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10+ Waifus From A Certain Magical Index Who Are Best Girls

Index Wallpaper Anime Waifus
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A Certain Magical Index, unlike Railgun, has a host of female characters and even more male characters, I’d say.

The anime is the original, after all, and other shows like Railgun are based on its original world but from a different perspective.

In this post, we’ll talk about characters who are:

  • Waifu material.
  • Well-written female characters.
  • Female characters who play a great role.

And female anime characters who ultimately ADD to the plot, the story, and even the action where it counts.

Let’s get to it.


1. Itsuwa 

Itsuwa blushing index anime

Itsuwa is a character that shows up later in the franchise. Around season 2 or season 3. Similar to the character Balsa from Guardian Of The Sacred Spirit, Itsuwa fights with a spear/staff style of weapon.

Despite her physique, she’s strong and more than physically capable.

She’s also one of the few female characters in the anime without tropes like being a Tsundere, punching the MC, or anything of the sort mostly.

She’s a normal character with waifu aspects.


2. Kanzaki Kaori

Kanzaki Kaori swordsman

One of the OG’S of the Index series. Kanzaki is pretty much there from the beginning of season 1. Sh shows up first to test Touma Kamijou, and he refuses to back down when tested and refuses to give into her demands.

This morphs into a sort of relationship between the two (not that kind), and she shows up time and time again during various battles and especially the war arc in the 3rd season.

Kanzaki is one of the adult female characters of A Certain Magical Index with some serious skills as a swords woman.


3. Mikoto Misaka

Mikoto Misaka

I can’t go without mentioning Mikoto Misaka, one of the prime female characters of all franchises related to Index (except the Aecceleator series).

She’s the hot-headed Tsundere with an attitude, is ranked level 5, and is the 3rd ranked out of 7 level 5 espers in academy city. A place where millions of espers exist.

Over time, she mellows out somewhat, at least from the perspective of how Index is written compared to Railgun. And she plays a relevant role despite not always being smack bang in the middle of the action related to Touma.


4. Fukiyose Seiri

Fukiyose Seiri

One of the normal characters of the series. Normal means she has no special powers, abilities, magic, or anything supernatural. She’s one of the many students from Touma’s class and school.

Fukiyose doesn’t stand for slackers, people who give up too easily, make excuses, or try to worm their way out of doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

She’s a leader type of character, though she still maintains femininity and is respected by her classmates.

In reality, she’s the opposite of Touma in his regular life.


5. Kuroko Shirai

Kuroko Shirai

Kuroko Shirai is a semi-main character in Railgun but not Index. Within the Index series, she has a lesser role than Railgun, but she plays a major role around the 2nd season of Index and 3rd.

Being a teleporter or “teleporting lesbian”, as fans joke about, she can warp anything she touches with precision and accuracy. Making her one of the most underrated espers who’s also skilled in martial arts.

Her fight with Musujime is an iconic moment in the Index series.


6. Musujime Awaki

Musujime Awaki

Musujime Awaki is a character who shows up later in the series, and she has a dark past that leads up to her appearance and why she takes the road she does.

In the 2nd season of Index, she becomes a suspect in certain events, and Kuroko, the character who works for judgment (people who work with police), runs into Musujime eventually.

The two battle it out to the death, which becomes a point of character development for Musujime and a reason why she ends up where she does later down the line.


7. Shokuhou Misaki

Shokuhou Misaki index series

Being one of the level 5 espers in academy city and one who gets on the nerves of Mikoto Misaka, Shokuhou is a character you can’t ignore. But for more reasons than this.

She has the ability to remote control people. With the press of a button, she can pause a person, so they freeze, play them to make them move again, or delete a person’s specific memories.

She can also record and see into a person’s mind to read their thoughts down to the detail. Making her more of a cunning fighter who needs to use her brain since she’s not a fighter or athletic physically.


8. Himegami Aisa


Himegami is one of the earliest characters to show up in the Index franchise. She shows up during season 1 when  Touma Kamijou is in a building searching for something.

She has the ability to attract and kill vampires. The ability is called deep blood.

She has relevance throughout the series and multiple seasons, even if she’s not always on the front lines. And has a calm personality.


9. Mugino Shizuri

Mugino Shizuri index ITEM e1671109267407

Mugino is a villain in the Index series, but more so in the Railgun franchise, where Mikoto Misaka fights Mugino.

In the Index series, she shows up as part of her underground group called ITEM, a group of espers who kill for hire and will do whatever it takes to get the job done like other groups similar to them.

One of her major highlights in the series is during season 3, the dark side of academy city arc.

Some will hate her guts, understandably, though there is a story behind her madness.

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10. Misaka Misuzu

Misaka Misuzu

And we’ll end this with Misaka Misuzu, Mikoto Misaka’s mother in the Index and railgun franchise. She obviously doesn’t get the most shine in the anime series, but she makes for some good moments and snapshots when she does.

Personality-wise, she’s chipper, energetic, and more outgoing than Mikoto Misaka could ever be (since she’s an introvert).

She enjoys putting Mikoto on the spot and has a good sense of humour.


Did I miss anyone? Leave a comment

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