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How To Tell If You Have GOOD Taste In Anime

What defines good taste in anime? In fact: what defines GOOD taste in anything?

  • Is it talent?
  • Is it the way you think?
  • Is it watching Shounen like Naruto, DBZ or One Piece?
  • Is it how cool you are?
  • Or is it bloating your ego to feel more important?

In case you can’t tell: I’m being sarcastic.

In all seriousness, whenever I come across people who talk about “good taste” in anime, these things are always true…


This proves you have good taste in anime:


1. Other anime fans make fun of you

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come across fans (idiots) who mock you for the shows you like. As If they’re one of the judges behind the “X-Factor” panel.

  • WTF? You like SAO?
  • You don’t like AOT? You’re a f**** idiot!

This is the type of thing that makes me laugh about some parts of the anime community. People mock your tastes to make themselves feel better about their own interests. Essentially tearing others down to lift themselves up.

If that’s not insecurity then what is?


2. You’re ostracized for your interests in controversial anime shows

Sakamaki Izayoi From Problem Children Are Coming From Another World

Yes, this is a REAL thing. There are forums and online groups where people have been BANNED for liking 1 anime over another.

Let’s say: one fan likes Sword Art Online, and they think SAO is better than Attack on Titan for example…

Or maybe you think Akame Ga Kill is better than Code Geass.

Or you like Pokemon better than you like Death Note

Or better yet: you like Ichigo from Darling In The Franxx more than you like Zero Two… For something as trivial as this, other fans will ostracize you. Block you. And treat you like a lesser human being.

Again, if that’s not insecurity, someone needs to tell me what is.

Is “good” taste really that offensive?


3. Trolls target you the moment you share your opinion

I Must Not Feed The Trolls Bart Simpson Picture

You know the trolls I’m talking about.

Profiles without an image.

Accounts on Reddit who spend 24 hours a day looking for something they disagree with, so they can attack, criticize and make fun of you.

Or comments where you’re referred to as: “ piece of shit” for thinking differently and not abiding to traditional views.

It’s sad but true. “Good taste” (or bad taste according to others) is frowned upon. Because your “taste” somehow makes someone you don’t even know feel insecure or angry, for no apparent reason.


4. You don’t care about what other fans define as “good taste”

Fluesy Bluesy Smug Face
Your criticism is beneath me.

In the end: good taste is subjective.

Trolls can say what they like and think what they like. But at the end of the day, opinions aren’t facts.

How you feel and what you believe don’t correlate to what’s right, wrong, or the “truth” of how things are.

1 + 1 = 2, but opinions don’t equal anything but what you feel they equal.

For every person who likes Death Note, there are 1000’s of people who think it’s the most awful series on the planet. The same is true for people who like Monster or Black Lagoon.

And that’s the beauty of opinions: there’s always someone who WILL agree with you. No matter what.

Caring about what other fans define as “good taste” though, is a waste of energy. Not to mention an unhealthy way to think. So like what you wanna like and watch the anime you wanna watch.


Is good taste  in anime REALLY subjective?

Look, as much I love my own opinions, I’m not stupid. And neither should you be. Opinions are made up, and “good taste” is no different.

I love SAO. I love Clannad. I love Monster. And so many other anime shows. And yet I’ve seen so many people who dislike SAO and Monster.

So yes, good taste in anime is REALLY subjective.

To think otherwise is nothing short of arrogant, stuck up and egotistical.

So to you trolls: accept it and get over it. Instead of belittling people and acting as if the sun shines out of your you know what. 😉


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