15+ Of The Greatest Anime About Discrimination And Racism!

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Written by Theo J Ellis

Anime about discrimination, racism, oppression and even tyranny all go hand in hand.

Some anime shows decide to focus their plot entirely on discrimination and all things related. Other anime highlight discrimination in parts of the series.

Either way, these anime are some of the best you’ll find on the topic.

Genres like:

  • Fantasy.
  • Supernatural.
  • Action.
  • Sci-fi.
  • Military.
  • Mecha.
  • Shounen.

And usually anything that connects with either of these genres!


1. Black Bullet

black bullet villains

Black Bullet is about a few things. The main plot focuses on a monster called Gastrea. They’re rated between 1 and 5 as far as their threat level to Tokyo.

Kids who end up with the Gastrea virus are called Cursed Children. They’re the source of the anime‘s discrimination, hatred, and abuse from the human population.

These kids are also genetically more powerful and can even kill Gastrea because of the blood running through their vains.

They work in teams with other humans, the main characters being Rentaro Satome and Enju Aihara (who’s a cursed child).

Cursed children who are homeless and have nowhere to turn are the main ones who face discrimination.


2. Peach Boy Riverside

Peach Boy Riverside episode 4 anime

Peach Boy Riverside is a Shounen that released in 2021. It has a female lead with a male protagonist as well, but their lives are separate.

After being coddled in her kingdom for so many years, Sally gets a taste of the real world, the murder that goes down, and even the discrimination against demi-humans.

She abandons her life as a princess and decides to go on a journey by herself. The goal is to stop discrimination and create a more peaceful society between humans, demi-humans, elves and even demons.

It’s a naive goal, but a genuine one that she’s making progress with. Even if slowly.

Expect extreme violence in this anime, and brutal action scenes with some deep episodes down the line.

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3. BNA (Brand New Animal)

BNA Brand New Animal series characters

Brand New Animal (BNA) is by studio trigger. The animation is unique and has its own identity, just like studio trigger is known for.

The word “animal” is a hint at where the discrimination is focused. A set of characters, especially the main character, have been turned into animals of sorts.

They face a new type of discrimination, and it goes a lot deeper than it looks from the first episode.

It’s the usual (but quality) story of humans being hateful towards anything different to themselves. And justifying their reasons in some cases.


4. Code Geass

Code Geass zero lelouch outfit

Code Geass is a classic story about Brittannia, and how they’ve taken over Japan. They rename it “area 11”.

The Japanese in this area are called Elevens. The discrimination stems from this and plays into the role of this masterpiece of an anime series.

Lelouch Lamperouge gets a lucky chance to survive and avoid being killed, then gains the power of GEASS. An ability that lets you control others with a command.

The military strategy in this anime is an art in itself. The action is brutal, the characters (main character especially) is considered to be better written than Light Yagami.

It’ll leave you hating the main protagonist at times, respecting him at other times, and feeling all kinds of emotions overall.

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5. MAIM Warrior at the Borderline

MAIM Warrior at the Borderline anime

MAIM Warrior At The Border Line is a new mecha series, dropped on October 5th 2021. By the new studio Sunrise Beyond.

It’s about a world where the Japanese are being oppressed and mistreated in a nutshell. With a similar format to Code Geass in this aspect.

Since the 5th episode aired the anime‘s been in hot water with Chinese platform Bilibili. Who removed the anime because it allegedly insults China.

Aside from the drama, the anime is struggling to hit the 7/10 range for rating and reviews on MAL.


6. The Rising Of The Shield Hero

The Rising Of The Shield Hero heroes

The Rising Of The Shield Hero has been an important anime series in recent years. It highlights the seriousness of false allegations against men from toxic women.

Naofumi Iwatani is brought to another world, along with 3 other men. One girl quickly seduces him, and he assumes they’re both on good terms.

He finds out she’s a princess and how she’s falsely accused him of r*pe, leading Naofumi to be banned, stripped of his resources, and exiled publicly.

The plot is about the discrimination he faces and how he overcomes his depression and sadness…. Against all odds.

Also, the demi-humans face discrimination as well and deal with racism from the very humans who enslave them.


7. 86 (Eighty-Six)

86 anime lena

86 is a new mecha anime series that started back in Summer 2021. It’s an anime that’s caught on fast, and is doing well in the charts, ratings, and in general.

Discrimination and racism is a big part of this series and its themes. Lena is the female MC plays an important, positive role in this area.

The “eighty six” as they’re called are people who aren’t treated or recognized as human. They’re classed as a different race all together, and are used and abused by the powerful for personal gain.

In fact their lives are controlled by the elite and they have no freedom.

Just from the first episode by itself, you can see the designs, the subtle details of the plot, and the writing is already in its own class.


8. Magi: Kingdom Of Magic

Magi Kingdom Of Magic morgiana

Magi: Kingdom Of Magic almost starts off focusing on discrimination from the first episode. But you see it more as the episodes fly by.

The source of discrimination centers around Morgiana, and her race called Fanalis. They’re humans with supernatural strength.

Morgiana from childhood is one of many Fanalis who’s enslaved, abused, controlled, and beaten in the name of profit.

Her race is scum of the earth in the eyes of their slave masters and racist oppressors.

This leads to Stockholm syndrome for characters like Morgiana. And she’s one of the tritagonists to see major progress across the Magi series.

Unforgettable character, and an underrated anime series.

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9. Interviews With Monster Girls

Interviews With Monster Girls hikari moments

Interviews With Monster Girls (Demi Chan) is all in the name. Monster girls, or girls who are different are mixed in with “normal” humans in school.

Characters like Hikari Takanashi are humans with supernatural differences. Hikari’s being that she’s a vampire, but not the dramatically powerful type of vampire.

Yuki has the power to make things cold and even freeze things when she gets emotional. She’s called “snow girl”.

The goal of the school, or more so the teacher interested in these girls is to help them mix and feel comfortable among humans and those who fear them.

It’s a wholesome approach to the issue of discrimination and being judged for being different.


10. Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist rin blue flames

Blue Exorcist is about the discrimination surrounding Rin Okumura. He doesn’t realize it yet, but he’s a demon. The son of SATAN in fact.

All his life he at least realizes there’s always conflict around him, and that people are somehow hostile towards him for some unknown reason.

As it would many, Rin finds it hard to trust people and is rough around the edges. But finding friends who accept him makes his journey in life a little easier.

It’s one of those anime that needs a new season, and has plenty of potential.

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11. Shiki

Shiki vampires humans

Shiki is a horror series like no other. One that will challenge your moral compass, and make you question right vs wrong, and how the world works.

On one hand you have humans who live in a village. Al of a sudden “vampires” start appearing who were once human.

I won’t say more to avoid spoilers but this is a big part of the anime‘s plot twists and horrific scenes further into the series.

It shows you how irrational people can behave, even though in normal circumstances they claim to be the most rational. logical thinking people.


12. Naruto

YouTube video

Naruto is a classic. Naruto Uzumaki is a child who’s demonized (bit of a pun) for his differences growing up.

He’s seen as a threat, a nuisance, something that needs to be destroyed and someone who can’t be trusted.

What did Naruto do to deserve it? Nothing really. He was born in unfortunate circumstances and faces discrimination because of it.

His mentor Iruka is the reason why Naruto is able to overcome the darkness and step into the light, and not let his inner hatred for his village defined his character.

The same can’t be said for Sasuke and the Uchiha’s in general.


13. Akame Ga Kill

Akame Ga Kill tatsumi moments anime

Akame Ga Kill is what discrimination and oppression looks like in the most violent way possible. And it’s realistic as well.

Villages, towns, cities… People everywhere are influenced, oppressed, or discriminated against by the Imperial capital. The leader Prime Minister Honest is responsible.

In this world things are so bad there’s a secret society of sorts trying to bring about a revolution. They’re called The Revolutionary Army.

A branch of this group called Night Raid is made up of assassins who kill high ranking officials at night. And target anyone who if killed, would bring them closer to destroying corruption.

When people die in this Shonen, it’s forever. No plot twists or power of friendship can save you.

It’s as real as it gets!


14. Danmachi

Danmachi bell cranel hand shake

Danmachi is an anime series that slowly introduces the “discrimination” factor as the story progresses.

The alternative name is – Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?

The story is about Bell Cranel. He’s hopelessly weak, and is almost killed before being saved by Ais Wallenstein. The “sword princess” who’s in a league of her own.

As Bell gets stronger and becomes aware of his talents, he faces tough decisions relating to discrimination, the world around him, political issues and more.


15. Redo Of Healer

keyaruga smile satisfaction redo of healer

Redo Of Healer might be a controversial anime that streaming services refused to air, but it’s relevant here.

The main character is:

  • Abused.
  • Oppressed.
  • Drugged.
  • R*ped.

And deals with all kinds of horrific sh*t from the Jioral Kingdom. A kingdom that looks positive, cheerful and righteous on the surface, but it’s corrupt to the bone.

Keyaru, the MC, later gets revenge against Flare, the main princess of the Jioral Kingdom. His vengeance is crude but understandably savage.

Outside of this the anime is full of discrimination and even racism towards demi-humans, and anyone the Jioral Kingdom looks down on.

This includes demons as well. The Jioral Kingdom colonizes and oppresses these people and their lands under the guise of protecting their country.


Similar anime:

  • Ergo Proxy.
  • Charlotte.
  • Wolf’s Rain.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist.
  • Promare.
  • Evil or live.
  • Beastars.
  • Twelve Kingdoms.


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