A Collection Of The BEST Allen Walker Quotes D.Gray Man

A Collection Of The BEST Allen Walker Quotes (D.Gray Man)

Allen Walker is the protagonist of D.Gray Man, and the shounen protagonist with similarities to Natsu Dragneel, among others.

He has the tendency to bear the weight of the world on his shoulders and isn’t good at sharing his problems with others.

He’s also honest, sincere in his intentions, and has an overall healthy way of thinking which reflects in his quotes, lessons, and moments in the anime series.

Let’s share Allen Walkers BEST quotes with that in mind.


Allen Walker Quotes:

allen walker quotes d gray man

God? I don’t care about that. I…! I’ve made my own oaths! To myself, that I would destroy the Akuma…! To my friends, that I would fight alongside them! To this world, that I would save it! To my father, that I would keep walking till the day I died… I MADE AN OATH TO THEM ALL! Open up…! Damn it… This is the only path I can take… so that I can feel alive.”


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I swore to Mana, That I’d never stop no matter what, that I’d keep walking until I died, I’m the one who swore!”


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“Akuma is the name of the weapon. It is a weapon made by The Earl of Millennium that target human beings. That is “Akuma”.


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When Mana said he loved me, did he mean me or…? Which was it…?”


allen walker quotes d gray man 4

“Kanda… although what you say is true, I want to become a destroyer who can save.”


Allen Walker Quotes

“When you lose sight of your path, listen for the destination in your heart.” – Allen Walker



“It’s because of you that we’re here now. That is more than enough. I’ll bear my own injuries. As long as I live, I’ll be able to recover. If I live, I can heal. Although scars will remains.” – Allen Walker


Allen Walker quotes 3

“No matter what I attempt, even if it’s the most simple of tasks, it always ends in failure. Unfortunately, I find that my life is one big regret after another. Yet, after all these years, I still don’t know when to give up. Is it my fault to keep trying when the results are always the same? Is it impossible for me to make things right? Even if I’d try to give up, I don’t think I could. It’s not in my nature to submit in the face of disappointment. In the end, I guess I’m just a glutton for punishment. I really am an idiot.” – Allen Walker


Allen Walker quotes 4

“Even if my left arm can transform into a monstrous claw and can destroy Akuma, i’m just a normal person with a promise.” – Allen Walker



“When there’s something you can’t understand no matter how much you think about it, you can’t just let yourself brood over it forever!” – Allen Walker


Allen Walker quotes 6

“If it could come true, this is all I’d want. It would have been good if we just played poker and nobody died.” – Allen Walker



“Because I am a small man, my heart is moved by what’s in front of my eyes, not by what the world needs. I just can’t abandon what’s there in front of me. I want to protect everything I can!” – Allen Walker


Allen Walker quotes 8

“No matter how faint our hopes are, even if we don’t have anything we can rely on…I will NEVER give up!” – Allen Walker


Allen Walker quotes 1

“No matter what happens, I’ll keep on moving. Until this life runs out of me, I’ll keep on walking.” – Allen Walker