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Demon Slayer Vs My Hero Academia: Which Anime Deserves The Crown?

Kimetsu No Yaiba (Demon Slayer) is soon to be released on May 12th 2024.

My Hero Academia’s season 7 by comparison will drop May 4th 2024 (2 days ago).

Both are in the news, and both are shonen anime that have gone on to dominate the charts and do 10X better than anybody expected.

Which anime is better between the two?

Let’s talk about it.


Demon Slayer pros:


1. Unbeatbale visual quality

demon slayer gif rengoku fight |

Demon Slayer will never be fucked with when it comes to its visual quality. Of course, there are anime that can compete with its Ufotable visuals, but animation and visual quality are Demon Slayer’s strong suit.

When Tanjiro swings his blade, like in that scene out of Demon Slayer S1, and the fire effects that follow, it become the reason the anime is talked about and hyped across many social networks.

It looks too good to be ignored or downplayed.

Same for the yellow-haired guy (Zenitsu) and his “speed” moments while still technically asleep.

Or Shinobu’s entrance and the butterfly effect (no pun intended).

The point should be clear.


2. Sibling relationship

nezuko and tanjiro siblings |

Demon Slayer is unique because of its sibling relationship. It’s done like no other anime can compete with most times.

Nzuko and Tanjiro have been together since the beginning. After Tanjiro’s family is murdered, Nezuko becomes a demon and she’s his only family left.

Over time she learns to control her inner demon, mostly because of the mouthguard. But their wholesome relationship becomes tighter since they’re the only family left in this world.

The dynamics, how this plays into each fight or battle, the struggles for survival, and even the comedy is better because of this element.

It’s a major highlight for DS.


3. Character chemistry

demon slayer rengoku and tanjiro |

Zenitsu might be an idiot as far as I see it, but the chemistry between him, Nezuko, Tanjiro, and Inosuke forms a unique chemistry between the characters.

It becomes the anime’s main source of entertainment, and the main source of bonding when shit gets real like after the battle in the Swordsmith arc of Demon Slayer.

Or after the battle with the demon siblings which had its ups, downs, and tense moments.

Even if a person doesn’t like Demon Slayer much, the character chemistry will still be a highlight of the series on some level.


CONS of Demon Slayer:


1. It lacks substance in some ways

demon slayer funny face |

It’s funny to think an anime that has a unique sibling relationship, chemistry, etc, can also be lacking in overall substance that makes comparable anime hit the right notes.

Demon Slayer can sometimes feel underwhelming in the substance department,

The visuals which are a PRO end up being the reason that it can feel like too much fluff.

Those propped-up visuals are mostly what fans talk about when discussing DS online. I hardly see people talking about how great the writing is, the substance, the depth, or anything like that.

This in a way shows that the visuals and art quality overshadow parts of Demon Slayer where it lacks slightly (which is substance).

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2. Not a good range of female characters

demon slayer female characters |

Yes, you have Shinobu, and a few others, but they’re not seen much and don’t do much.

Mitsuri Kanroji is the obvious star since the Sword Smith arc, and while Nezuko is a good character, most of the emphasis is on her being cute, rolling around, and shit like that.

The female characters aren’t terrible in Demon Slayer, but compared to other Shonen (Fairy Tail) the female cast is lacking in some areas.


3. Too much emphasis on visuals

Again, the visual quality of Demon Slayer is both a pro and a con. An advantage and a disadvantage.

For people who don’t care about depth too much, Demon Slayer can seem more exciting than it actually is. it gives kids a reason to brag about Demon Slayer, and teenagers a reason to say “this is peak” on social media.

But when you step away from only the visual quality which is overwhelmingly what makes Kimetsu No Yaiba so famous, everything else by comparison seems underwhelming on some level.

It feels like less emphasis was put into the substance, the execution of fight scenes, the feeling behind it, characters’ emotions and reactions, and subtle elements that don’t pop as much as even anime with less aesthetics (Re:Zero, etc).

If you strip away the visuals and lay the anime bare, is Demon Slayer really as good and as hype as people claim it to be?

The answer is obviously NO. Too much make-up and airbrushing and not enough to hold it together in my eyes where it counts.


Pros of My Hero Academia:


1. Wide range of memorable characters

mha characters |

This kind of thing is harder to pull off in many shounen or anime in general. When you have a focus character like DEKU, how do you also make other characters relevant?

How do you make these characters relevant enough that it doesn’t feel like a joke when they appear on screen?

My Hero Academia has done this well and seems to get better at it as time goes by and the seasons go by.

Besides MCs like Bakugo alongside Deku and arguably Ochako Uraraka or All Might, Mineta has become popular for the wrong reasons admittedly.

Then there is Kyoka Jiro, the earphone girl, Kirishima, the hype man, Momo, the smart girl, Mina Ashido, the pink Alien who’s easygoing and cool like Kyoka.

The guy who likes to troll in tournament matches with that big cheesy edgy grin. The big 3 characters, Sir night eye, Eri, Overhaul, and many more.

Lady Nagnaught as well and of course, All for One and the League of Villains.

My Hero Academia;’s ability to represent its wide range of characters reminds me of Fairy Tail.


2. Better pacing than Demon Slayer

deku charging |

The pacing in My Hero Academia makes sense when you think about how many seasons there have been in comparison. So it may not seem fair.

But even if you compare it by let’s say, 3 seasons, the pacing in My Hero Academia moves at the right speed.

Nothing feels out of place, and the characters don’t feel like they’re getting too strong, too quick, out of the blue, for some unexplained BS reasons that Shonen can be known for doing.

Deku really did put in the work to become as strong as he has, even almost destroying his body to do it. By comparison, Tanjiro has worked hard no doubt, but he seems to have skipped the line and it doesn’t connect as well.

Pacing plays a role when it comes to this sort of thing. The speed at which the story moves, its characters, how they get stronger, the progress, etc, it all matters when building and doing emotional storytelling.


3. Female characters worth their salt

mha female characters |

Momo is one of the smartest in UA and in her class. She lacks a bit of confidence but finds it and performs much better than people expect when she gets serious.

Momo’s journey is an interesting one in MHA.

Kyoka Jiro has a different experience. She’s the cool girl, laid back, introverted, and artsy. Confidence isn’t her issue, but like everyone, she does have issues she deals with.

Ochaco contrary to the belief of later seasons, has more issues besides thinking about DEKU in a romantic sense.

She wants to get stronger, be more competent, and be a genuine part of the team and not hold others back. And more than anything, she wants to make a lot of money in her job to help her family.

Even Midnight, as much as the anime makes jokes about her “sexy” demeanour, is a serious person who does her part in shaping the next generation and isn’t brainless.

MHA definitely isn’t the epitome of female characters, but does a good enough job of it.


4. Unique art style

mha girl big ass blonde |

My Hero Academia is one of the more unique shonne out there. It looks nothing like your average Shonen series.

The art style is inspired more by American comics than anything else, and it shows. But it has its own flair, style, and feels fresh.

It’s the reason the anime has been able to dominate, evolve, and be appreciated by many with each and every season despite the superficial hate towards the anime in the earlier stages.

You can say a lot about MHA, but you can’t deny its art style and how it has its own identity.


CONS of My Hero Academia:


1. Less focus on support characters over time

iida tenya mha |

Ida Tenya is the perfect example of this reality. As time goes on, he becomes less relevant in the grand scheme of things.

He’s no longer at the forefront of the anime after that incident with STAIN and Ida’s brother. Ida wants revenge and almost gets himself smoked, but he lives to see another day.

His role becomes unimportant the more the seasons go by.

We see new characters step in and become more important like the big 3 instead. And of course, Eri from season 4 onwards. But that role is minimal as well.

The main support characters get left out more and more, with Deku, Bakugo, and All Might being at the centre of everything for the most part.

It’s not the worst thing, but it does count for something.


2. Some of its greatest moments take time to see

mha s6 |

The pacing is good like I said, but some of the anime’s greatest moments do take time to build up. The introduction to MHA is good of course, where we see Deku and All Might inspiring him.

Or we see Deku saving Bakugo despite almost killing himself in the process (no quirk yet).

Or on some level, the tournament and the scenes where the NOMU invade out of the blue.

But the best moments in my view come later, maybe after season 3, with season 5 being the worst and season 6 being the peak so far.

That build-up is not for everyone, but if you stick it out the reward is satisfying.


3. Too much initial focus on Ochaco’s romantic feelings

Season 1 and Season 2 were Ochaco Uraraka’s best moments. She evolved, she changed, she grew, and she got better and more confident as a person.

This also was visible during season 3 when she decided to train in martial arts to further improve her skills. That’s how she handled Toga Himiko so easily when they fought, which was a MOMENT for Ochaco again.

But the constant focus on DEKU and her feelings, while at some points wholesome, became silly at some point.

It’s all she was during those seasons. She became nothing more than the girl who likes Deku, who can’t sort her feelings out, and the girl who isn’t remembered for much more than that despite her initial story.

Even her goals are ignored during this time. That emphasis she had in the first episode or so when she said she’s in it for the money to help her family and get out of poverty is what sold her character.

But less of that emphasis was seen over time, watering down her character a bit.


In the end, MHA wins but that’s how I see it

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Demon Slayer’s main issue is the visuals being most of what it is, while its other elements are lacking by comparison.

My Hero Academia has more of a balance, but some people might not like DEKU as an MC because of who he is and how he starts out.

Or they may hate the guts of characters like BAKUGO because of his massive ego.

Either way, both anime are airing right now and both are about to make waves in the industry again and in the future.



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