13 Love Live School Idol Project Quotes That Deserve To Be Shared

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Love Live School Idol Project is all about teamwork, inspiration, working hard and having fun along the way.

Each of the 9 characters offers something, and that’s what makes the anime quotes more meaningful.

So let’s share that.

Characters you’ll see in this post:

  • Honoka Kousaka.
  • Nozomi Tojo.
  • Eli Ayase.
  • Nico Yazawa.

And more to come, as this post will be updated in future.

If there’s more quotes you feel have been missed, leave it in the comments!


The Best Love Live School Idol Project Quotes:


Honoka Kousaka Quotes

Honoka Kousaka Quotes 1

“There’s no need to be nervous, we’re here with you!” – Honoka Kousaka


Honoka Kousaka Quotes 2

“As long as we’ve got determination, we can do anything!” – Honoka Kousaka


Honoka Kousaka Quotes 1

“Since I was a little girl, I acted before I spoke. Sometimes I inconvenienced those around me. I wasn’t very good at expressing myself and was awkward… But that’s when I found songs! Songs allow you to honestly convey your feelings. By singing, you can feel the same as others. By singing, you can connect with others. That’s why I love songs. I love singing!” – Honoka Kousaka


Honoka Kousaka Quotes 2

“Getting used to it would be quicker than trying to work around it somehow.” – Honoka Kousaka


Nozomi Tojo Quotes

Nozomi Tojo Quotes

“The ocean is great. When I look at it, my worries that seemed so big become small.” – Nozomi Tojo


Nozomi Tojo Quotes 2

“Do you know what’s the most important thing about climbing mountains is? It’s not about having the courage to challenge it, It’s about having the courage to back down.” – Nozomi Tojo


Nozomi Tojo Quotes 3

“Why don’t you give it a try? You don’t need to come up with a reason, you try things because you want to. Isn’t that how you start doing things that you really like?” – Nozomi Tojo


Nico Yazawa Quotes

Nico Yazawa Quotes 1

“Listen, an idol’s job isn’t to show people their smiles, it is to make people smile. Never forget that!” – Nico Yazawa


Nico Yazawa Quotes 2

“Songs should always, no matter what, be for everyone’s sake!” – Nico Yazawa


Nico Yazawa

“An excellent leader must be passionate because it’s their duty to keep everyone moving forward.” – Nico Yazawa


Eli Ayase Quotes

Eli Ayase Quotes 2

“If we give up before we try, then nothing is going to happen.” – Eli Ayase


Eli Ayase Quotes 1

“I’m saying that practically nobody feels that they’re talented. That’s what makes us strive to improve. As we strive to improve, we notice the people around us improving too, which makes us work even harder. I guess you could say friends are like rivals, in a way.” – Eli Ayase


Maki Nishikino Quotes

Maki Nishikino Quotes

“Nobody thinks they’re cuter than others unless they’re conceited.” – Maki Nishikino


Umi Sonoda Quotes

Umi Sonoda quotes

“There’s no point in going it alone. If you’re going to try, we should all do it together!” – Umi Sonoda

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