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41+ Meaningful Tower Of God Quotes For Fans Of The Series

Tower Of God quotes taken from characters:

  • Ja Wangnan.
  • Rachel.
  • Twenty Fifth Beam.
  • Urek Mazino.

Tower Of God is a Korean webtoon turned into an anime series.

For fans of the popular Manga and anime, here are some relatable, thought provoking quotes that will stick with you.

Let’s get started.


1. Ja Wangnan Quotes

“I believe the difference between those up there and me is the question of whether you have given up or not.” – Ja Wangnan


“I will one day… be the king of this Tower!” – Ja Wangnan


“You still can’t give up on your dream, so there is no option but to keep on earning money to survive until you can take the test again, so you started a part time job. Right? Life shouldn’t be like that. You have got to try as much as you can. If not, you will never find the real you.” – Ja Wangnan


“When I first came to this floor, I had many friends. We had delicious sweet and sour pork together. But then my friends gave up on the test one by one, and I was the only one left, eating food by myself. When I saw that empty bowl, it felt like people were telling me to give up. Saying that I was all alone and hopeless, and I hated that. At last, I have found someone to enjoy delivery food with. Now I have someone to eat with, but he is dead. Does this Tower make our dreams come true or force us to gave up our dreams?” – Ja Wangnan


2. Twenty-Fifth Baam Quotes

“Even if it kills me, I will make sure you are both set free. Just trust me.” – Twenty Fifth Baam


“You are just total trash. How can you justify other peoples suffering and sacrifice like that?! You are just rationalizing yourself with a flimsy excuse! No one in the world deserved to be sacrificed for you!” – Twenty Fifth Baam


“Even if I end up broken, if I can protect everyone else, I will do it. If I can do that, it doesn’t matter if I break one day. Besides, I lost my reason to live a while ago.” – Twenty Fifth Baam


“One of the lessons I have learned from the many battles I have fought to get Lord Evankhell to teach me is that leaders who hide at the back of a battlefield don’t deserve any mercy. Using your own troops as a shield. Standing by and watching them die. How can you be so useless? You have no right to lead anyone.” – Twenty Fifth Baam


“Your god is a fragment of your imagination from your weakness.” – Twenty Fifth Baam


“The heart moves where the heart wills.” – Twenty Fifth Baam


“So right till the very end. You still have no idea what you have done wrong. If you hurt someone, you get punished for it. That is the ‘Fair Rule’ that you are talking about, right? Why do you think you are the only one that rule doesn’t apply to!” – Twenty Fifth Baam


“I may still be too weak to save everyone. But still, if I have to choose someone to sacrifice, I would rather sacrifice myself first. I still can’t give up on anyone.” – Twenty Fifth Baam


“Because there is something I fear more than death. I don’t ever want to lose the people who matter to me. I can’t just let them die because of me. I’m going to save them.” – Twenty Fifth Baam


“Rachel.. Maybe what you said is true. Maybe you really are just an extremely ordinary person and I’m a monster. But I don’t care. No matter what people call me, no matter what my destiny may be, I’m here and I’m going to get stronger for the people who matter to me.” – Twenty Fifth Baam


“Those who try to step over someone else and go up higher… are actually only running away from some fear that they cannot see. Trying to step over someone is a cowardly action. It means you’re not confident enough to face the opponent and speak to them with the same viewpoint. It doesn’t matter how much power I have in me. By using that “power” that’s taking over you. I do not want to become such a cowardly person. I will fight and get hurt in order to survive.” – Twenty Fifth Baam


“I want to be strong. So that I don’t have to say goodbyes anymore. How strong do I have to be not to lose any more friends? I don’t want to say goodbyes anymore.” – Twenty Fifth Baam


“But the power that you are talking about is not that power. The power you are talking about is not my true power. The power you are talking about is meaningful only if “I have someone under me”. The one who had locked me up in a cave for such a long time must have done it thinking something like that. But I don’t need such power. The power that gives one pleasure by having someone under you. The power that calls for hatred and fear cannot be justified. That is a false power. Please show me my true power now. You are fake.” – Twenty Fifth Baam


“If I must fight, I will fight to protect what is precious to me.” – Twenty Fifth Baam


“There is no way that everyone can be happy. It’s only possible that someone will be happy.” – Twenty Fifth Baam


“They’re all fighting for something. They all pray for a certain wish, they fight, they battle and they desperately gather.” – Twenty Fifth Baam


“My name is Twenty-Fifth Baam. For short you can just call me Baam. Even if you tell me to introduce myself, there’s not much to say. I don’t have parents… or a home… a single set of dirty clothes is all I have. I always thought that I might die alone without ever being able to do anything… But now- I have friends. Thank you.” – Twenty Fifth Baam


“I was trapped in darkness for a long time after I was born. I followed my only light and I came into this Tower. All those people I met here, the memories I shared with them, they are my precious ones I have had for the first time of my life. I have tried so hard to protect them. They are mine.” – Twenty Fifth Baam


“Why did you attack my friends? They have nothing to do with you. You are nothing but a twisted one. You didn’t hate me because you wanted to revenge. You just needed someone to hate.” – Twenty Fifth Baam


“Even if things get difficult, I have people I have to be with. So, no matter what comes my way, I will go back to where I belong.” – Twenty Fifth Baam


“I’ll go with you. But if you try playing with my friends’ lives like this again… I will kill all of you.” – Twenty Fifth Baam


3. Rachel Quotes

“You really are glowing. You have always told me I was like a shining star to you. But I knew, you are the one destined to shine like a star someday, not me. I was just destined to look at you shining from a place in the dark forever. I was afraid of that ‘Destiny.” – Rachel


“You think everyone has to live according to a fixed destiny? Don’t be silly. No one on the outside lives like that. Destiny only has value when you create it yourself!! I know very well!! It’s foolish to devote your own life to destiny like that!” – Rachel


“What I want is simply a blue sky, countless stars and a cool breeze. That ridiculously beautiful view which that person wants for their entire life. If only I may be able to see that sight myself, I would be satisfied with that.” – Rachel


“Yeah. Must be lonely. No friends, Mom nor Dad, just him and the stars together. I think it’d be very lonely. Why do you think he built the tower by himself? When being together is this much fun. Isn’t it? Baam.” – Rachel


“Betraying is bad! No matter what happens, you must never betray another person! Especially not a woman. If you betray a woman, the world’s ceiling will collapse.” – Rachel


“Sly woman? Yes, you may be right. But to someone else, I’m the brightest woman ever. That’s right. To that guy, I’m somewhat like a star. A star that shines so bright. That’s what I should be like to that guy.” – Rachel


“I’m used to being hated anyway. I have also climbed the Tower before with a man who wanted to kill me. But it’s always like that, is it? Even if you are not close companions or friends, you can use your mutual goals and apparent friendship as an excuse to climb the Tower together. Isn’t that right? What I want is neither for you to become my friend nor to become my companion. I just want to climb the Tower together like others. Then you can save your companion’s life and your ideals.” – Rachel


“This world is so dark…I can’t stand living in it anymore. I’m sorry Baam… I’m sorry… Please forget about me. So that I could be reborn.” – Rachel


“You said you would teach me the way to be the heroine when you were guiding me. But it was a lie. The hero you choose was Baam. And I was just bait to make him go up the Tower. But I have found the way to become a heroine myself. It’s nothing special. If I wasn’t born to become a heroine from beginning, all I need was people who would send me to the top of the Tower in this awful darkness. If I break my legs, I will find the one who will walk for me. If I go blind, I will find the one who will see for me. If my thorn breaks, I will find the one who will be my thorn. All I need to do is find them. The guy behind the door right now is the one who will be my first thorn.” – Rachel


“I don’t care how I do it. And I don’t care if it’s not true friendship. As long as I can gather people who I can rely on, it’s all good even if it’s a fake friendship.” – Rachel


4. Urek Mazino Quotes

“Humans don’t needs power that eats away at their ideals and causes them to harm others purely for the sake of their own goal.” – Urek Mazino


“The reason that fish try to reach the sea isn’t because of memories – it’s because of instinct.” – Urek Mazino


“It’s written on my back! ‘Mazino’. If there’s anyone who has a problem with what I do, tell them to come to find me. I’m not afraid of anyone.” – Urek Mazino


“Don’t mind any of this. The things that you have heard here. The things that you have seen here. The things that the people here want from you- Don’t pay attention to any of it. You are you. Don’t ever lose yourself.” – Urek Mazino


“What fun would it be to become the king of the Tower? Tell Zahard to keep his boring seat. I will get out of the Tower. Outside the Tower, there exists a vast world, rolling skies stretch endlessly, and countless stars illuminate the darkness. A place that is a thousand times — no, a billion times wider and freer than the tower. Once you imagine that such a world exists, don’t you think all those things you want are all so trivial?” – Urek Mazino


“That reckless idiot is sure giving you a hard time, baby. But don’t worry anymore. The hero has arrived. Right now, I’m so full of the power of love that I’m invincible!” – Urek Mazino

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