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The Greatest Nnoitra Gilga Quotes That Stand The Test Of Time

Nnoitra Gilga wallpaper bleach anime espada
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Nnoitra is Espada #5 in the Bleach series, a number below (or above) Grimmjow who’s also an Espada.

As clearly seen from the full spectrum of his character, Nnoitra hates women, or specifically Neliel because she’s the one person he could never defeat in battle.

He has stereotypical ideas of women and how women shouldn’t be stronger than men, etc, but in a way that is visceral and negative.

Nnoitra on the other hand is a driven person, dedicated to getting stronger, and enjoys fighting stronger opponents to challenge himself.

All the good and the bad are mixed into his quotes, phrases, and moments in the Bleach series.

Here’s a list of his best and most relevant quotes from Bleach.


Nnoitra quotes:

Nnoitra quotes bleach 12

So, you’re one of those. The kind of hero who thinks if your girls‘ safe you actually have a shot at taking me down? Well I have news for you.” – Nnoitra


Nnoitra quotes bleach

“Every f*ckin’ one of ’em, they have the gall to take pity on me. And they don’t even know how much they’re hurtin’ me by doin’ it. I don’t do “mercy”. Strong, weak, infant, monster. I just smash ’em all to pieces. I don’t give ’em the chance to get up a second time.” – Nnoitra Gilga


Nnoitra quotes bleach 1

“This is a battle. Of course it’s gonna be unfair. That which is called ‘battle’ was a monster originally born of unfairness and intolerance. I can’t stand that guy. I can beat that guy. I can’t forgive that guy. We make enemies for all sorts of reasons, and from the moment you make an enemy, until one of you draws his last breath – you’re in a battle.” – Nnoitra Gilga


Nnoitra quotes bleach 2

“Oh, I’ve got purpose all right. I fight for the sake of fighting.” – Nnoitra Gilga


Nnoitra quotes bleach 3

“I wanna be cut so that my breath is gone before my body hits the ground. That’s the kind of death I wanna have.” – Nnoitra Gilga


Nnoitra quotes bleach 4

“Ain’t no chance of salvation for us. Never has been. With or without Aizen, that’s never gonna change. If there’s one thing I’m grateful to that guy for, it’s the fact that he gave me power. Thanks to that, I’ve been able to savor greater battles than ever before. I’m gonna be strong. Stronger than anyone.” – Nnoitra Gilga


Nnoitra quotes bleach 5

“We’ve only been separated for a little while, but it looks like you’ve got annoying in a totally different way. You’re just pathetic.” – Nnoitra Gilga


Nnoitra quotes bleach 6

“I just can’t freakin’ stand it. On the battlefield, a woman standin’ above the men. That’s all it is.” – Nnoitra Gilga


Nnoitra quotes bleach 7

“There is not a single person in heaven or on earth that can break me. Don’t forget that I am the strongest Espada.” – Nnoitra Gilga


Nnoitra quotes bleach 8

“If I kill a thousand nobodies, who’s gonna admit that I’m the strongest? There’s no value in taking a nobody’s life.” – Nnoitra Gilga


Nnoitra quotes bleach 9

“I want to die in the heat of battle. That’s why I wanna get stronger. The stronger I get, the more battle will surround me. I want to be able to live and breathe the heat of battle.” – Nnoitra Gilga


Nnoitra quotes bleach 10

“Ya know, I hate idiots who keep on comin’ at ya even though there’s no way they’re gonna win.” – Nnoitra Gilga


Nnoitra quotes bleach 11

“Hah! What the hell’re you blathering about?! Dodgin’ attacks is a pure battle instinct! And there ain’t nowhere you can cut me! That sword of yours can never cut me! That’s all there is to it.” – Nnoitra Gilga


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