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17+ Of The Greatest Tousen Kaname Quotes That Hit Deep

Tousen Kaname is a Soul Reaper captain. The first black male character to be introduced to Bleach.

He’s the silent type who leads with his actions, and isn’t the most friendly or talkative.

He plays a role in the plot twists that come later in Bleach, and has an impact in his own way.

Being the introverted, somewhat awkward, but honest and independent character he is, the quotes reflect this.

This is especially true for his view of fear, life, and how he lives his life as a result.

Let’s get into his best lines!


Tousen Kaname Quotes

“If it’s not enough to believe in justice, then I will become justice. I will seek out all evil in this world and wipe them out like the clouds in the sky. I swear I will…For justice.” – Tousen Kaname


“Justice without a great cause begets nothing more than slaughter. That same slaughter in a great cause…Is Justice.” – Tousen Kaname


“I never overcame my shyness and told her that I actually liked clouds.” – Tousen Kaname


“I told you before, Komamura. The only paths that I see with these eyes are the ones not dyed with blood. Those paths are the paths to justice. So whichever path I choose…Is justice.” – Tousen Kaname


“Open my eyes? You? Open my eyes? You never change.” – Tousen Kaname


“I see. It’s understandable. You are a demon. You belong in the darkness. So of course you do not fear it.” – Tousen Kaname


“I knew it would. Someday we would cross swords and one of us will die.” – Tousen Kaname


“I do not hate you. However, to protect our peaceful existence, there is no other way!” – Tousen Kaname


“I am afraid. Then and now, my fear has always been that I would die a shinigami like you.” – Tousen Kaname


“Don’t make me laugh. Aizen-sama has given me something far more powerful than a bankai.” – Tousen Kaname


“It must make you sick to know an underling like me is going to kill you.” – Tousen Kaname


“I did not say that I hate you. What I mean to say is that you are unforgivable!!” – Tousen Kaname


“I was trying to chop off your head from the eye up. A little scratch counts as a miss.” – Tousen Kaname


“I can see! I can see! I can see!!! So this is the sky!! So this is blood!! So this is the world!! …So this is what you look like. Komamura. You are uglier… than I thought.” – Tousen Kaname


“Aren’t you clever? Is that supposed to be sarcastic?” – Tousen Kaname


Tousen Kaname Quotes 2

“Justice is not something that you can express in words.” – Tousen Kaname


Tousen Kaname Quotes 1

“Those who do not fear the sword they wield, have no right to wield a sword at all.” – Tousen Kaname



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