32 Poor Anime Characters With Relatable Struggles

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The fact that money is necessary to make the world go around is something that anime frequently overlooks.

Every aspect of a person’s life is impacted by money, as anyone who has ever been in financial difficulty will attest.

While escape might be enjoyable, it’s also good to see folks struggling with problems from the outside world. Japanese anime is full of endearing characters that differ not only in their personalities and skills but also in their histories.

While some characters were raised in wealthy homes or were born into wealth, others were raised in working-class or impoverished families.

Here’s a list of poor anime characters.


1.) Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran High School Host Club)

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Haruhi Fujioka, an Ouran High School Host Club member, attends the renowned and expensive Ouran High School on a scholarship. She is forced to become a member of the host club to cover the costs after she accidentally breaks a pricey vase.

It is implied that Haruhi leads a “regular” existence and that she is less wealthy than her wealthy new friends.

Although her poor financial situation isn’t made light of, the program does make fun of the obliviousness of the rich. Tamaki’s curiosity about instant coffee, which he has never seen before, is the subject of one joke.


2.) Misaki Ayuzawa (Maid-Sama!)

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Misaki Ayuzawa, president of the student council, knows nothing will come to her without her working hard for it, whether at school or in the outside world.

Since her estranged father assumed a friend’s debt, her family suffered from poverty, and now the rest of the Ayuzawa’s bear the burden.

As her mother struggles to put food on the table and keep the lights on, Misaki moonlights at a maid cafe.

Fortunately, the Ayuzawas are getting by, but barely, and there isn’t much leeway. As a responsible big sister, Misaki needs to exercise caution.


3.) Saitama (One Punch Man)

word image 131222 3

One-Punch Man has one of the strongest characters in anime and is one of the best.

Saitama, the main character, is the anime’s “one punch man” in every sense of the word. He can defeat all foes with a single blow, but he, too, is vulnerable. It is a financial issue.

Saitama used to work odd jobs before joining the Hero’s Association to make a poor living in an apartment.

Even a dish of fries is treated as a luxury in the first OVA by him! Because he joined the Hero’s Association and started as a C-class hero, most of his financial issues were resolved, and as a result, he is well down the list.


4.) Yuuta Segawa (Listen to me, Girls. I am your Father)

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The main character of the anime Listen to Me Girls, I’m Your Father is Yuuta Segawa.

This anime is based on the Matsu Tomohiro light book of the same name. The narrative centers on Yuuta, who was brought up by his older sister Yuri after their parents’ deaths.

His sister got married when Yuuta was a middle school student. And now, years later, he is beginning a new stage of his life as a freshman at college. Yuuta decided to look after his sister’s three daughters after she vanished.

He has a lot of challenges to overcome while caring for his sister’s daughters. He had to comfort them while also finishing his college work.


5.) Ichiro Komaba (Silver Spoon)

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Although Silver Spoon is an anime about the pleasures of farm life, it isn’t afraid to show the brutal realities of the agricultural sector. Ichiro Komaba’s family farm fails after his father works himself into premature death.

Komaba has to abandon his aspirations for the future, which include taking over the company and becoming a professional baseball player, because he has no money and a mountain of debt to pay off.

He quits high school and begins looking for employment.

The program takes a sobering look at the genuine financial challenges experienced by a group of people that most people never consider.

Not every issue can be resolved amicably on the show, and everyone concerned must learn to deal with their new circumstances.


6.) Miyuki Shirogane (Kaguya-Sama: Love is War)

word image 131222 6

Miyuki Shirogane is a dedicated student council president from a poor background, just like Misaki. The Shiroganes can barely keep themselves off the streets, and their way of life is very different from that of the typical Shuchiin student.

For them, maintaining a budget is essential.

Miyuki has devised strategies for handling this. In addition to doing a part-time job to help his single father, Papa, and his younger sister Kei, he works hard in school to establish his future.

And even though his girlfriend, Kaguya Shinomiya, is extraordinarily affluent, the haughty Miyuki would never ask her for even a single yen.


7.) Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto)

word image 131222 7

A shinobi named Naruto Uzumaki from the Naruto series lost his parents due to a string of terrible incidents. He is a ninja who wants to lead Konoha village as the Hokage.

We now believe it is clear why Naruto from the Naruto series is on the list. Since he lacks a “family,” Naruto can only survive on the barest necessities in the village. Fans have argued that the Third Hokage’s carelessness is to blame.

Despite this, Naruto has been shown to have little to no financial issues along his journey, which is why he ranks no. 12 on the list.

He may be broke, but he managed to get by putting as little emphasis on money as possible and saving as much as possible in his bank, also known as his frog wallet. Of course, Jiraiya eventually used it all up.


8.) Yato (Noragami)

word image 131222 8

The main character of the anime Noragami is Yato. This anime is based on the well-known manga series of the same name, which Adachitoka both wrote and illustrated.

The narrative centers on Yato, a little-known god who offers assistance to anyone with five yen to spare. He has always imagined himself as the most incredible human god, with a temple named in his honour.

His boyfriend left him hanging one day after quitting on him. Due to his unending bad luck, he also has an accident but is rescued by a middle school girl. Hiyori Iki is her name, and saving him cost her some soul-related issues.

Eventually, she becomes his new companion, and they embark on a trip that may change Yato’s life.


9.) James (Pokémon)

word image 131222 9

James was raised in a wealthy family, but when he decided to leave his house, he lost all access to their fortune.

He is always hungry but prefers it to how his parents treat him. This is why he’s on this list and is relevant to the point being made.


10.) Jessie (Pokémon)

word image 131222 10

Jessie was raised in a low-income household and frequently had to eat snow to survive. Even Meowth had a difficult life because his parents left him at Camp Pokéhearst when he was a little child.

He spent his teenage years begging for food on the streets of Hollywood, a neighbourhood not far from Skid Row in Los Angeles.


11.) Casca (Berserk)

word image 131222 11

Guts’ best friend and girlfriend, Casca, share a strict upbringing with him. Contrary to Guts, Casca actually did have her family with her. Nevertheless, circumstances were still tricky in their isolated Midland village, and the arrival of a despicable lord did not make matters any better.

The aristocrat misled the poor by promising them wealth and comfort, yet his deception was successful.

That nobleman attempted to attack Casca, but Griffith, a mercenary, intervened. He empowered Casca to kill the nobleman and then team up with him to escape poverty.


12.) Satou Kazuma (KonoSuba)

Satou Kazuma funny face

Kazuma, a NEET, was isekai‘d following a quite humiliating demise. He encountered Aqua, the pointless goddess he decided to travel with.

Kazuma’s inclusion on the list is due to his early struggles with poverty while residing in Axel.

He had to labour nonstop and live in stables since he was broke. If only Aqua’s purification could address financial issues. But as the season went on, it became clear that he was gradually accumulating fortune and had.


13.) Romeo (Romeo x Black Brothers)
word image 131222 13

Romeo, who has had numerous hardships throughout his life, is followed in the narrative. His father was a farmer, and his mother was a homemaker. Therefore they didn’t have a lot of money.

The God of Death, also known as Luini, deals with child trafficking one day. He expresses interest in Romeo and suggests selling the young man, but his father ultimately declines.

As a result, his father suffers a brain injury while attempting to extinguish the fire Luini started. Due to obligations to his siblings and ailing father, he sacrifices himself to the God of Death.

He and a companion start a group named Black Brothers to aid kids like him.


14.) Tohru Honda (Fruits Basket)

word image 131222 14

Tohru Honda is living in a tent at the start of Fruits Basket. She has no money and nowhere to go because her mother recently passed away, and her relatives aren’t incredibly kind.

The Sohma family takes her in, although she is required to help with cooking and housework as payment. Additionally, the show takes place before Japan’s 2010 Act on Free Tuition Fee at Public High Schools and High School Enrollment Support Fund.

She must also work part-time to pay for her high school tuition. Tohru accepts her life of poverty, along with pretty much everything else, despite these challenges.


15.) Bolin (The Legend of Korra)

word image 131222 15

After their parents died, the excellent Earthbender Bolin and his brother Mako grew up in extreme poverty. The brothers lived in dumpsters or ate food from them as they grew up on Republic City’s rough streets with just each other for company.

Not such a glamorous existence.

Bolin and his brother accepted questionable employment from neighbourhood gangs, but this didn’t turn them into dishonest individuals; they were trying to survive.

They eventually relocated into a vacant room within the pro-bending arena complex, happy to have finally left the streets. But their financial problems persisted.


16.) Bell Cranel (Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon)

word image 131222 16

Aspiring hero Bell Cranel attempted to enter numerous Familia after arriving in Orario. However, all but one of them—the Hestia Familia—refused to embrace him.

The Hestia Familia only consists of Bell and the goddess Hestia, which is a concern in this case. Naturally, this led to a miserable life in an outdated, primitive home.

To put food on the table, he had to go exploring and battle creatures in the dungeon. Bell, fortunately, serves as the story’s MC. And gradually, he started growing his Familia, providing them with a consistent flow of income.

That said, no one can ever forget the struggles this Little Rookie and Hestia went through in the beginning.


17.) Nasa Yuzaki (Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You)

word image 131222 17

The narrative centers on Nasa, whose life is full of wild experiences once he meets Tsukasa, the woman who would become his wife. Because his name, “Nasa,” was anything but a common name, Yuzaki has worked hard to become a better person.

He initially encountered Tsukasa in the streets at night and instantly fell in love with her. He tries to express his feelings after she protects him from the incident. She agrees to the proposition on the understanding that he will marry her.

After that, when Nasa concurs with the need, she abruptly disappears from his life. Years later, she paid him a visit to his new apartment, drastically altering his life as his wife. As he gets married, Nasa will confront significant financial difficulties.


18.) The Yamada Sisters (Binbou Shimai Monogatari)

word image 131222 18 e1673190354422

The orphaned sisters Kyo and Asu Yamada of Binbou Shimai Monogatari struggle to make ends meet. Asu takes care of domestic duties while Kyou works after school. The program addresses significant issues like paying the rent and medical treatment.

Even while the problems are presented with maturity and gravitas, they also manage to be cleanly resolved in just one episode, which can occasionally feel overly simplistic.


19.) Revy (Black Lagoon)

word image 131222 19

One of the most legendary female gunfighters in anime, Revy “Two-Hands,” particularly enjoys living in the present by avoiding her past and having little concern for the future.

Revy is reluctant to tell Rock about her life, which is understandable why. Her life consists only of suffering. Revy’s single-parent home was clearly poor; she was born into an underprivileged neighbourhood in New York City.

Revy’s alcoholic father didn’t do much to raise his daughter, as she dropped out of school, killed her father, and began to wander. Growing up, she was primarily filled with rage.


20.) Tanjiro Kamado (Kimitsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer)

word image 131222 20

One of the trendiest anime series is called Demon Slayer. The show’s fan base is expanding with the announcement of the impending 2023 season. The family that Tanjiro Kamado came from sold charcoal.

In other words, they don’t have extravagant possessions and live in poverty.

He was the one who sold the charcoal in the closest town to their home as he grew up and had to master various coal-burning techniques. Tanjiro is on the list only due to his hardships while serving as the family’s father.

Despite this, he always has a smile, as does his family, who are happy with what they have until a mishap happens while he is away.


21.) Arte (Arte)

word image 131222 21

The narrative takes place in the 16th century and centers on the life of Arte, a stunning young woman. She aspires to be an artist and wants to support the resurgence of the arts. But following her father’s passing, her family decided she should wed into a respectable household.

She chooses to go and look for a master since she is unwilling to give up her love of creating art.

Her journey is full of misfortunes that would ultimately shape her destiny and make her a great craftsman.


22.) The Hinazuki Family (ERASED)

word image 131222 22

The vulnerable 10-year-old Kayo Hinazuki from ERASED gets teased by her peers for wearing tacky clothing. Because her mother struggles to heal from an abusive relationship and deal with the difficulties of being a single parent, she vents her frustrations by abusing her daughter.

ERASED shows poverty as a significant social issue with psychological repercussions beyond merely being unable to afford things, in contrast to much other anime.

The show directly and frequently asks what would have been different if actual support had been available without pardoning Kayo’s mother for abusing her child.


23.) Futaro Uesugi (The Quintessential Quintuplets)

word image 131222 23

Futaro Uesugi does well in school, but his family still faces financial difficulties even if they are not in a tough spot.

It was a stroke of luck that Mr. Nakano asked Futaro to instruct his five stepdaughters, the quintuplets, as the Uesugi don’t have much to their name.

Futaro happily accepted the contract.

He started tutoring the five silly and obstinate sisters after receiving payment in the form of a promise.

Although his family could use the money, it could be stated that through making friends with the Nakanos, Futaro got something much more beautiful than a sizable check.


24.) Myne (Ascendance of a Bookworm)

word image 131222 24

Urano Motosu, an aspiring librarian who enjoys reading, was reincarnated as Myne, a frail young woman.

The girl hailed from a low-income household, and since the narrative takes place in the Middle Ages, books were primarily owned by nobility and were exceedingly expensive to create.

The female protagonist, a self-described bookworm, is now determined to do whatever it takes to bring her beloved books back, even if she has to create them herself!


25.) Arata Kaizaki (ReLife)

word image 131222 25

The narrative centers on Arata, a 27-year-old who quit his job due to workplace abuse. He accepts an offer for an experiment because he hasn’t been able to find another employment and doesn’t have enough savings.

The medicine he will be ingesting as part of this experiment will transform his elderly body into a 17-year body.

Old’s goal is to go back to his high school years. And he will get what he most wants, a job offer, after this trial.

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26.) Tatara Fujita (Welcome To The Ballroom)

word image 131222 26

Tatara Fujita, the protagonist of Welcome to the Ballroom, is captivated by the allure and excitement of ballroom dancing after spending the first 15 years of his life completely aimless.

Unfortunately, because he lacks the funds for training, he finds it difficult to follow his newfound enthusiasm.

The local ballroom dance school immediately agrees to teach him for free, so the financial load is never a significant obstacle. This could have been a fascinating roadblock.


27.) Megumin & her family (Konosuba)

word image 131222 27

Megumin is the well-known isekai anime exploding witch, and during their travels together, she serves as Kazuma’s most robust but most fragile teammate. Megumin is a native of the red demon town, where everyone shares the same magical abilities.

Megumin was powerful, but he wasn’t wealthy. The two daughters of Megumin’s parents were raised in poverty, so receiving food from Kazuma was a wonderful gift for them.

Fortunately, Megumin was able to advance by earning an honours degree from magic school and turning into a legitimate adventurer. Her upbringing in poverty didn’t hinder her.

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28.) Kaiji Itou (Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor)

word image 131222 28

Kaiji Itou, the protagonist of this series, is a man who fell into a deep financial hole after being duped by one of his supposed friends. He enjoys living a life of drinking and relaxing until he is compelled to consider how to pay off the debt that is registered in his name.

His response? Gambling.

Kaiji entered the dangerous gambling world, where a large sum of money can quickly become an immense debt, and the opposite is true.

Just because gambling is a volatile industry does not make this show at the top of the list. It can instantly alter Kaiji’s life for the better or the worse. As a result, this was ranked number four.


29.) Nariyuki Yuiga (We Never Learn)

word image 131222 29

The lead character in the anime adaptation of the manga We Never Learn is Yuiga. The narrative centers on Yuiga, whose sole ambition is to improve many of his impoverished family.

He has to be accepted to the top university and receive the Special VIP nomination for a scholarship to realize his ambition.


30.) Shoukichi Naruko (Yowamushi Pedal)

word image 131222 30

Generally speaking, Yowamushi Pedal is too interested in bicycles to pay attention to questions in class. The program occasionally has to address the protagonists’ finances, though, as road racing is an expensive pastime.

Shoukichi Naruko, one of the main characters, hails from a low-income family and has five siblings. On his first appearance, he borrows money from Onoda to buy toys for his younger brothers.

Although Naruko’s financial situation isn’t given much attention, it impacts the story multiple times before the series’ conclusion.


31.) Rukla Kuchiki (Bleach)

word image 131222 31

Unlike Captain Byakuya Kuchiki, her wealthy foster brother, Rukia had a modest upbringing. Her much older sister Hisana abandoned her, so Rukia was forced to grow up with a small group of friends, including Renji Abarai, on the rough streets of the Rukongai District.

Just to get by, they were forced to steal.

Before being introduced to the compassionate Soul Reaper Miyako Shiba, wife of Kaien Shiba, Rukia’s life was going nowhere.

Rukia was motivated to exploit her inherent kido abilities to become a Soul Reaper, and she and Renji have prospered.


32.) Uraraka Ochako (My Hero Academia)

word image 131222 32

Even though the Urarakas weren’t as in need as some fictional families, Ochaco’s family always worried about money. Even though Mr. and Mrs. Uraraka tried their best to find employment in the construction sector, they could barely cover their expenses.

So, Ochaco made the decision to leave.

Ochaco Uraraka, also known as Uravity, wants to become a hero for money rather than fame.

Izuku and Tenya were thrilled when Ochaco informed them about her plans to give her parents the comfortable life they never had by sending all the money back to them.

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