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A Collection Of Nami’s Best Anime Quotes From One Piece!

Nami is a relevant and favorite character from the One Piece series. And she comes up in conversation when One Piece is the topic focus.

While beautiful, endearing, and luscious as a character, there’s more than meets the eye.

This can be seen with her quotes in the One Piece series when relevant.

Here’s Nami’s best anime quotes.


Nami Quotes (One Piece):

Nami Quotes

“Life is like a pencil that will surely run out, but will leave the beautiful writing of life.” – Nami


Nami quotes one piece

“Everyone is expecting help from you, but you come here and don’t think about doing anything to help those people?” – Nami


nami quotes one piece anime

“Hopes for the future..? Yes. However, getting there with you…is not much different than being alone..! What good is the treasure if I’m alone? After sharing so much of our dreams. Instead of sacrificing them and leaving with you I would rather… HAVE NOTHING AT ALL!” – Nami


“I’m the smartest member in the Straw Hat group.” – Nami


“I’ll have mapped out the entire world!” – Nami


“Why? The work that the marines should be doing now…there are many things that you have to take care of. Don’t know that Arlong has killed many people and destroyed many villages? Under his control, everyone was treated like a slave! And you didn’t do a single thing about that!! And now you just want to find the treasure of one thief? Is this a real government?” – Nami


“Just one more time and everything will be the same. Everything will come back to me. And I will be free from Arlong. Bellemere-san. Finally, I can laugh with all my heart.” – Nami


“It’s never ending with those idiots. HEY! Lay off the sob stories! You know how dangerous this island is! Let’s not give it any help in killing us!” – Nami


“Don’t touch Bellemere-san’s orange with your dirty hands! I won’t give that money to you. That money is…” – Nami


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