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The 15+ Greatest Anime Quotes From Inari Kon Kon!

Inari Kon Kon quotes taken from:

  • Lady Uka.
  • Inari Fushimi.
  • Chika Marutamachi.
  • Kon.
  • Touka Fushimi.
  • Minami Momoyama.

Inari Kon Kon Konari is a wholesome rom com/slice of life series. With aspects of friendship and fantasy.

With the amount of feels, emotions, and relatable aspects to this anime, the quotes tend to reflect that from the different characters.

Here’s the best quotes the anime has to offer!


1. Lady Uka Quotes

“It’s only natural to feel bad about lying to a friend.” – Lady Uka


“Don’t tell Inari that I have fainted.” – Lady Uka


“Dressing up on the outside won’t change what’s on the inside.” – Lady Uka


“You helped a friend in need. One need not regret doing what’s right.” – Lady Uka


“I hope Inari is okay.” – Lady Uka


2. Touka Fushimi Quotes

“You’re fine just the way you are! If you were any other woman, I doubt that I’d ever fallen for you. So you can just stay the way you are.” – Touka Fushimi


“We humans are like that. It’s not like we live wanting misfortune. We’d obviously wish for happiness, no matter what form it takes. Same goes for you, and me.” – Touka Fushimi


3. Inari Fushimi Quotes

“You’ve got a lot of nerve. You all can’t do anything unless you marry someone with power! Doing nothing on your own, letting others handle things without trying for yourself… All for some cheap vanity. You do NOT get to hurt my beloved friend!” – Inari Fushimi


“I never knew being spoiled by the person you like could make you this happy.” – Inari Fushimi


“Is it alright for me to be this happy, when my friend is suffering so much?” – Inari Fushimi


“Whether the other person’s a boy or a girl, regardless of whom you like, I think that love’s just full of painful things. But just because it hurts are you going to throw all of those happy feelings from liking her?” – Inari Fushimi


“The happy things, the sad things. When I can’t even talk to you about them can we even think of ourselves as being friends?” – Inari Fushimi


4. Minami Momoyama Quotes

“I don’t think that most people could tell someone they like that another person has feelings for them.” – Minami Momoyama


5. Chika Marutamachi Quotes

“When you have social anxiety, being put into random groups is a matter of life and death!” – Chika Marutamachi


6. Kon Quotes

“It’s because humans are complicated. that I think they’re really wonderful.” – Kon


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