5 Things That Are True If You Love Anime (That Are Worth Bragging About)

Sistine Fibel

Having an interest, a love or a passion for anime is a special thing.

Especially if you live within the western part of the world. Because well, it’s not as popular over here.

But regardless of what country you’re from, a couple of things remain true.

Including these 5 truths that are exclusive to us anime fans.

And yes, you should proudly brag about each and every one of these truths! 😉


1. You Have An Appreciation for Art & Aesthetics 

If You Love Anime, Here Are 7 Truths You Should Happily Brag About
Anime boy and girl walking.


“the branch of philosophy which deals with questions of beauty and artistic taste.”

The origin of the word: Aesthetics means: “concerned with beauty”.

Anime is first and foremost a visual format.

You can’t not watch anime without looking at visuals, imagery, artistic designs and videos.

And that’s why if you’re a fan of anime it means you have an appreciation of beautiful art.

And aesthetics in general.

Try comparing that to films, TV or your average “cartoon” in the west. And you’ll quickly realize how breathtaking and gorgeous anime is in comparison.

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2. You’re A Creative Person

 Things That Are True If You Love Anime That You Should Brag About
Seishu Handa doing calligraphy.

However you look at it, Anime is artistic by its nature.

It’s no different to a piece of art in an art museum.

Or a piece of music made by an artist like Katy Perry or Usher.

Anime takes creative output, innovation, and creative thinking to bring to life.

And because of this it has an audience packed with creative people like yourself.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a writer, a manga artist, musician, a painter, or you do Calligraphy.

Or maybe even run your own business.

In some way shape or form, you’re a creative person with a thirst for creative outlets like Anime.

And that’s true for a large portion of anime fans.

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3. You Have A Wide Range Of Knowledge

Things That Are True If You Love Anime That You Should Brag About

No matter how you look at it, Anime covers tons of different topics.

Here’s a short example of some anime topics:

  • Horror.
  • Fantasy.
  • Comedy.
  • Sci-fi.
  • Military.
  • Action.
  • Romance.
  • Drama.
  • Mecha.
  • Mystery.
  • Psychological.
  • Historical.

And so many more anime genre’s that are too long to mention.

Because anime has so many different topics and genre’s, you end up learning more than you planned to.

About all kinds of different things in life you wouldn’t have otherwise known.

For example: Little Busters (anime) teaches you about a human condition called: Narcolepsy. Which causes you to fall asleep whenever you feel relaxed.

And can cause problems since your body forces you to sleep at any given time in the day.

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4. You’re Unique In Your Own Right

Things That Are True If You Love Anime That You Should Brag About
Ruiko Saten.

Why? Because if you’re anywhere outside of the west. And especially within the western part of the world… You’ll know that Anime isn’t as widely accepted by society.

In fact when you tell the average person you love Anime, they look at you as if you were walking down the street naked.

And when you do come across an anime fan like yourself, it’s a unique feeling.

A feeling few will get to experience.

Being a part of the anime community by definition makes you a unique person in today’s society.

Especially when there are a lot of people who shun and judge anime when they don’t understand it.

And that in itself is worth bragging about. Rather than being disappointed or upset.


5. You Have A Love For Great Music & Instrumentals

Things That Are True If You Love Anime That You Should Brag About
Misaka Mikoto.

If there’s one thing that’s easy to forget, it’s the GREAT music within anime.

Taste in music is of course subjective. But in general anime has unusual, unique and beautiful music.

And every anime fan can agree with that statement. Regardless of what you consider a good anime show.

Sometimes it’s the music that makes an anime series, unlike some other mediums in entertainment.

And that’s just the music with vocals.

If we’re talking about the instrumentals in anime, it also adds another dimension to each anime series.

Especially when played in the background of certain episodes and scenes.

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What else is true if you love anime that’s worth bragging about?

If you have any thoughts, share them! 😉

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