21 Hard Hitting Quotes You Can’t Miss From The Anime: Mirai Nikki

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Future Diary is an anime built on unfair circumstances. Forcing the players of the game to fend for themselves, and fight for their lives.

Even if that means killing others in the process.

So it’s no wonder the quotes turn out the way they do, considering the challenges each character is forced to deal with.

And then you have characters like Yuno Gasai with one of the most messed up upbringings. Adding more salt to the wound.

Here are some of the darkest, hard-hitting quotes Mirai Nikki has to offer…


Mirai Nikki Quotes:


1. Yuno Gasai Quotes

Yuno Gasai Quotes 2

“I’m crazy?? What’s crazy is this world that refuses to let me be with you!” – Yuno Gasai


Yuno Gasai Quotes 3

“I’m selfish, I know. But to keep you only mine, I will do everything I need to do, even if it’s illegal.” – Yuno Gasai

The things people do for love…


Yuno Gasai Quotes 4

“A half moon. A bright half and a dark half. Just like me.” – Yuno Gasai


Yuno Gasai Quotes 5

“Everything in this world is just a game and we are merely the pawns.” – Yuno Gasai

In Future Diary this is literally the case. But if you relate it to life, it’ll have you asking all sorts of questions.


Yuno Gasai Quotes 1

“Maybe the future is bad. But there’s a future beyond that, right?” – Yuno Gasai


2. Karyuudo Tsukishima Quotes

Karyuudo Tsukishima Quotes

“Those who seem kindest, are often the most insidiously cruel.” – Karyuudo Tsukishima

There’s always a difference being genuine kindness, and someone trying to be too kind with ulterior motives.

I guess that’s the point of this quote.


3. Yukiteru Amano Quotes

Amano Yukitera Quotes 2

“I’m pathetic. I was observing the world from a safe distance. I was just scared of being hurt. I was lonely.” – Yukiteru Amano

The comfort zone is comfortable for a reason. It keeps us safe from everything outside ourselves, even if that’s to our own detriment…


Amano Yukitera Quotes 1

“If there’s a miracle that can be reached by fighting to the end, then I want to see it.” – Yukitera Amano


4. Kurusu Keigo Quotes

Kurusu Keigo Quotes

“Think of your shivers as excitement rather than fear. Cover the anxiety on your face with a smile.” – Kurusu Keigo


5. Uryuu Minene Quotes

Uryuu Minene Quotes 2

“Nothing good comes from digging up the past.” – Uryuu Minene


Uryuu Minene Quotes 5

“Keep fighting on, even if it ain’t worth much.” – Uryuu Minene

Giving up makes you weak. Fighting makes you strong.


Uryuu Minene Quotes 3

“My childhood was filled with blood and strife. I have never needed love. Not then, not now.” – Uryuu Minene


Uryuu Minene Quotes 4

“This is the world I live in. The dirty world of the adults.” – Uryuu Minene


Uryuu Minene Quotes

“Even if you’re weak, there are miracles you can seize with your hands if you fight on to the very end.” – Uryuu Minene


Uryuu Minene Quotes 1

“It’s not possible to save everything. Prioritize your goals.” – Uryuu Minene

The harsh truth of life. You can’t help everybody by yourself.


Uryuu Minene Quotes 6

“I wanted to be saved too…” – Uryuu Minene


6. Akise Aru Quotes

Akise Aru Quotes 2

“Not knowing everything in this world is fun.” – Akise Aru


Akise Aru Quotes 3

“If you want to know what others think, you first have to say what you think.” – Akise Aru


Akise Aru Quotes 1

“Whether I win or lose is up to me.” – Akise Aru


7. Ikusaba Marco Quotes

Ikusaba Marco Quotes 1

“I guess we won’t be living together forever as gods. But still… This is forever, too.” – Ikusaba Marco


Ikusaba Marco Quotes 2

“If today is the worst day ever – tomorrow has to be better.” – Ikusaba Marco


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