Redo Of Healer Author Confirms Season 2 Is Possible In Future

flare smile redo of healer anime episode 2

Redo Of Healer is so wild, controversial and savage, that most anime sites have stayed quiet. And won’t even dare talk about it.

Even before it released there was controversy, sparked by ANN and Twitter.

With the latest 2nd episode of Redo Of Healer, the madness and immorality of the plot only continues to thicken.

So much so that the author believes a 2nd season will be likely.


Author Confirms season 2 possibility

redo of healer author season 2


f it sells, there is a possibility of a 2nd season, so I hope it sells more and more.” 

Whether that actually happens is yet to be determined. It’s still only on its 2nd episode.

The traction online is good, but SALES is ultimately what matters here.

Views are worthless if it doesn’t translate to sales and people buying the novel, etc.

That’s why Demon Slayer had a movie (season 1 contributed to manga sales and so on).


Redo Of Healer Episode 2 Preview

flare episode 2 pink hair keyaru episode 2  leonard episode 2 redo of healer keyaru prison redo of healer flare beg subtitles redo of healer flare episode 2 preview redo of healer prison flare episode 2 prison keyaru

redo of healer preview keyaru


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