30 Anime Quotes From Yona Of The Dawn That Will Speak To Your Heart

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Yona Of The Dawn is a story about how Yona finds the strength to live, survive, and make something of herself… As a princess who’s been forsaken.

So you can expect to see quotes about finding your strength, perspectives on life, and becoming a better version of yourself.

Let’s get started!


The Best Yona Of The Dawn Quotes:


Su-Won Quotes

su won quotes yona of the dawn 1

“Do you want to kill me? It’s only natural that you do. But I cannot die right now. Because there is something I must do.” – Su-Won


su won quotes yona of the dawn

“A heaven that only watches has no meaning for me. I do not want gods, but the power of people.” – Su-Won


su won quotes yona of the dawn 2

“Kindness is not a crime. But sometimes it awakens the weakness and greed in others.” – Su-Won


su won quotes yona of the dawn 3

“Even if it is reckless… I don’t think someone who is making their best effort to try and break through the current situation is foolish.” – Su-Won


Princess Yona Quotes

princess yona quotes

“I always wanted to become stronger. At first it was to protect myself. Next, it was to protect Hak, who gave up everything for me. Now, it’s to repay my friends, who enabled me to live.” – Yona


princess yona quotes 1

“Once the rain stops, I’m taking up a sword again.” – Yona


princess yona quotes 2

“Drawing a bow means taking and losing lives. My father hated pain. But, Father, if I do not take lives, I cannot live.” – Yona


princess yona quotes 3

“Your hand was very warm. I don’t know anything about your curse. But if that was the hand of a cursed man, then I don’t care, even if you do bear a horrific curse.” – Yona


princess yona quotes 4

“To protect you, I’m willing to take up a weapon, even if it means sacrificing someone!” – Yona


princess yona quotes 5

“Before I question the gods, there are questions I should ask myself!” – Yona


princess yona quotes 6

“Within my tiny world, I protected my tiny happiness.” – Yona


princess yona quotes 7

“I know that I have no strengths to offer. It irritates me how weak I am. But let me protect them!” – Yona


Hak Son Quotes

hak son quotes

“A world without weaponry and war, where no one gets hurt, is but a pipe dream.” – Hak Son


hak son quotes 1

“When you protect someone you want to keep safe, do you always weigh your own life against theirs?” – Hak Son


hak son quotes 2

“Making a fuss won’t fix anything.” – Hak Son


hak son quotes 3

“When I’m around the princess, I lose my mind.” – Yona


hak son quotes 4

“I’m immortal. Actually, I can’t afford to die. I’ve got a troublesome princess to look after.” – Hak Son


hak son quotes 5

“We’ll go anywhere, as long as it means you’ll live.” – Hak Son


hak son quotes 6

“Keep your mouth shut and hang on, Princess. Think of me as a tool. Use me so that you can live! That’s what I’m here for!” – Hak Son


King Hiryuu Quotes

king hiryuu quotes

“Though the humans may hate and betray me, I cannot help but love them.” – King Hiryuu


Jae-Ha Quotes

jae ha quotes yona of the dawn 1

“If you simply obey orders without question to protect your master, that isn’t your greatest wish, but your greatest tragedy.” – Jae-Ha


jae ha quotes yona of the dawn 2

“Taking away someone’s freedom is the ugliest thing one can do in this world. People like that ought to decay into dirt and come back as thorny roses.” – Jae-Ha


jae ha quotes yona of the dawn

“Having my fate decided for me from the time I was born goes against my view of beauty.” – Jae-Ha


Ik-Su Quotes

ik su quotes yona

“There is strength in words… Sometimes, they become words of power. I thought that if I said I’m fine, then I really would be fine. But it’s no use… It doesn’t work.” – Ik-Su


ik su quotes yona 1

“No matter how foolish or incomprehensible, some love cannot be discarded. You may try to stop your heart, unable to forgive yourself, but there will be times when you lose hope as your heart is moved again.” – Ik-Su


Zeno Quotes

zeno quotes yona of the dawn

“People are mirrors. If you smile, a smile will be reflected.” – Zeno


zeno quotes yona of the dawn 1

“I might be the ugly duckling of the group, but I’ll make sure that I’ll protect all of you with all my might.” – Zeno


Gi-Gan Quotes

gi gan quotes yona of the dawn

“Sometimes we women must fight too, don’t underestimate us!” – Gi-Gan


Yun Quotes

yun quotes yona of the dawn

“Prodigies don’t understand how the incompetent feel.” – Yun


yun quotes yona of the dawn 1

“Inability to overcome fear is human.” – Yun

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