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11 Of The Best Anime Quotes From “Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?”

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Danmchi, better known as: Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? is a harem/fantasy series known all over the world.

Here are the anime characters from Dungeon Ni Deai in this post:

  • Bell Cranel.
  • Goddess Hestia.
  • Eina Tulle.
  • Bors Elder.
  • Ouka Kashima.

And plenty more character quotes you’ll remember as a fan of the anime.

Let’s get started!


Danmachi Quotes Worth Sharing:


Bell Cranel Quotes

Bell Cranel Quotes 1

“I can’t forgive myself. I wanted something to happen without doing anything myself! I have to do it. I have to do it all… Or I can’t even stand by her side!” – Bell Cranel


Bell Cranel Quotes 2

“I wanted to save you because you’re you. I didn’t want you to leave, because you’re you. I can’t find another reason. I don’t need another reason to save you.” – Bell Cranel


Bell Cranel Quotes 3

“If I don’t stand up here… If I don’t reach higher here… When am I ever going to do it?” – Bell Cranel


Bors Elder Quotes

Bors Elder Quotes

“We’ve never worked together before, so don’t worry about teamwork! Just stay out of each other’s way. Fight the way you want to fight!” – Bors Elder


Ouka Kashima Quotes

Ouka Kashima Quotes

“I don’t want to be a loser who can’t do anything but talk. I don’t want to be somebody who can sacrifice others, but won’t risk himself.” – Ouka Kashima


Mia Grand Quotes

Mia Grand Quotes Danmachi

“When you’re just starting out, put all your energy into surviving. No matter how pathetic you feel, or how people laugh at you, if you come back alive, you win.” – Mia Grand


Ryuu Lion Quotes

Ryuu Lion Quotes Danmachi

“Humility is a virtue, but do not insult yourself.” – Ryuu Lion


Zeus Quotes

Zeus Quotes Danmachi

“If anyone has the right to be called a hero, It’s not the one who took up the blade. It’s not the one who raised his shield, nor the one who healed the wounded. Only one who truly risks his life may be called a hero. Protect your friends, save the girl, and face danger. It doesn’t matter if you fall. No, that’s just fine. Cry your heart out over it. Within the defeated, a victor waits to emerge. Stay true to your wishes. Cry out your desires. And if you do that’s what will make you the coolest hero! Let your longings burn! Scream out your wishes!” – Zeus


Eina Tulle Quotes

Eina Tulle Quotes

“Listen, girls like guys who are strong and can protect them. So if you keep working hard and get stronger, she just might like you back.” – Eina Tulle


Goddess Hestia Quotes

Hestia Danmachi Quotes

“In the end, guilt is just the question of whether you’re capable of forgiving yourself or not. If you’ve really changed, then prove it with your actions.” – Goddess Hestia


Hephaestus Quotes

Hephaestus Quotes Danmachi

“Don’t make yourself weigh your pride against your friends.” – Hephaestus


Which Danmachi quote is your favorite?

If you have any suggestions, leave a comment. 🙂

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