23+ Solid Shoujo Anime You Need To Consider!

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Have you watched an anime where the main character is a girl and you think that the anime is for girls only?

Well, I was young back then when I started watching anime, but looking back at the anime I’ve watched or know about, there were definitely anime that are meant for girls.

Even though these anime are targeted to girls, anyone can watch these anime as they have a pretty good storyline.

Shoujo anime is the meaning of teen girls that the anime is targeted at.

Here are some anime that is based on shoujo!


1. Cardcaptor Sakura

cardcaptor sakura cover

Technically it’s about a girl named Sakura Kinomoto who accidentally releases a set of magical cards, and she has to recapture them with the help of a boy named Syaoran.

I watched an episode or two when it first aired on television because a friend of mine told me about the anime. That’s how I got into it.

The anime has a good plot and there’s a bit of romance going on between the two characters that’s subtle.

It’s not too long to watch if you’re looking for something to see and there’s like 3 movies.



nana osaki and nana komatsu train

Two Nana’s meet on the train and their world collides. People think this anime is Josei because it’s aimed at an older audience, however, it is Shoujo as well.

Mature themes like relationships, intimacy and more.

Nana was in a Shoujo magazine which is what gets it confusing if it’s Josei or not.

It has 50+ episodes so you binge watch it if you’re into slice of life style anime.


3. Orange

orange anime cover

Orange revolves around a girl named Naho who receives a letter from herself from the future. Naho reads the letter about herself and she has to look out for the transfer student.

it’s a fun anime to watch but it gets deep later and touches on topics like suicide.

Orange is something to watch if you’re tired of the traditional types of Shoujo.


4. Sailor Moon

sailor moon squad girls

I watched a couple of episodes before when it aired on television and the popularity of the anime was high. That’s how I got into Sailor Moon.

it’s about a girl named Usagi Tsukino as she encounters a mysterious cat who turns her into her alter ego self, Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon really aims for girls, there’s a bit of romance in the anime but not that much. It’s a long anime and it could take probably 1-3 months since it’s a total of 200 episodes, and 3 movies, depending how many episodes you watch.

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5. His And Her Circumstances

his and her circumstances anime

Yukino is the top student, however, a boy named Soichiro becomes the top as they enter high school.

Soichiro discovers how Yukino is at her home and thus the two argue all the time and romance blossoms from there.

It’s an old anime to watch, late 90s, but the style of the anime is somewhat different and the anime is hilarious at parts.

I watched this anime before and I did like it even if the style is different.


6. Gravitation

gravitation anime shoujo

The first time I heard the anime: Gravitation, was back in either middle or high school.

The anime is BL but it also has shoujo because of the boys band singers and the famous writer, Eiri Yuki.

it’s about Shuichi who doesn’t fall in love with Yuki right away but he does almost half way through the anime. The anime leaves you wanting for more but sadly, there aren’t any more than 13 episodes.


7. Full Moon Wo Sagashite

Full Moon Wo Sagashite anime shoujo

It’s about a young girl named Mitsuki who wants to become a singer but doesn’t have long to live.

She’s able to see the shinigami’s, and with the help of the shinigami’s, she’s able to become a singer with the little time she has.

The anime isn’t long and barely has less than 60 episodes.

It’s good and a bit sad after she finds out something tragic but there’s hidden romance within the anime. It’s something to look into if you like concerts and music in anime.

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8. Special A

special a anime characters shoujo

Specal A is about a girl named Hikari who is in the Special A class. In terms of rank, she’s always 2nd to a boy named Kei in her class.

The anime reflects on them but it also reflects on the other classmates of S.A.

There’s only one season with 24 episodes, but there could be a possibility of a 2nd season in future.

This anime is similar to Maid Sama. Especially the art style.


9. Tokyo Mew Mew

tokyo mew mew shoujo

I did hear about Tokyo Mew Mew when I was in Middle School , it was a bit popular.

It’s about  girls that turn into animals and the pack is led by a girl named Ichigo. They protect the earth from aliens.

There’s even a sequel called Tokyo Mew Mew New that should be released in 2020.


10. Fushigi Yuugi

Fushigi Yuugi shoujo

Fushigi Yuugi is  about 2 girls who go to the library and go back in time to China. They’re able to go back to the real world as well.

It’s a classic Isekai, fantasy and romance type of anime if you’re into that kind of thing.

However it’s a good anime to watch and the style is different from comparable anime.


11. Pretear

pretear anime shoujo

Pretear is about a girl named Himeno, she’s trying to adjust to a new life as she meets Hayate and the other Leaf Knights as they tell her she is a Pretear.

The storyline is interesting and I’m sure anime fans will like regardless of the target audience.

For those that like anime that are short, this is one of them.


12. Glitter Force Doki Doki

Glitter Force Doki Doki shoujo 1

Glitter Force is about a kingdom where the king fights the queen; the queen was able to bring five magical girls to fight the enemies, collect the tokens and revive the queen after she perished.

If you’ve watched Magic Knight Rayearth, Sailor Moon or a similar style of anime, this is worth trying out.

This is especially true if you enjoy magical girl anime.


13. Vampire Knight

vampire knight shoujo 1

Yuki is the guardian of the vampire race as she protects Kaname a few years later who leads the vampire.

Yuki also is finding the truth about her past.

I’m not one for vampires and I’ve seen only two vampire anime, but if you’re looking for romance this is a good anime that goes unnoticed.


14. My Love Story

my love story shoujo

It’s a romance story about a boy named Takeo who has rotten luck with girls as his best friend always beats him to it.

But in the story Takeo meets a girl one day who falls in love with him.

It sounds cliche, but I think the anime is really sweet and the graphics are quite nice.

This is another anime that doesn’t show up or get mentioned too often.

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15. Fruits Basket

fruits basket 2001 2019

Fruits Basket was a popular anime back in high school. Tohru finds a new place to live after her mother passes away, and she’s made homeless.

In her new place, she finds out many of the characters represent the Chinese zodiac. With each one turning into their zodiac sign after being hugged by the opposite sex.

The anime isn’t long to watch and there’s even a remake of Fruit Basket since last year!


16. Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club shoujo

This is actually a BL (Boys’ Love) anime but it’s targeted to a shoujo audience.

The main character: Fujioka becomes a hostess for Ouran High School after he breaks a vase.

Besides being a hostess, there’s even a romance comedy of Fujioka as he becomes quite popular with everyone.

The graphics are good and you should watch it if you’re into BL anime.


17. Sukitte Li na yo – Say “I Love You.”

say i love you shoujo

Mei is scared to make friends after a mishap when she was younger,

When she meets a boy named Yamato, Mei’s life changes as she also falls in love.

It’s a sweet anime romance with relatable characters and topics. And a strong focus on relationships.


18. Legend of Basara

Legend of Basara shoujo

This anime is old but it is shoujo!

The Red King kills Sarasa’s brother, Sarasa then has to free Japan and take on the responsibilities of her brother as the two twins come from a small village.

A friend of mine watched this anime before and has said that it was a bit good to watch even if it’s short and old. That’s how I was introduced.

Good choice if you’re looking for more old school anime.


19. Yona of the Dawn

yona of the dawn shoujo 1

Yona is a reincarnation, and the main character of this series.

There’s a love triangle going on between Su-Won and Hak for Yona, initially.

Yona’s life was a difficult one, so she spent her childhood with her friends like Su-Won and Hak. Until the plot does a 360 and things get a little dark.

The manga is still ongoing but the anime series has been finished with one OVA. And still in need of a 2nd season!


20. Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!

kaichou maid sama

Misaki Ayuzawa has a reputation at school and no one knows she works at a maid cafe in secret. At least until the popular boy named Usui sees her by chance.

It’s a typical chance encounter where two classmates become friends and fall in love.

I think  the manga is finished but I don’t know why the anime hasn’t continued yet.

As far as Shoujo, Maid Sama is one of the most popular shows to ever be released.


21. Kamisama Kiss

kamisama kiss shoujo

Nanami became homeless because her father has a gambling debt.

She meet’s Mikage who brought Nanami to live with him in the shrine worship. She begins to understand Earth Deity once living with Tomoe, Onikiri and Kotetsu.

I saw this anime on Netflix and I must say, it’s quite funny and I had no idea that it’s the same director from Fruits Basket.

You can see some similarities between the two and this is an anime to watch if you like supernatural with romance, just like Fruits Basket.


22. Aim for the Ace

aim for the ace shoujo

Aim for the Ace is a tennis anime and a really old series. I did watch OVA one for “Aim for the Ace,” and the graphics aren’t that bad even if it’s an old anime.

There’s some romance going on even if it’s a sports anime.

Since it’s one of the few Shoujo/sports anime, it stands out from the majority you’ll ever watch.


23. Itazura na Kiss

Itazura na Kiss shoujo

Itazura na Kiss is like a school romance as Kotoko’s life is complicated between her and Naoki.

Kotoko is like your average school girl but Naoki is one of those smart students. Here’s the twist: Kotoko is living with Naoki after Kotoko’s house gets destroyed!

With 3 live films and a television drama, there’s plenty of material if you end up getting hooked.


Other Shoujo Anime:

  • 3D Girlfriend.
  • Ao Haru Ride.
  • My Little Monster.
  • Snow White With The Red Hair.
  • Banana Fish.
  • Lovely Complex.


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