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The Most Powerful Quotes From “Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress” That Go Deep

mumei kabaneri wallpaper
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Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress Quotes, taken from the following characters:

  • Mumei.
  • Ikoma.
  • Ayame Yomogawa.
  • Amatori Biba.
  • Horobi.

Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress  is a horror series by the same studio behind Attack On Titan. It has a similar theme, but a distinctive difference in characters, monsters and plot.

Like Attack On Titan, humanity is desperate to survive the onslaught. And that’s where the best quotes come from in Kabaneri.

Quotes you can relate to and take something from to apply to your own life.

Let’s get started.


The Greatest Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress Quotes:


1. Mumei Quotes

mumei quotes kabaneri

“You cannot lose your humanity to fear.” – Mumei


mumei quotes kabaneri 1

“Trying to protect yourself is not being a coward. There won’t be any more reason to be sad if we all just become strong.” – Mumei


2. Ayame Yomogawa Quotes

Ayame Yomogawa quotes kabaneri

“No, order exists to protect the people. We must not aim our guns at the wrong people. What we should eliminate are our doubting hearts and minds.” – Ayame Yomogawa


Ayame Yomogawa quotes kabaneri 1

“It is only natural to help each other in a time of need.” – Ayame Yomogawa


3. Amatori Biba Quotes

Amatori Biba quotes kabaneri

“We humans are miserable creatures. We reject what we fear. We attack because we don’ t understand. Human cowardice… breeds war.” – Amatori Biba


Amatori Biba quotes kabaneri 1

“Fight. If you want to live, you’ll have to save yourself.” – Amatori Biba


Amatori Biba quotes kabaneri 2

“The strong survive and the weak die. Do you not believe that this is how the world works?” – Amatori Biba


Amatori Biba quotes kabaneri 3

What is important to survival isn’t the ability to hide and protect yourself, it is to stand up and fight the Kabane.” Amatori Biba


4. Ikoma Quotes

Ikoma quotes Kabaneri

“May you all live in shame knowing that the person you outcasted saved your very lives.” – Ikoma


Ikoma quotes Kabaneri 1

“Can we really be proud of our own survival that’s predicated on sacrificing our own? There lives aren’t all we lose.” – Ikoma


Ikoma quotes Kabaneri 2

“Look. Look at me! Watch as the man you cast out spills his blood and dies. Take a nice long look! I will save you all. I want you to live the rest of your lives knowing the man you abandoned saved you. And I will laugh at you from the afterlife. And tell you that it serves you right!” – Ikoma


Ikoma quotes Kabaneri 3

“We are weak, Mumei. But, that doesn’t mean we just roll over and accept our fate.” – Ikoma


Ikoma quotes Kabaneri 4

“Perhaps the souls of those we couldn’t save, will eventually find their way to my sister. If they do, could they relay a message for me? That I promise to live for her too. And even if she feels a little lonely, just wait there for me for a little while longer.” – Ikoma


Ikoma quotes Kabaneri 5

“Then you’re fine with just being alive? Not me. I want more than just being alive. I want more!” – Ikoma


5. Horobi Quotes

Horobi quotes kabaneri

“Those who underestimate their enemies will not last long in this world.” – Horobi


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