KOMI SAN Can’t Communicate Anime Adaptation, Released In October 2021 (Official)

komi san preview anime

Komi San is a manga about Komi, and her dream of making frirends.

It’s relatable story and main character has grabbed the hearts of many in the manga community for years.

This is welcome news and the studio is OLM. They’re known for a lot of Pokemon series and BanG Dream!

Let’s talk about it.


KOMI SAN Anime teaser + release date

YouTube video

The anime is set to release in 2021, October. And with the pandemic worldwide getting better, there shouldn’t be much interruption if at all.

The trailer shows Komi San walking down the street, and then through school as it’s being narrated without subtitles.

The art and visuals is gorgeous, which manga fans will be happy about.


Screenshots + image previews

komi san anime screenshot komi san anime adaptation screenshots komi san funny face anime screenshot shouko komi anime

hitohito todano anime

najimi osana animie

Komi Can’t Communicate will broadcast in Japan on TV TOKYO, starting October 2021.

Courtesy of OLM studios.

Are you looking forward to it?



Komi Can’t Communicate Official Website

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