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8+ GREAT Anime From Wit Studios That Deserve Credit (Recommended)

WIT Studios is the same studio behind Attack On Titan, more so the early versions. It’s responsible for the franchise becoming so big years down the line.

The studio was actually founded in June 2012 by the same producers of Production I.G (Psycho Pass), so they’ve accomplished a lot in just 10 years.

Let’s get into a list of anime shows the studio has produced that deserve attention.


Best Wit Studios Anime:


1. Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song

YouTube video

Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song… An anime that is underrated and went under the radar a bit during the 2021 spring season. It’s one of the most gorgeous-looking anime to have come out in the last decade.

Vivy (or Diva as she’s called) is artificial intelligence. An android. One who sings for the people and gets a lot of satisfaction out of this. It’s her mission in life to make humans happy.

She meets a robot from the future called Matsumoto. He explains how in the future A.I will wage a war with humans, and wipe out the human race. So they join together to prevent this outcome.

Expect a lot of action scenes, battle choreography that’s out of this world, stunning visuals, and a solid story overall.


2. Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan Franchise

Attack On Titan has to be mentioned when talking about WIT Studios in particular. They did the first 3 seasons of this anime and that set the stage for its legendary status today.

The anime starts out with happy moments which slowly lead to depression, trauma, and death. And of course – Eren Yaeger’s phase of wanting revenge against titans, and it being his only thought.

Seasons later a lot changes. It’s best to avoid spoilers (though I haven’t watched ALL of the franchise myself).

If you want a horror-style action series with titans in place of MECHS, then you might like it.


3. The Ancient Magus Bride

The Ancient Magus Bride Ep 13

The Ancient Magus Bride follows Hatori Chise, a red-headed girl who could be compared to or even called little red riding hood for her looks and green hoodie.

She’s an ex-slave who’s bought at an auction, after which her life changes forever. Happiness is within reach, and her past traumas are now a thing she can finally overcome.

The anime’s use of animation changes, unique expressions, and how it separates the comedy from the more serious stuff is well done.

The scenery, backgrounds, and visuals are still one of the freshest looking even in 2022, and it still puts much newer anime to shame in the aesthetics department.


4. Great Pretender

Edomame And Abby Great Pretender

This is an anime I don’t hear people talking a lot about too often. It’s like a different version to Black Lagoon, Jormungand, or any other comparison you can make that’s similar.

You have a guy called Edamura, a Japanese man who escapes Japan and ends up in Los Angeles in the USA. The design of LA is apparently true to form and realistic.

While here Edomame ends up “working” we’ll say with a few people in the business of conning people (he’s a conman). That’s where the “pretender” part of the title comes into play.

Storytelling is genius, the animation is fresh, and the plot is masterfully done. It’s pretty sick and needs more attention than it gets.


5. After The Rain

After The Rain Romance Couple

After The Rain is an anime with a controversial plot I suppose. But the execution of the anime, how it tells the story, and how it handles such a serious situation is important.

The main character is a 17-year-old girl who essentially falls in love with a 45-year-old man in a cafe/restaurant. But the writing for the series is really good and especially wholesome.

True to WIT studios the anime has crispy animation and it captures a lot of detail In each frame, especially the most important ones.


6. Spy x Family

Spy X Family Cute Wholesome

Spy x Family needs no introduction.

The manga was already selling like mad back during the pandemic before the anime was announced. And once announced, the manga sold a total of 21 million copies 30+ days later.

Loid Forger as he’s nicknamed is the main character. He’s a spy and a well-known one. So known that some are trying to wipe him out.

He needs a faux family so first, he finds a kid called Anya who he adopts into his family. This kid is psychic but he doesn’t know it.

He then finds a wife who happens to be Yor, an assassin for hire (but she keeps it a secret just like Loid with his job). This is how the wholesome, comedic, and sometimes action-packed anime series begins.

The writing is better than good and the family dynamics are especially important.


7. Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress

Mumei Kabaneri Protagonist

Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress is similar to Attack On Titan and of course made by the same studio. In this world, the threat is called Kabane, a type of human-style demon which can also take on a more monstrous form.

Mumei, the main female character is half human half Kabane, making her strong enough to take them on and defend others. Ikoma, the main male character is a smart character who ends up part Kabane.

They’re the main partners who work together to defend what’s left of the human race as they fight desperately for their survival and the survival of others.


8. Owari No Seraph

yuichiro blush shinoa ep 8 |

Owari No Seraph (Seraph Of Th End) can’t be ignored. It’s another underrated anime and one with 2 seasons and is in desperate need of a 3rd season. The novel/manga has the material for it as well.

Yuichiro Hykauya grows up a child slave along with Mikaela, but only Yuichiro escapes the slave camp run by vampires who use children for their blood and even kill them.

As a lone survivor, his goal in life is to kill vampires, similar to how Eren Yaeger was at the beginning of AOT. But Yuichiro discovers more secrets along the way about how the world works and the shady business going on.

Plenty of action, a good amount of comedy, and the friendship between characters (no power-up BS) stand out.


Other WIT Studios anime:

  • Ranking Of Kings.
  • Hai.
  • Bubble.
  • Vinland Saga.
  • Vampire In The Garden.


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