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19+ Team Work Based Anime Where Working Together Is Essential

Anime where team work is essential and characters work together is a common theme in some genres.

These types of anime don’t work and can’t work without this element, and removing characters makes the house of cards collapse.

The benefits of team work based anime is this:

  • Tons of life lessons.
  • Inspirational content.
  • Motivational episodes.
  • Insightful moments.

And overall it’s educational and usually the kind of anime that’s liked by many.

Here’s a list of team work based anime just like that.


1. Haikyuu

Haikyuu kageyama shoyo hinata |

Let’s get Haikyuu out of the way, one of the most popular anime of the last decade (2010’s).

It’s an anime focused on Shoyo Hinata, an orange haired guy like Ichigo from Bleach. In a similar way he stands out because of it.

Shoyo has big goals and dreams related to volleyball, which is the chosen sport for this anime. And he works with Kageyama, an initial rival in the early stages of the series.

Teamwork is the bread and butter of this anime. There is no anime without it.

Even though it’s popular with guys, Haikyuu is famous with female fans and by virtue, is full of SHIPPING in the fandom.

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2. Kokoro Connect

Kokoro Connect taichi inaba moments |

Kokoro Connect is an obscure-ish anime from the 2010’s. Teamwork is essential and it’s what drives this mysterious, stressful plot forward.

Iori Nagase, Inaba, Taichi, Yoshiharu and Yui Kiriyama are the 5 characters this anime focuses on. Each one of them is a victim Heartseed, an Alien inside of a school members body.

His mysterious powers allow him to shape reality and twist it, making it so each character can hear each other’s thoughts, or each character is forced to act on their inhibitions, and so on.

It’s all a game to Heartseed and this game tests the trust, courage, and relationships between these characters. To the point of almost breaking some of them and affecting their mental health.

Teamwork is thread that holds them together, and is the one thing needed to overcome these unfair challenges that seem sadistic.


3. Battle Game In 5 Seconds

Battle Game In 5 Seconds moments season 1 e1644089787650 |

Battle Game In 5 Seconds is an anime that released back in 2021. It’s similar to Danganronpa and anime of that nature.

In this anime all the main characters and side characters are dead. They’re reborn into a world where they’re forced to fight for their survival, so it seems.

They’re given powers and abilities that are unique. Some stronger than others, some better suited to a certain personality.

Teamwork becomes essential in this survival anime, and that becomes more obvious as the plot develops down the line.


4. Takt OP. Destiny

Takt OP. Destiny cosette conductor 1 |

Takt OP Destiny is about conductors and musicarts. The latter is a type of weapon conductors use against monsters called D2.

Music is a strong part of this anime and it even plays a role in the action, the fight scenes, the battles, and the mechanics of how it all works.

It’s artistic in its fighting style, and artistic in the way it designs its world and characters.

Team work, or in this case duo’s are a common thing and it’s rare these duo characters are separated from each other, as that would mean suicide in problematic circumstances.


5. My Dress Up Darling

My Dress Up Darling marin gojo moments episode 1 e1644089752273 |

My Dress Up Darling is about the duo characters:

  • Marin Kitagawa.
  • Gojo Wakana.

The teamwork aspect of this anime is different in a lot of ways, but it’s still there and it’s a driving force.

Marin wants to cosplay as her favorite anime and gaming characters. She’s an Otaku and proud. She’s also popular and pretty.

Gojo is a doll maker and was introduced to the business thanks to his Grandpa.

Both Marin and Gojo “team up” to help each other accomplish their own individual goals and more importantly, to exercise their passions and hobbies.

Marin needs Gojo, and Gojo needs Marin to utilize his talents even further.

It’s a wholesome, feel good anime with a solid manga and some diabetes content for rom com/slice of life fans.


6. The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace

YouTube video

The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace came out in 2021, and was worked on by MAPPA studios.

It’s about Gods who overlook and live on the earth, or the anime’s version of it. After destroying demons historically, everything is now peaceful and has been for centuries.

Now new demons are popping up and Rin, the most powerful God is now training the younger Gods in preparation for the upcoming battle.

Story wise, not to mention the art and fight scenes, this anime is a breath of fresh air. And it does things differently.

A 2nd season is needed. If you’re a fan of Kill La Kill‘s art style, this is the next anime you should start watching.


7. Sword Art Online

sword art online alicization kirito eugeo moments |

SAO (Sword Art Online) is a VRMMO where the main characters are stuck in the game and forced to fight for their survival. Death in VR means death in the real world.

This is the story that’s responsible for the anime’s popularity and uniqueness.

Season 3 is where the animation quality takes a massive leap, not that the quality was ever bad. It wasn’t.

SAO Progressive is the latest addition to the SAO catalogue, which is a movie.

sao progressive asuna gif |

Sword Art Online has been getting bashed over the head for at least a decade now. This started when Clickbait YouTubers decided to create a hate train which ended up becoming a trend.

Years later the anime is still killing it and is responsible for making the industry a lot of money.


8. Bungou Stray Dogs

Bungou Stray Dogs characters anime moments |

Bungou Stray Dogs is a quirky, weird anime with even weirder characters and an eccentric main character: Osamu Dazai.

The other main character: Atsushi Nakajima was an orphan and after becoming part of the Armed Detective Agency, he’s working to become a better man and gains some self confidence in the process.

Atsushi is relatable, even if pitiful at times, but that’s because of his traumatic and abusive past that he had to endure as a kid.

If you can imagine Black Lagoon filled with supernatural characters, this is the anime. Some characters are even ex-gangsters and have gangster ties.


9. Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song

Vivy Fluorite Eyes Song vivy eyes beautiful |

Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song is about the incoming war between humans and artificial intelligence (A,I). They want to destroy the human race and take over the earth.

After Diva or Vivy is informed of this incoming future by Matsumoto, a robot from the future, they work together to prevent it from happening.

Vivy, also known as Diva was created to make music people can enjoy, and this is why she simultaneously works to prevent the upcoming war so she can fulfil her given mission as a unique A.I.

The visuals, and the art style, it’s gorgeous to look at and unlike anything most anime could ever claim.


10. Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer onna goblin |

Goblin Slayer is the controversial anime of late 2018 that took Twitter for a ride. They called it every name under the sun, the stars, and the moon combined.

The story is in the title. Goblin Slayer is an introvert who’s had such a traumatic experience that he lives to kill and slay Goblins.

Onna Shinkan, the female MC is thankful to him for saving her life and helping her deal with her own trauma as a result.

Typical of adventure anime the main characters form a party, take work from a guild, and go out hunting and fighting monsters. But Goblin Slayer feels a bit different and better than the usual.

I’d say the violence is partly why, and the awkward MC.

The first episode shows a r*pe scene committed by the goblins but the anime overall is actually more tame and not so bad.


11. Eighty-Six

Eighty Six anime vladilena e1644089533461 |

Eighty Six (86) is about racism and discrimination, plain and simple. Those who are forced to live in the area called 86 aren’t seen as human.

They’re only seen as pawns and pieces of shit by the nobles and the rich. The same rich who are controlling, manipulating, and using these people they’re actively discriminating against.

Vladelina Milize is new in her line of work, and once she realizes what’s going on she makes an effort to change everything.

Politics, backlash, and adversities naturally get in her way. And at some point, it even breaks her spirit. But she perseveres against all odds and pursues what she feels is the right thing to do.

It’s one of the best anime released in 2021, with the last half released in March 2022. If not April.


12. Yashahime: Princess Half Demon

Yashahime Princess Half Demon twins friends anime |

Yashahime is the new version of Inuyasha, and it’s turning it to be better than people thought it could.

The continuation of anime focuses on their lives through their own lenses, rather than their parents.

It has 2 seasons, one of which has just ended if not already in January 2022, and teamwork among the sisters and main characters is #1 when fighting demons and protecting the innocent.

It’s a continuation of Inuyasha after all.


13. Amagi Brilliant Park

Amagi Brilliant Park gun funny moments anime |

Amagi Brilliant Park is an anime by Kyoto Animation. It’s colourful, bright, cheery, fun, and a decent enough anime to get into.

Kanie is forced against his will after Isuzu puts a gun in his face, and orders him to help them save a theme park business of theirs that’s quickly going out of business.

It turns out to be more than just that, but that’s the basis of the anime and how it starts.

Aside from the more serious and business aspects of this anime, comedy is a big driver and is used a lot to steer the story forward.


14. Cells At Work

Cells At Work kawaii anime cover |

Cells At Work is the underdog of the last decade. An anime about science, red blood cells, white blood cells, and biology.

The type of anime that sounds boring, but is 100X better because of how creatively written it is, not to mention how it’s presented.

The main characters are Red Blood Cell and White Blood Cell, who are written in a shounen style which makes the anime progressive as far as how characters develop as more of the story is fleshed out.

It’s surprisingly funny with its explanations of viruses, germs, and bacteria, and how you’d imagine your cells fighting is similar to how it’s portrayed on screen by David Productions (studio).

Underrated and in a league of its own.


15. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail moments final season |

Fairy Tail has to be mentioned. It’s the anime that’s known for its friendship vibes, even if it can be overdone at times.

The Fairy Tail guild works, takes on jobs, and from time to time prevents evil organizations from successfully carrying out their schemes and crimes.

Nats, Gray, Lucy, and Erza are the main characters but there are so many memorable characters in FT that it goes beyond the MC’S.

It’s one of my #1 anime of all time.


16. Fire Force

Fire Force shinra moments |

Fire Force is an anime about a set of companies who put out supernatural fires around the city. These supernatural fires are related to people who “set alight” at random and become creatures called Infernals.

Some humans are classed as 2nd generation or third generation pyro kinetics since they have the power to generate or manipulate fire as an ability.

It’s these pyro kinetics who fight the incoming evil organizations and do what they can to cleanse infernals.

There are strong references to religion, churches, “sisters”, and of course, fire being an important element that ties everything together.


17. Golden Kamuy

Golden Kamuy moments |

Golden Kamuy is an underrated anime series and one with 3 seasons so far. It’s about characters wanting to get rich, basically.

There’s a “pot of gold” so to speak being held somewhere, and a bunch of soldiers are out to get it for themselves.

Saichi Tsugimoto is one of those ex-soldiers, and Asirpa, an Ainu, is the character who ends up working with Tsugimoto for her own reasons and purposes.

The comedy is a bit wild in the 2nd season, and in general, there’s strong military vibes, violence, gun fights, and some comical yet serious characters who don’t take shit from anyone.


18. Shirobako

Shirobako moments anime girls |

Shirobako is an important anime about… the anime industry itself. It covers as much as possible.

The main focus is:

  • How anime is made.
  • How anime are produced.
  • What goes into making an anime.
  • The cost of anime.
  • The stress and workload of producing an anime.
  • Mistakes and “rush jobs” that can happen in the middle of making anime.
  • How ideas come together.

And basically, everything you can think of when it comes to making the anime, animating it, and getting it published

Shirobako is an anime everyone should watch if you call yourself a fan or if you care about the anime industry.


19. Psycho Pass

YouTube video

Psycho Pass is a police series and a classic in the psychological genre. Technology is so advanced that robots run everything in society.

Cleaning, helping people get dressed, the law, deciding whether a gun should be locked or be used to kill, etc. Technology is this world’s version of “God”.

Akane Tsunemori, a new recruit, is intent on making changes from the inside out when she finds out how corrupt and inefficient things are running in the police force as far as how technology dictates how it runs.

The main villain of this series is challenging the system in his own way and is a major figure and a well written villain in the grand scheme of anime and the industry.


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