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All Of The Greatest Free! Anime Quotes About Life & Success

Free! anime quotes taken from the following characters:

  • Rin Matsuoka.
  • Nagisa Hazuki.
  • Haruka Nanase.
  • Makoto Tachibana.
  • Gou Matsuoka.

Free! is a popular sports anime by Kyoto Animation. Aimed mostly towards girls with its fan-service style of characters.

But on the flipside there are some “meaningful” aspects to Free! that apply to everyone. And that aspect is the quotes and what you can take from the anime.

Here are all the quotes you’ll ever need from the anime…


Free! Anime Quotes Worth Sharing:


1. Haruka Nanase Quotes


“There’s an old saying my late grandma taught me. When you’re ten, they call you a prodigy. When you’re fifteen, they call you a genius. Once you hit twenty, you’re just an ordinary person.” – Haruka Nanase



“We’re supposed to be learning from a woman who became a teacher as plan B? I want to go home.” – Haruka Nanase



“I want you to show me that sight again. I’ve forgotten what it was that I saw.” – Haruka Nanase



“Makoto. I appreciate you being here for me. Thanks.” – Haruka Nanase



“Another three years until I become an ordinary person. I guess it couldn’t hurt to wait a little longer.” – Haruka Nanase



“It’s all thanks to you. You’re the one who came up with the idea of starting a swim club. I never thought I’d be swimming in a relay again. Thanks, Nagisa.” – Haruka Nanase



“The water is alive. Once you dive in, it will immediately bare its fangs and attack. But, there’s nothing to fear. Don’t resist the water. Thrust your fingers into the surface and carve an opening. Then you slide your body through that opening. Moving your arms, your head, your chest.” – Haruka Nanase



“I’ve seen this before. This sensation… I get it now. This is what I wanted. No need to rely on or work with other people. I just want to drift through the water alone in silence.” – Haruka Nanase



“You have to stop thinking you can go through life alone… Because you’re not alone.” – Haruka Nanase


2. Makoto Tachibana Quotes

makoto tachibana quotes |

“Nobody can beat you when you’re in water, Haru-chan.” – Makoto Tachibana


makoto tachibana quotes 1 |

“Well, he stopped swimming competitively, but he still loves water. Haru can’t live without being in water. During the summer, he swims in the ocean, and he was soaking in the tub this morning.” – Makoto Tachibana


3. Gou Matsuoka Quotes

gou matsuoka quotes |

“Many things can’t be expressed through notes.” – Gou Matsuoka


gou matsuoka quotes 1 |

“Don’t call me Gou. Everybody calls me Kou.” – Gou Matsuoka


4. Nagisa Hazuki Quotes

Nagisa Hazuki quotes |

“Haru-chan say he doesn’t care about his times and winning races, but he’s motivated when he’s racing Rin-chan.” – Nagisa Hazuki


Nagisa Hazuki quotes 1 |

“Stop talking like a couple about to enter a haunted house.” – Nagisa Hazuki


Nagisa Hazuki quotes 2 |

“There are cherry blossom trees next to the pool! Weren’t there cherry blossom trees next to the pool at your grade school, Haru-chan?” – Nagisa Hazuki


Nagisa Hazuki quotes 3 |

“It works better if you don’t try as hard, just like in real life.” – Nagisa Hazuki


5. Rin Matsuoka Quotes

Rin Matsuoka quotes |

“No amount of natural talent trumps hard work.” – Rin Matsuoka


rin matsuoka quotes |

“This will be the last time the four of us swim together.” – Rin Matsuoka


rin matsuoka quotes 1 |

“He won tournaments all over the place and brought home lots of trophies and medals. His dream was to become an Olympic swimmer. But he never achieved that dream. He got married and had me. He became a fisherman. Then he died, just like that. I want to achieve the dream my dad couldn’t. And there’s someone I have to beat before I can make that happen.” – Rin Matsuoka


rin matsuoka quotes 2 |

“As always, I can’t make any sense of you. And you’re as icy as ever. Yeah, you really piss me off.” – Rin Matsuoka


rin matsuoka quotes 3 |

“The four of us won this together, so it doesn’t make sense for one person to take it home. So, let’s put it in a time capsule and dig it up when we’re grown up. Romantic, right?” – Rin Matsuoka


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