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18+ GREAT Love Live Sunshine Quotes Fans Don’t Wanna Miss

Love Live Sunshine quotes taken from characters:

  • Chika Takami.
  • Riko Sakurauchi.
  • Dia Kurosawa.
  • Kanan Matsuura.
  • Tsushima Yoshiko.
  • Kunikida Hanamaru.
  • Mari Ohara.
  • You Watanabe.

Love Live Sunshine is a “side” version of School Idol Project. Just like Railgun is to Magical Index.

Just like Railgun – Love Live Sunshine has made the franchise bigger and the fanbase is strong. And become “more” than just a side dish.

If you’re looking for some of the best quotes from the main characters, this is it.

Here’s the greatest lines from Love Live Sunshine.


1. Kanan Matsuura Quotes

kanan matsuura quotes |

“Even if we’re apart, I won’t forget about you.” – Kanan Matsuura


2. Chika Takami Quotes

chika takami quotes |

“No one tries to make a miracle happen from the start. They just try as hard as they possibly can to do something. They want to make it work. They want to change something.” – Chika Takami


chika takami quotes 1 |

“I wanted to be captivated by something. I wanted to do my best in something. I wanted to run forward in earnest. But I didn’t know what that something was. The indifferent me was blown upwards and I landed upon it.” – Chika Takami


chika takami quotes 2 |

“To have always concentrated on piano like you, or been absorbed in something you love. To have a dream of what you want to become. I’ve never had that.” – Chika Takami


chika takami quotes 3 |

“I didn’t see anything. But that’s it. That’s why I have to keep going. I can’t see anything, so I don’t know whats up ahead. If I keep going it might be a zero, but it might be a one, or it might be a ten. But If I give up now, I’ll never found out.” – Chika Takami


chika takami quotes 4 |

“To do my best, put in effort, and work together to make miracles. It made me think that even I could do it and that I could change from the current me.” – Chika Takami


chika takami quotes 5 |

“If it helps you, that makes me happy. Putting smiles on people’s faces is what a school idol is about. And that’s a wonderful thing.” – Chika Takami


3. Tsushima Yoshiko Quotes

Tsushima Yoshiko quotes |

“I’m actually an angel! I’ll grow wings one day and return to the sky.” – Tsushima Yoshiko


4. Kunikida Hanamaru Quotes

kunikida hanamaru quotes |

“You should care more about your own feelings. Lying to yourself and doing what other people want you to do will just hurt you.” – Kunikida Hanamaru


kunikida hanamaru quotes 1 |

“After finishing a book, I would feel a little pang of loneliness, but I believed that as long as I had books, I’d be okay.” – Kunikida Hanamaru


5. Mari Ohara Quotes

mari ohara quotes |

“Running away won’t change anything.” – Mari Ohara


mari ohara quotes 1 |

“We are able to turn a zero into a one.” – Mari Ohara


mari ohara quotes 2 |

“Amount of effort is not proportional to results.” – Mari Ohara


6. Riko Sakurauchi Quotes

riko sakurauchi quotes |

“Nothing will get done if you just complain about it.” – Riko Sakurauchi


riko sakurauchi quotes 1 |

“I haven’t been able to improve recently, no matter how I try. And I haven’t had motivation. So I thought I’d have a change in scenery. If I could hear the sound of the ocean, I thought maybe something would change.” – Riko Sakurauchi


riko sakurauchi quotes 2 |

“I feel like I’m flying when I’m playing piano. I become all sparkly like the stars.” – Riko Sakurauchi


7. Dia Kurosawa Quotes

dia kurosawa quotes |

“If you’ve got passion, you can do anything.” – Dia Kurosawa


8. You Watanabe Quotes

you watanabe quotes |

“It’s not that she gets tired of things easily. She just doesn’t like doing things halfheartedly. She’s not satisfied until she does something with all she’s got.” – You Watanabe



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