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18+ High School Anime With Tsunderes (Recommended)

Tsundere are most commonly shown in school-style types of anime. And that’s regardless of the anime being:

  • Within a high school environment.
  • Middle school.
  • College age.

And things of that nature.

You do have Tsunderes these days in many fantasy and sometimes Isekai anime, but school anime is where the stereotype is prevalent.

Let’s focus on high school anime series in particular which have Tsunderes!


1. Asterisk War

Asterisk War tsundere |

In this anime with close similarities to Chivalry Of A Failed Knight, you have Julis Alexia Van Reisfeld. A princess in secret who’s attending Seidokon Academy to compete in the Festa (tournament) in hopes of winning the prize.

She’s a Tsundere, no doubt. And she’s not your ordinary princess girl as she’s a swordswoman, a fighter, and a highly skilled and respected one as well.

Julis is a courageous and modest character, and more modest than most.


2. Hayate The Combat Butler

Hayate The Combat Butler tsundere e1662840997990 |

This anime is old school by today’s standards. Released back in the 2000s it’s an anime about Hayate who can fight and becomes a butler for a rich Tsundere girl in a massive mansion, and that kicks off their relationship.

The Tsundere girl is called Nagi who lost her parents and inherited their wealth. But she’s lonely regardless.

There’s also a school element to this series.


3. GJ Club

GJ Club tsundere |

This might be an anime a lot of fans haven’t even heard of. It came out back in the 2010s and is a typical series where the main characters have their own club in school.

Kyoya, the male and typical dense MC is the centre of the anime and the main attraction of the Tsundere Mao. She’s as small as Taiga from Toradora and she overcompensates because of it.

Mao is a Tusndere most won’t like at first or at all, she’s the savage type.


4. School Rumble

School Rumble eri tsundere |

Classic 2000s anime series that’s definitely influenced rom com of the later years. 2 Seasons long with a 3rd in desperate need of attention.

You have Tenma, the airheaded, absent-minded girl who loves a certain someone. You have Harima Kenji, a manga author and ex-bully/delinquent who loves Tenma which helped him change as a person.

The Tsundere of the show is Eri Sawachika, the “rich girl” who walks around with a front instead of being her true self.

Other characters like Mikoto Suwa, Hanai, and Yakumo complete the series. It’s some of the funniest comedy you’ll ever witness from an anime perspective.


5. The Disatrous Life Of Saiki K

The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K funny |

The main character is a psychic with his name being a pun on the term. Since a baby, he’s been psychic for no explained reason and even has the power to change the laws of physics and reality itself.

In the anime, you have parody characters who all fit a cliche but in a comedic style of writing. And Saiki’s grandfather is actually a Tsundere, probably being the only if not a few elderly characters to have the title of Tsundere.

The anime is severely underrated.


6. Sket Dance

Sket Dance crew hime |

This is like a self-improvement type of anime series set in a school with 16, 17, 18, and characters in their 20’s. But the comedy is parody-like similar to Gintama (it has a Gintama crossover episode as well).

Saya, a character who appears much later is the gag Tsundere character.

You have Yusuke Fujisaki, the “hero” of the series of sorts. And Hime Onizuka along with Switch who all make up the Sket Dance group dedicated to helping people solve their problems. No matter how small or big.

Don’t underestimate the quality of this 2010s anime series. It’s golden and deserves more credit.

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7. Lucky Star

Lucky Star tsundere |

Konata Izumi is the star of the show. She’s the Otaku of the series but she’s not the only one, just the main one. She likes to tease people, is lazy and laid back, sarcastic, and loves cosplaying, video games, and anime conventions in Japan.

Kagami Hiiragi is the Tsundere of the show with Konata being her friend, one who pisses off Kagami at times.

Despite the ages of how the characters look each one is generally older than it seems (17-19 years old, etc).


8. A Certain Scientific Railgun

YouTube video

Mikoto Misaka is the shock-princess (nicknamed by her classmate Kuroko) and the ace of Tokiwadai middle school. A rich girls’ school, basically.

Despite Mikasa’s fame in Academy City, she’s modest, down to earth, grounded, and more innocent than her reputation appears.  She’s also of course the Tsundere of the series but not the annoying kind.

Her Tusndere dial is turned down quite low compared to other characters.


9. Food Wars

Food Wars erina tsundere |

Soma Yukihira is the main cook and character of this series where clothes come flying off like feathers, and body’s get exposed like people running around a nude beach.

It’s that kind of anime. Ecchi, School, Shounen, with the shounen aspect being used to make the cooking battles more intense, entertaining, and attention-grabbing.

Erina Nakiri, the Himedere of the show is a Tsundere in the flesh.


10. Quintessential Quintuplets

Quintessential Quintuplets tsundere |

You have Uesugi, a teacher and smart student who spends his time teaching snobby, ignorant, and incompetent girls born from a rich family. And you have the father who expects big things of Uesugi to further their education.

Also, the girls themselves are all twins. 5 of them. Nino Nakano is the Tsundere and the one who takes things the furthest as far as extremes and bitchy behaviour.

We see this is all a front down the line.

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11. Shakugan No Shana

Shakugan No Shana tsundere |

The flame haze herself, Shana. When she transforms into a flame haze, a type of warrior who slays demons, her flames glitter, shine and surround her body as if it’s protecting her.

She has one of the best designs for a fire-based character though her abilities are more varied.

Typical of some red-headed characters, Shana is a Tsundere and one who gets a lot of character development and progression.


12. Seitokai Yakuindomo

Seitokai Yakuindomo tsundere |

You have Shino Amakusa, the troll and sarcastic student council president of the series. Shichijou Aria is the airhead from a rich family who’s also sarcastic and a bit naughty.

Suzu Hagimura is the treasurer of the student council. Smart, intelligent, witty. And Tsuda, the most normal character in all of the series.

Suzu Hagimura is actually a Tsundere as well but one of the best there is in anime.


13. Toradora

Toradora tsundere |

Palm top tiger, aka Taiga Aisaka. She’s mouthy, disrespectful, has a bad attitude with guys, and is always running her mouth or punching someone. That someone being Ryuuji Takasu.

This goes on for the first few episodes before things get serious and her backstory is revealed, which is connected to her treatment of Men.

You also have Minori Kushieda, probably the funniest character of the entire rom com series.

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14. Ryuugajou Nanana

Ryuugajou Nanana tsundere |

This is another one of those “rare find” types of anime many haven’t heard or seen. Released in the 2010s it’s a supernatural anime with a main female character who’s a ghost (and called Nanana).

Before death, she travelled the world collecting treasures. But now she’s bound to a room after being murdered. Juugo who moves into this flat now lives with her and ends up wanting to help her find her killer.

The anime becomes more of a mystery, treasure-finding adventure series though with action, fights, strategy, and more.

Ikyuu Tensei is the Tsundere and the smartest character of the series with a FANG which is typical of certain Tsunderes to emphasise cuteness.


15. Love Live School Idol Project

Love Live School Idol Project maki tsundere e1662840500869 |

The music group called U’s (pronounced Muse) has around 7-9 members in total. They start out smaller of course and work their way up until they have a full group of Idols.

Honoka Kousaka is the main character who’s a typical dere dere type of character, and one who’s extroverted, energetic, foolish, and stubborn.

The eventual characters are girls like Maki Nishikino, the Tsundere who’s good at playing the piano and loves music.


16. Full Metal Panic

Full Metal Panic tsundere e1662840478813 |

Even though this is more of a military-focused series, the school aspect is real and a real part of the anime’s plot. Down the line these two things become one and that’s where things get really violent.

Sousuke Sagara is a 17 year old soldier who works for an anti-terrorist group. He also grew up a child soldier. His mission is to protect Kaname Chidori, a blue-haired Tsundere with a secret even she isn’t aware of about herself.

She has a friend called Kyoko and she’s one of the nicest characters in this otherwise brutal and savage anime.


17. Nisekoi

Nisekoi chitoge |

And then there’s Nisekoi, an anime by studio SHAFT. They’re known for their poses, camera angles, and unique elements that make their anime a style of their own.

Two rival gangs are going at it. Two characters from opposing families one day decide to pretend to be in a relationship to quell the violence and bloodthirsty. And it works.

Nisekoi translated means “fake love” but this leads to real feelings and complications throughout the series.


18. Rokudenashi

Rokudenashi sistine tsundere |

Rokudenashi, or Akashic Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor. This anime is about Glenn Radars, his role as a professor which he’s forced into doing by his guardian, and his students. One of which is called Sistine Fibel.

She’s a Tsundere with cat-like ears and a unique appearance. She’s also from a privileged family with goals to achieve the impossible.

Her best friend is Rumia Tingel, a seemingly normal girl with her own secrets and one of the most intuitive and understanding characters of the show in general.


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