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11+ Reasons That Prove Anime Is For KIDS And Little Children

Anime is for kids and little children. Only losers watch anime, etc. You’ve heard some variation of that criticism, judgment, accusation, whatever you wanna call it.

The accusation has been going for years, maybe decades now. Does that mean it’s true? Or does that make it false?

Or is there some truth mixed in between the two comments?

Here’s some comical reasons why the “anime is for kids” argument is based on:

  • Empty arguments.
  • Plain old criticism.
  • Thoughtless drivel.
  • And nonsensical talking points.


1. Ecchi content

Ecchi Dxd Moments Issei

Anime is for kids so it’s only right to include some Ecchi content and throw some fanservice down the throats of every viewer. After all – what better way to indoctrinate kids than to sexualize the characters!

Ecchi is family friendly and kids should definitely watch it just as the accusations suggest in so many words.


2. Extreme violence

Another Bloody Moments Violence Horror Anime

There’s no better way to prove a point in media by throwing in some violence as validation for “kids” watching it.

Take an anime like Pupa for example. In the first episode, you see one of the relevant characters EATING the other person’s flesh, organs, etc. Chomping it down like KFC chicken.

She even licks off the blood like it’s finger-licking.

Kiddos and the kids of the anime community love this sort of stuff… That’s why anime makes this sort of thing for kids in particular.


3. Fanservice episodes

Anime Beach Episode Fanservice

You know the ones. You watch an anime and half way through they take a “break” from the action, the bloodshed, the violence, emotional roller coaster, or whatever else.

That “break” includes:

  • Fanservice.
  • Tiddies
  • Boobies.
  • Pecs.
  • Muscles.
  • Legs.

And about every other body part (man or woman, even both) and turns it into pure fanservice. It’s become a regular thing that fans sometimes appreciate.

I’m obviously talking about the kids.


4. Tearing out fingernails like it’s casual

YouTube video

In the anime Higurashi: When They Cry, there’s a famous scene (SPOILER) where Mion Sonozaki is forced to use a f*cked up fingernail machine of sorts.

Her twin sister Shion Sonozaki forces Mion to take part against her will. It’s during her “Yandere” style arc in Higurashi where she finally snaps and is sick of life.

That finger nail scene is so brutal that it’s obviously catered for kids getting into anime, children even. And they’re some of the anime’s best supporters.


5. Thoughtful stories and subjects

Psycho Pass Akane Face

Psycho Pass is the first anime that rushes through my mind when thinking about thoughtful anime shows. Or thoughtful stories in anime, as well as subjects and topics.

It’s an anime about the police system in the future where ROBOTS clean the streets, and artificial intelligence decides whether a human should have their had blown off their shoulders, or if they need a mental evaluation.

Or even prison time.

The anime touches on the complexities of law and order, the system, right vs wrong, and other things. Ya know, the types of things KIDS and children understand so well that it puts adults to shame.


6. Jiggle physics

Anime Jiggle Physics Funny

They call it jiggle physics, but I don’t see it that way. In the real world if you see a woman with big breasts running or walking or bouncing about it’s pretty much the same thing you see in anime.

Fiction does imitate reality.

Either way, when you have a thing like jiggle physics in anime, it’s obviously there to cater to little kids. Who else could it be for?


7. Messed up r*pe scenes

Keyaru Heal Flare Anime

Redo Of Healer is the anime that comes to the top of the mind these days when this topic comes up. It arguably has the most MESSED UP scene relating to r*pe in anime (not that I keep track). Even if it’s revenge based.

I mean what better anime to cater towards KIDS, the industry’s main audience than to create series like Redo Of Healer which kids should definitely watch and parents should have no problem with.

Goblin Slayer is another one known for this in the first episode. It was too controversial for it to NOT be known.


8. Seggs

Segs Anime Meme

Urban Dictionary be like:

“A way of typing sex, but without typing sex, because they are pronounce similar, but seggs is not a bad word, but sex is, in some cases, some prefer to use this pronunciation.”

It doesn’t even have to be HENTAI for there to be seggs in anime. There’s plenty of it in the Ecchi genre (a good amount), and sometimes it can even happen in regular anime so to speak.

Seggs education at its finest.

Relevant: 14+ Saucy Anime With Sex Scenes (Or Close To It)


9. Hentai

Hentai Big Boob Yellow Top Hot

You can’t have a complete list of reasons why “anime is for kids” without including Hentai. It’s the gold standard of child-friendly content from Japan in the form of anime.

Hentai is claimed to be more sexual, nasty, creepy, and filthier than the word’s definition points to, but it’s just as bad except it’s animated. So a creator can let their imagination run wild like a pack of hungry lions.


10. Loli’s and Shota’s

Loli And Shota Castle Town Dandelion

What better way to prove anime is for kids with the amount of Loli’s and young boys who tend to be “kids” themselves, or teenagers at the very least.

Loli translates to a little girl. Literally. And Shota is the opposite. No better way for kids to relate to what’s on the TV than characters who are kids themselves, init?


11. Uncensored content like no other

Menou Savage Moments The Executioner Anime

The Executioner And Her Way Of Life is one of the more recent anime shows to show the SAVAGERY of assassinations. It’s on par with Akam Ga Kill, except it’s more shocking in one certain scene.

In other way like High School Of The Dead is the ridiculousness of the Ecchi thrown in, and the fact they don’t hold back in the slightest as far as camera angles and visuals.


Nagatoro Laughing Out Loud Pointing Finger

Obviously you can see this post is pure sarcasm. I’m just having a little fun with the “anime is for kids” argument, and showing how ridiculous it is you look at anime for what it is.

There’s even worse content like Incest, or just deeper and more emotional stories that KIDS and children wouldn’t understand and would be bored of.

Anime’s a medium, and there’s something for all ages. It’s not targeted to one predominant group of people (or kids) like the tired argument likes to imply.


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