The Greatest Collection Of Quotes You Should See From Hibike Euphonium!

The Greatest Collection Of Quotes You Should See From Hibike Euphonium!

Hibike Euphonium Quotes, taken from anime characters:

  • Kumiko Oumae.
  • Noboru Taki.
  • Kawashima Sapphire.
  • Katou Hazuki.
  • Aoi Satou.
  • Tanaka Asuka.
  • Kousaka Reina.
  • Nakagawa Natsuki.

Hibike Euphonium is a music, romance anime by Kyoto Animation. With beautiful art styles and the types of meaningful quotes Kyoto Animation is known for as a studio.

if it’s quotes you want from this anime, this is the #1 source you’ll ever need online!

Let’s get to it.


The BEST Hibike Euphonium Quotes For Anime Fans:


1. Kumiko Oumae Quotes

“People aren’t complicated. We work hard when we know that we’ll get something in return, and we try to work even harder if that something is our own improvement.” – Kumiko Oumae


“It’s a lie that the Gods smile upon people who make an effort.” – Kumiko Oumae


“When you can’t play well, I think it hurts a lot more than people think.” – Kumiko Oumae


2. Kawashima Sapphire Quotes

“They music vanishes once it’s played and that you can never take it back. You always have to play like you mean it.” – Kawashima Sapphire


“I believe music is a powerful language that speaks to people’s hearts, no matter where you are in the world.” – Kawashima Sapphire


“All music begins with love, of course. Love and death are timeless themes of music. It isn’t an overstatement to say that those are every piece’s genesis.” – Kawashima Sapphire


3. Noboru Taki Quotes

“Music isn’t supposed to be something you do to show off your abilities to your rivals.” – Noboru Taki


4. Katou Hazuki Quotes

“We all face the same direction, and we all work hard. Otherwise there’s no point. Do we have to work hard, while we get angry at the people who don’t care.” – Katou Hazuki


“You know, if you’re alone, you never have the courage to do something about it, and you end up thinking about it forever.” – Katou Hazuki


5. Nakagawa Natsuki

“I guess you don’t necessarily like the things you’re good at.” – Nakagawa Natsuki


6. Aoi Satou Quotes

“Everyone’s hiding their true feelings and going with the popular choice because it’s safe.” – Aoi Satou


7. Tanaka Asuka Quotes

“You won’t get any better by praying for that. Music and playing are both entirely up to your own effort. You shouldn’t aska  God to do it for you.” – Tanaka Asuka


8. Kousaka Reina Quotes

“I want to become special. I don’t want to become the same as others.” – Kousaka Reina


“A lot of people say you can’t really judge music using only gold, silver or bronze. When bad players say it, I think it’s nothing more than sour grapes. So, in the end, the only thing to do is to get good.” – Kousaka Reina


“I don’t try to get close to people who don’t interest me. Being relieved to know you’re the same as someone else is stupid. I want to resist going along with all those perfect people.” – Kousaka Reina

Featured image source: Hibike Euphonium Wallpaper



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