The Top 7 Black (Brown) Female Anime Characters You Should Know

Black Anime Girl

Which black female anime character comes to your mind?

I’d be surprised if you’re able to think of even a couple. As there aren’t many.

Japan is mostly a Japanese country, with “few” foreigners after all. Or people of ethnic backgrounds.

That being said, there are 7 black female characters I’d like to highlight.

If you have any relevant thoughts, share them in the comments!


1. Umiko Ahagon

The Top 7 Black Female Anime Characters You Should Know

Umiko is one of the characters from 2016 anime: New Game! Where she’s a lead programmer.

She’s seen auditing and making sure each employee is working instead of slacking off.

In the anime she plays a “support” role, though sometimes it feels like she’s a main character.

Out of all the “black” female characters I know of, she’s the most memorable. And her characteristics + design are to thank for that.

The Top 7 Black (Brown) Female Anime Characters You Should Know


2. Akane Kowata

The Top 7 Black Female Anime Characters You Should Know

Akane’s a support character from the anime: Flying Witch. Released in 2016.

And is the sister of the main character: Makoto.

Her light-hearted personality and unconventional attitude makes Akane memorable and interesting.

I’d say she makes Flying Witch that much more enjoyable to watch and get into.

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3. Iris

The Top 7 Black Female Anime Characters You Should Know

Iris is from the Unova region of Pokemon, who has a gentle, bubbly personality.

Unova is the region that holds the legendary Pokemon: Reshiram and Kyurem.

Or if you played the video games: Pokemon Black And White!

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4. Urd

The Top 7 Black Female Anime Characters You Should Know

Urd is one of the goddesses from romance series: Ah! My Goddess.

She’s the older sister of the main character: Bell-dandy. And is always looking out for her as a sister.

With tons of wisdom, smarts and plenty of wit, Urd makes for a curious character.

Her sarcastic, and sometimes antagonizing antics that seem bad at first, but always turn out for the better.


5. Yoruichi Shihoin

The Top 7 Black Female Anime Characters You Should Know

Yoruichi needs no introduction. But if you don’t know – she’s one of many characters from: Bleach.

Out of the few black female characters that exist, Yoruichi’s role is a memorable one.

And the role she plays throughout Bleach is relevant, powerful, and impossible to ignore.

Overall I’d say she’s a favorite.


6. Caldina

The Top 7 Black Female Anime Characters You Should Know

Image courtesy of website: FanPop

Caldina s one of the many characters from old school series: Magic Knight Rayearth.

She has a unique accent in the “dubbed” version of Magic Knight Rayearth.

And overall is one of the more interesting characters from Magic Knight Rayearth.

I like how she’s portrayed.

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7. Yao Ro Dushi

The Top 7 Black Female Anime Characters You Should Know

Yao Ro Dushi’s an eventual character from military series: GATE.

She’s a dark-elf with magical abilities, and an insane amount of determination.

The type of woman who will do whatever it takes to succeed, even if it’s frowned upon or embarrassing.

She’s not my favorite character, but I’d be wrong to not include her in this list.


Honorable Mentions:

  • Franceska Mila Rose.
  • Erubia Hanaiman.
  • Ymir (Attack on Titan).


If you could add 1 black anime girl to this list, who would it be?

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3 thoughts on “The Top 7 Black (Brown) Female Anime Characters You Should Know

  1. Andyaoi says:

    Where’s Casca from Berserk?

  2. Tef says:

    Are the girls from flying witch and new game actually black? I’ve watched both and just seen them both as the slightly darker Japanese people that Japan has from African ancestry, yeah that would make them technically black. But not in the way I’d think this list would no. Also I think Michiko is alot more priority than everyone but Yuroichi who’s pretty awesome being the fastest pure soul reaper and sonning Byakuya. Also I’d like to note. I don’t call racism and always think people always overdo those things. But Iris is a prime example of racism. She’s literally a carbon copy of everything people say negatively about black people. They’re monkeys, she’s a jungle girl. She’s aggressive like racial stereotypes, unreasonable like white people try say black people are etc. She’s a disgrace, in the show. In the game she’s actually pretty cool though. Her battle theme is amazing as well

    • Theo Ellis
      Theo J Ellis says:

      In Flying Witch, yes. But not stereo-typically if that’s really what you’re asking.

      As for New Game – by skin tone yes. Background no. I find anime character designs to be tricky when it comes to race, especially seeing as most designs are bias or are viewed stereo-typically (even though Black skin is more nuanced and varied than consensus seems to believe). As with many skin tones like Indians.

      Read this:

      Akane Kowata Wiki

      Umiko Ahagon

      Thanks for commenting anyway, you brought up some good points.

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