nakano


yotsuba nakano quotes anime 3

“Even though you were an unlikable boss who always wanted what others had, you were our leader. I’ve always thought of you as the older sister since back then.” – Yotsuba Nakano


yotsuba nakano quotes anime 4

“I’m sorry Uesugi-san, but I can’t ignore people in trouble!” – Yotsuba Nakano


yotsuba nakano quotes anime 5

“The important thing isn’t where we are, it’s that the five of us are together.” – Yotsuba Nakano


2. Nino Nakano Quotes

nino nakano quotes anime

“Cooking is all about the feelings you put in. There’s definitely something special about making something from scratch. Even I screw up sometimes. And being bad at something makes one seem lovable.” – Nino Nakano


nino nakano quotes anime 1

“There has to be at least one person on Earth, who would love a tactless guy like you.” – Nino Nakano


nino nakano quotes anime 2

“Why would I be the one feeling depressed? I’ve made up my mind. I will never accept you, even if it means being hated by my sisters.” – Nino Nakano


nino nakano quotes anime 3

“Wait, I already know you don’t like me. It’s a given since I’ve always been so hard on you. But don’t decide just yet. We’re working together now, but I haven’t gotten my feeling across so I want you to know more about me. I want you to know how much I love you.” – Nino Nakano


3. Fuutarou Uesugi Quotes

fuutarou uesugi quotes anime

“The annoying thing about human relationships is that.. you can’t proceed with just one side’s opinion.” – Fuutarou Uesugi


fuutarou uesugi quotes anime 1

“Sorry for dragging you around like this. Raiha has always been holding back due to our family’s situation. I’m sure there’s a lot more she wants to do. I want to fulfill all her wishes.” – Fuutarou Uesugi


fuutarou uesugi quotes anime 2

“Love? That is the stupidest, furthest removed act from academics. Anyone who wishes to engage in romance may do so. But, their life will peak when they are a student.” – Fuutarou Uesugi


fuutarou uesugi quotes anime 3

“Equality is all well and good, but we shouldn’t reject everything that make us unique to achieve that. I don’t want to invalidate her efforts. Rather than making everyone equals, let’s be fair instead.” – Fuutarou Uesugi


fuutarou uesugi quotes anime 4

“When I met that girl in Kyoto, I swore I’d become someone that somebody would need someday. That’s why I’ve been studying.” – Fuutarou Uesugi


fuutarou uesugi quotes anime 5

“To be honest, I was shocked yesterday. I don’t know why Rena appeared when she did, but… She did teach me one thing. There’s no stopping people from changing. You have to just accept it and let go of the past. So you should make up with her and go home.” – Fuutarou Uesugi


fuutarou uesugi quotes anime 6

“If one of you can do something, all of you can do it. Ichika, Nino, Yotsuba, Itsuki, and you too, Miku. I believe the potential to score 100 points rests within all five of you!” – Fuutarou Uesugi


4. Raiha Uesugi Quotes

raiha uesugi quotes anime

“My brother is trash. and egoistical. and like the worst guy ever. but he has a lot of good qualities too!” – Raiha Uesugi


5. Miku Nakano Quotes

miku nakano quotes anime

“This is about someone I know. She wanted to confess her feelings, but she couldn’t because she didn’t have the confidence… it seems. Because if she were to confess, things wouldn’t be able to go back to the way they were before. That’s the sort of courage it takes to confess. [to herself] And to think that there are people in this world with that kind of courage… Why am I such a coward?” – Miku Nakano


miku nakano quotes anime 1

“Don’t give up after failing just twice… We’ll be able to do it next time. If Fuutarou’s with us, we’ll make it! Failure is the stepping stone to success, right?” – Miku Nakano


miku nakano quotes anime 2

“Fuutarou is my teacher, and I’m his student. That won’t change. But that doesn’t mean everything else won’t change.” – Miku Nakano


miku nakano quotes anime 3

“If you face her with sincerity, I’m sure she’ll come to understand you.” – Miku Nakano


6. Ichika Nakano Quotes

ichika nakano quotes anime

“You shouldn’t make choices you might regret… Because things might not continue as they are forever.” – Ichika Nakano


ichika nakano quotes anime 1

“I wanted things to continue like this forever. I didn’t want this comfortable situation to change. But in reality… I don’t want anyone else to have it.” – Ichika Nakano


7. Itsuki Nakano Quotes

itsuki nakano quotes anime

“How does it feel to receive words of gratitude from someone you taught? For me. I want to treasure the feelings from that time.” – Itsuki Nakano

itsuki nakano quotes anime 1

“In the end, we can’t know what he feels, what he thinks, unless we ask him personally.” – Itsuki Nakano


itsuki nakano quotes anime 2

“The numerous days we spent studying for exams, fireworks festival, field trip, new year celebration, we spent all that time together. Doesn’t that already make us… friends?” – Itsuki Nakano


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