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Consider These 33+ Anime Light Novels To Start Getting Into

The light novel is a style of young adult novel mainly targeting young adults. The light novel is a type of young adult literature that primarily appeals to young adults. To watch an anime series at some point implies being an anime fan.

Light novels are Japanese books that are frequently written for young adults. Anime draws inspiration from manga and light novels in the same way Hollywood draws from comic books, novels, and classic movies for its modern productions.

Today I’d like to share with you the best light novels suitable for beginning and advanced readers.


33+ Anime Light novels:


1.) Goblin Slayer

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Goblin Slayer, a well-known ongoing dark fantasy light novel, was published on a Japanese text board in 2012. Then, starting in 2016, the current version was released as a light novel.

For its popularity, adaptations in manga and anime have been created.

In a fantasy setting, a lone hero survives by eliminating any goblins he comes across. However, he makes a friend one day, and things start to heat up. A young priestess has assembled her first adventurers, but they soon find themselves in trouble.

The soldier who sacrifices his life while going after goblins is the main character of Goblin Slayer.


2.) Monster Girl Doctor

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In the single-season anime adaptation of Monster Girl Doctor, Glenn Litbeit, the main character, and Sapphee ran a clinic. For medical reasons, they both cared for many of the monster girls who appeared in the series, and this show provided an intriguing yet realistic look at monster anatomy.

Fans were drawn to the medical factor of the show, but some also liked the fanservice that was included. Despite the series’ original and serious approaches to medicine, some viewers felt it later became too lighthearted.


3.) Oreimo

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Between 2008 and 2021, the humour and slice-of-life light novel Oreimo was released.

In 2010 and 2013, two seasons of an anime series were made from it. Kyosuke, the protagonist and narrator of the story, learns that his younger sister Kirino, 14, is an Otaku.

The protagonist of the novel, high school student Kyosuke Kosaka, learns that his distant younger sister Kirino is an otaku who has amassed a sizable collection of moe anime and eroge with younger sister themes she has been keeping hidden.

Kirino quickly confesses to Kyosuke about her secret pastime.

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4.) Didn’t I Say To Make My Abilities Average In The Next Life?!

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Misato Kurihara, a brilliant young woman who struggled to make friends because of her extraordinary skills, is killed when she is run over while defending a young girl.

When given the option to reincarnate into a magical world, Misato requests that she receive an average rebirth.

Her physical and magical abilities are 6,800 times stronger than those of the average person in this new world, she learns after regaining her memory of her previous existence.

In this new world, “average” considers the power of the most powerful and the least powerful magical creatures.


5.) Is it Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?!

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Is it Wrong Trying To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?! was so well-liked that it received three additional seasons, with a fourth one planned for 2022. The story centers on Bell Cranel, a 14-year-old apprentice explorer and the only representative of the Hestia Familia.

After a fortunate encounter in which she saves his life from a formidable monster, he commits to becoming as strong as Ais Wallenstein, a well-known and formidable swordswoman of the Loki Familia.

While Bell is romantically attracted to Ais, several other girls, both deities and mortals, share this affection, most notably Hestia.


6.) Haganai

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Known as a slice-of-life, humour, and romance novel, Haganai has 14 volumes released between 2009 and 2015. Its anime version aired for two seasons between 2011 and 2013.

Kodaka Hasegawa is eager to make friends and make a good impression when he learns he will transfer to a new school. However, Kodaka quickly learns he is out of luck as people mistake him for a dangerous delinquent because of his blond hair and menacing demeanour.

Due to his infamous reputation, Kodaka is still by himself even though a month has passed. However, when he comes across fellow loner Yozora Mikazuki conversing with her imaginary buddy in an empty classroom, things start to shift in his life.


7.) Katanagatari (Sword Tale)

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Shichika, a formidable martial artist, and Togame, a self-described intelligent thinker, are featured in Katanagatari.

The shogunate wants the two to gather twelve distinctive swords called “Deviant Blades.” However, each of the swords the shogunate is attempting to acquire already has an owner. Therefore Shichika will have to use force to get these weapons.

The fact that there are thirteen swords will be the most crucial obstacle for our heroes to overcome despite how simple everything appears to be.


8.) Restaurant To Another World

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In the slice-of-life anime Restaurant To Another World, a Saturday-only fantasy world restaurant serves diners from there. This resulted in various customers checking out the restaurant whenever its door appeared weekly, from real dragons to elves.

In the magical world, numerous doors appeared in various locations, opening up access to a wide range of fresh individuals. With each new episode, the cast grew, and so did the number of delectable foods.

This endearing show was well-liked by viewers, and because of its success, a second season is currently on the air.

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9.) The Twelve Kingdoms

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Youko Nakajima has always wished to fit in and be ordinary. She follows instructions, achieves high academic standing, serves as class president, and even lends a hand to her fellow students when she can, yet due to her red hair, she has never felt at home.

Youko has no real friends because of her pushover personality, which allows her peers to take advantage of her.

However, on a somewhat routine day, a man who claims to be from another planet storms into Youko’s class and kneels before her. Keiki, a dapper man with blonde hair, asserts that Youko is his master and rightful heir to the throne of his kingdom.

Their initial encounter is cut short because Keiki is chased by strange creatures called Youma.


10.) The Rising of the Shield Hero

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The Four Cardinal Heroes are a group of ordinary Japanese men sent to the kingdom of Melromarc to save it. Melromarc is a nation repeatedly destroyed by the Waves of Catastrophe, which have caused disaster for its residents for ages.

The four heroes are given a sword, spear, bow, and shield to defeat these Waves. With only a modest shield in his hands, otaku Naofumi Iwatani is cursed with the destiny of being the “Shield Hero.”

Because of his limited attacking ability and unimpressive character, he is mocked and derided by his fellow heroes and the kingdom’s citizens.

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11.) The Devil is a Part-Timer!

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The Devil Is A Part-Timer has the antagonist (Maou) and the protagonist (Emilia) in combat before landing in Japan. While Maou was required to work at the fast food restaurant, Emilia initially accepted a position at a call center.

When the characters realized that their magic abilities were diminishing in the world of Tokyo and had no alternative but to merge into modern life, things further devolved as Maou and Ashiya tried to subsist on their small budgets.

Fans adored this interpretation of what transpired after the apparent decisive conflict between the hero and the evil.

They also appreciated seeing how the cast handled challenges like budgeting, debt, and trying to get by.


12.) Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere

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In the distant future, people left a devastated Earth and headed for space. However, because of an unidentified phenomenon that prohibits them from entering space, humanity returns to Earth only to discover that, except for Japan, it is hostile.

Pocket dimensions are made all over Japan to house the population to accommodate the total human population.

The people started acting out human history described in the Holy Book Testament to figure out how to get back into space. However, the countries of the pocket dimensions invaded and conquered Japan in 1413 of the Testament Era.

This split the country into feudal fiefdoms and caused the country’s original population to flee.


13.) Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest

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Hajime Nagumo, a high school student, is taunted by a classmate because of his friendship with Kaori, the girl who represents the class. When he and the rest of his class are transported to a magical world, all his classmates acquire powerful magical skills.

Still, Hajime only acquires the elemental alchemical magic needed to transform solid objects, a skill typically found in craftsmen and blacksmiths. He gets betrayed during a dungeon raid and sent to the bottom of the dungeon by a student.

He survives the fall and makes weapons to get out of the dungeon and get stronger. He encounters the imprisoned vampire Yue along the way, and later Shea, the bunny-eared dragon Tio, and others join him.


14.) No Game No Life

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No Game No Life debuted in 2014 before the isekai genre was completely overexposed, but after everyone realized it wasn’t going away soon. It featured the agoraphobic siblings’ Sora and Shino from the video game world’s version of Blank, an unbeatable being.

The two are taken to Disboard, a parallel universe where games are used to resolve all conflicts after they beat the gaming god Tet. However, the gorgeous environment created by Madhouse and its enigmatic lead characters take center stage in No Game No Life, overshadowing the game’s story.

Fans are pleading for more episodes of this series years later.


15.) Spice and Wolf

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In the little village of Pasloe, Holo, a powerful wolf deity, is adored for benefiting the annual harvest. But as time passes and the villagers become more independent, Holo has become little more than a folktale.

When Kraft Lawrence, a travelling salesman, stops at the community, Holo offers to join him in business in exchange for a ride to Yoitsu, her hometown in the north.

The astute trader accepts Holo’s proposal after realizing her extraordinary talent for character analysis.


16.) Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

word image 130369 16 e1671117044661 |

Programmer Ichirou Suzuki, who is approaching his 30s, is overworked. Exhausted, he finally gets a chance to catch up on sleep, only to awaken in a fantasy RPG world that is a mashup of the games he was debugging.

He discovers in this new location that not only has his appearance changed to resemble a younger version of himself but also that his name has changed to Satou, a pen name he used when undergoing game beta tests.



word image 130369 17 e1671117082912 |

When Grimgar arrived on the scene, the isekai sub genre was already stuffed with characters who had been sent to other worlds and had grown incredibly strong.

By focusing on a bunch of young kids who… weren’t particularly powerful, Grimgar succeeds in turning these clichés on their heads.

They battled low-level creatures throughout the series while merely trying to make a living by buying food and clothing. It followed their efforts to solve the puzzle of how they came to be in this new world and the feelings they experienced as they went through puberty.

The series succeeds in carving out a niche in the isekai universe by expertly fusing coming-of-age themes with fantasy RPG elements.


18.) That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

word image 130369 18 |

Satoru Mikami is a regular corporate employee who, aside from never finding a girlfriend once throughout his life, is entirely pleased with his repetitive lifestyle in Tokyo.

He is stabbed while having a casual conversation with his coworker and is the victim of an unprovoked street attack. But as he succumbs to his wounds, a strange voice echoes in his head and repeats a series of instructions that the dying man cannot understand.

Satoru realizes that he has been reincarnated as a glob of slime in a foreign realm when he comes to when he regains awareness.

He gains additional talents; as a result, most notably the ability to swallow anything and duplicate its features and prowess.


19.) Classroom of the Elite

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Koudo Ikusei Senior High School appears to be a utopia from the outside. The level of freedom the pupils enjoy is unique and well-regarded in Japan.

The reality, though, is far from ideal. Only the top four classes—A through D—get preferential treatment after being ranked in order of merit.

Kiyotaka Ayanokouji attends Class D, where the worst of the school are dumped.

There he meets the awkward Suzune Horikita, who wants to move up to Class A because she thinks she was put in Class D by mistake, and the friendly-seeming class hero Kikyou Kushida, who wants to have as many friends as possible.


20.) Sword art Online

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With the release of this global sensation, gaming has never felt more realistic. Sword Art Online (SAO) is one of the most recent console games.

However, when the inventor of SAO imprisons hundreds of players inside the game, the beautiful vision quickly turns into a violent nightmare.

The only way out is to complete all one hundred increasingly challenging levels of Aincrad because the “log-out” function has been deleted.

Although Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya had the good fortune to participate in the game’s beta testing, he soon realizes that, despite his advantages, he cannot successfully navigate SAO’s difficulties by himself.


21.) Boogiepop Series

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Shrouded conversations among the female students of Shinyo Academy revolve around a mysterious supernatural being. This being is Boogiepop, a Shinigami who is suspected of killing victims just as their beauty is peaking before it fades.

Boogiepop is a guardian who, between periods of dormancy, manifests as the alter ego of a high school girl named Touka Miyashita to fend off “the enemies of the world,” but few are aware of this.

Now, a string of mysterious disappearances—predicted by the school to be merely runaways—has roused Boogiepop to awaken. But a dangerous beast is hiding somewhere in the academy, waiting for the right opportunity to strike.


22.) The Irregular at Magic High School

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Magic, once considered a part of mythology and fairy tales is now taught as a technical talent at the start of the twenty-first century. Based on their entrance exam results, students are divided into two groups at First Good School, the institution for magicians:

“Blooms,” or those with high test scores, are sent to the First Course, while “Weeds,” or reserve pupils, are assigned to the Second Course.


23.) Gamers!

word image 130369 23 |

Gamers! is likely the only series on this list whose origins aren’t in a fantasy setting. The show centers on Keita Amano, a young boy who receives an invitation to his high school’s video game club from Karen Tendo, the prettiest student there.

A domino effect that starts this comedy is when he declines her after learning that the club is about competitive gaming.

The series successfully strikes a balance between fun and some rather intelligent (and frequently incisive) remarks on gaming, which helps it win over anime/gamer fans worldwide.


24.) Saekano: How to Raise A Boring Girlfriend

word image 130369 24 |

Otaku Tomoya Aki has devoted years of his life to collecting light novels and anime, becoming attached to numerous series with captivating plots and characters.

Now he wants to have a chance to give other people the same sensation by making his own game, but Tomoya is unable to complete this work by himself.

Eriri Spencer Sawamura, a childhood buddy, was successfully persuaded to illustrate, and literary elitist Utaha Kasumigaoka wrote the story while he was in charge of the direction for his visual book.

Now that he has control of the Super-group, Tomoya simply needs inspiration for his work. Fortunately, he meets the lovely, submissive Megumi Katou, after whom he bases the personality of his main character.


25.) Zaregoto Series

word image 130369 25 |

The murders and mysteries that the unnamed protagonist comes across are the narrative’s focus. He makes unsuccessful attempts to avoid becoming involved in the story, yet he always finds himself at the center of attention.

Even though it may seem like he makes a lot of contributions, he always discovers that whatever he accomplishes is in vain.


26.) Fate/Stay Night

word image 130369 26 |

If not the best light novel anime series, Fate/Stay Night is unquestionably one of the most well-known.

The series received its first adaptation in 2005, but this wasn’t nearly enough due to the franchise’s immense popularity. As a result, the series also received a prequel in 2011 and a remake in 2014.

Since then, the brand has kept chugging along, bringing us a ton of new video games, manga, light novels, and numerous animated renditions of the mythical, perpetual Holy Grail War, as well as spinoffs starring well-known franchise characters.


27.) Overlord

word image 130369 27 |

Since it was first made available as an online novel on Arcadia in 2010, the well-known contemporary Isekai and antihero light novel Overlord () has been translated into several languages.

The three seasons of an anime adaptation were broadcast between 2015 and 2018. Its manga adaptation began in 2015.

When Overlord was set, a DMMORPG named Yggdrasil was created in the 22nd century. Ainz Ooal Gown, the story’s protagonist, is tasked with using the most potent power to conquer the world in a virtual reality setup.


28.) The Saga of Tanya the Evil

word image 130369 28 |

An original fantasy light novel called The Saga of Tanya the Evil first appeared online in 2011 and in print in 2013.

The European World Wars inspired The Saga of Tanya the Evil’s setting. An employee on salary is transported to a different period than Tanya von Degurechaff, a young child.

The young, blonde girl makes a living in the world as a soldier. The light novel has been turned into manga, anime, and movies, along with other well-known novels.


29.) Log Horizon

word image 130369 29 |

A year after Sword Art Online ignited the anime world, Log Horizon became a significant contender in the isekai subgenre of “stuck in a video game.”

When everyone discovers that they cannot log out of the MMO Elder Tale, they are consequently forced to attempt to survive in their preferred game.

Log Horizon went in the opposite direction from Sword Art, which concentrated on survival in a society where death was the end.

The characters are forced to learn everything from how to prepare authentic meals to how to build a functioning economy because death means respawning.


30.) Kino’s Journey – The Beautiful World

word image 130369 30 |

The long-run fantasy adventure light novel Kino’s Journey -the Beautiful World-, written by Keiichi Sigsawa, has been published with an episodic structure since 2000.

One of the most famous light novels in Dengeki Bunko was adapted into two versions of the anime series broadcasted in 2003 and 2017.

Kino’s Journey -the Beautiful World- focuses on a teen girl named Kino, who travels around the fantasy world with her partner, Hermes, who can speak.

It depicts the fables in various countries she visits, each with a unique system, culture, and concept.


31.) Toradora!

word image 130369 31 |

Toradora is one of the most popular light novels of the 2000s! It is particularly well-known in Japan. The ten volumes and three spin-offs of the slice-of-life light novel were released between 2006 and 2009.

Ryuji, Taiga, and their friends’ high school romance and daily lives are depicted in the story with humour.

The protagonist Taiga’s family issues are just one of many problems they face in their daily lives.


32.) Re: Zero- Starting Life in Another World

word image 130369 32 |

Re: Zero can be compared to Groundhog’s Day as an anime. Its main character, Subaru, is a real-world man who enters a parallel, mythic universe with the unfortunate ability to resurrect himself after death.

Subaru has a power known as Return from Death, which he may use to heal himself and those around him. Bringing oneself back to life often sends one back to the moment just before anything terrible happens.

White Fox’s exquisite animation, the likeable ensemble, and the original ways each new scenario is presented all contributed to the series’ enormous appeal.

Even after surviving its first season, it will return for a second in 2020 because of its popularity.


33.) 86 – Eighty Six

word image 130369 33 |

In the futuristic setting of 86, the Empire of Giad develops an unattended autonomous weaponry Legion. The narrative centers on Shin, a 16-year-old Shinei Nouzen who commands the squadron Spearhead of the Republic of San Magnolia in its battles with the Legions.

In the conflict between the Republic of San Magnolia and the Empire of Giad, Shin and the other 86 individuals are persecuted and placed in harm’s way.

The oppressed 86 humans battle the unsupervised autonomous robots by driving the crewed vehicle known as Juggernauts. On the other hand, while the government conceals the presence of 86, other residents of the Republic of San Magnolia live quietly.


34.) Legend of the Legendary Heroes

word image 130369 34 |

Two dozen novels were required to set the stage for the tale Takaya Kagami wished to convey in his epic Legend of the Legendary Heroes novel series. The plot centers on Ryner Lute, a soldier afflicted with the Alpha Stigma, a magical eye ability that grants him the ability to copy any spell.

To collect vital objects known as Hero Relics for their nation, Ryner collaborates with his colleague Ferris.

Although the premise is simple enough, Kagami creates such an exciting world full of political intrigue and supernatural abilities that it almost seems criminal that the show only lasted one season.

It also frequently appears on lists of most-wanted sequels.

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