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All The Best Quotes From “Death Parade” That Will Speak To Your Heart

Death Parade characters mentioned in this post:

  • Decim.
  • Chiyuki.
  • Ginti.
  • Nona.
  • Tatsumi.

These Death Parade quotes will most likely make you think about life. And cut deep into topics about life, death, pain, human nature and everything in between.

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The Best Death Parade Quotes:


1. Chiyuki Quotes

Chiyuki quotes death parade |

“I’m sure it’s not wrong for people to want to understand each other. And even if it is, I want us to understand each other.” – Chiyuki


Chiyuki quotes death parade 1 |

“People aren’t as complex as you think they are. They’re simple, and they get sad or angry over simple things. That’s how they are. They’re quickly affected by the littlest things, and live without knowing where they’re going to fall down. That’s who people are!” – Chiyuki


Chiyuki quotes death parade 2 |

“Everyone lives with the sins they’ve committed.” – Chiyuki


Chiyuki quotes death parade 3 |

“There aren’t many things you can believe. That’s how human beings work. They only care about themselves, and no one else really matters. They get caught up in their own lackadaisical dialogue, lying their way through life.” – Chiyuki


Chiyuki quotes death parade 4 |

“It’s not just grief. There are as many emotions as there are people. The fragility of someone who lets their anger get the best of them… The strength to overcome fear because of love… You can’t comprehend anything about them.” – Chiyuki


2. Ginti Quotes

ginti quotes death parade |

“Humans all behave the same way, like idiots. They all forget that someday, they’re gonna die, so the moment they come face to face with death, they cling to life.” – Ginti


ginti quotes death parade 1 |

“There’s no meaning to living. They only live to die at some point, right?” – Ginti


3. Nona Quotes

nona quotes death parade |

“Do you know what the most primitive emotion people have is? It’s fear.” – Nona


nona quotes death parade 1 |

“I think it’s best for there to be more than just one way to judge.” – Nona


nona quotes death parade 2 |

“The truth is, there are no lives that are nothing but pretty.” – Nona


4. Decim Quotes

Decim quotes death parade |

“Life is never fair. I’m sure you’re well aware of that.” – Decim


Decim quotes death parade 1 |

“Life really is a mysterious thing. Each and every life spins its own, totally separate tale. Yet they become intricately entwined in each other. And no one knows how they will end up.” – Decim


Decim quotes death parade 2 |

“I do not think humans are foolish. I have respect for people who live fulfilled lives.” – Decim


Decim quotes death parade 3 |

“I say… that people do not live just so that they can someday die. It is because they are alive that they someday die. There is no point to living. The same goes for judgment. Judgment must be performed hand in hand with both life and death. It is something that must be performed hand in hand with humans.” – Decim


5. Tatsumi Quotes

Tatsumi quotes death parade |

“In order to accomplish anything, sacrifices must be made.” – Tatsumi


Tatsumi quotes death parade 1 |

“It’s only obvious that the world is a cruel place. If you can’t change the world, then you have to change yourself!” – Tatsumi


Featured image source: Death Parade Wallpaper

After all is said and done: Death Parade is one of the deepest anime for a good reason.

It makes you think about the darkest subjects that don’t cross your mind often. And that’s why the quotes from Death Parade are worth sharing.

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