29+ Anime Quotes About Logic With Different Perspectives!

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Logic is your ability to reason, make sense of, understand, analyze, and breakdown information. Not to mention find the facts and come to conclusions.

It’s our way of choosing what’s right for us, and our way of understanding what’s actually is (objective truths, etc).

In this post the anime quotes will dive into perspectives relating to this, focused on:

  • Logic.
  • Irrationality.
  • Rationale.

And thinks of that nature that are connected to it.


Anime quotes about logic:


1. Ayumi Narumi Quotes (Spiral The Bonds Of Reasoning)

ayumi narumi quotes spiral

“The melody of logic always plays the notes of truth.” – Ayumi Narumi


2. Dante Quotes (Devil May Cry)

dante quotes devil may cry 6

“You summon and kill… Summon and kill… I fail to see the logic here. Is sanity the price to pay FOR POWER!?” – Dante


3. Kurama Quotes (Yu Yu Hakusho)

kurama yu yu hakusho quotes 9

“Logic is panic’s prey.” – Kurama


4. Ritsuko Akagi Quotes (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Ritsuko Akagi quotes 1

“The interaction of men and women isn’t very logical.” – Ritsuko Akagi


5. Hayabusa Shou Quotes (Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto!)

Hayabusa Shou quotes

“However rough the waters in the outside world may be, to find your own lighthouse and swim for it is only logical, isn’t it?” – Hayabusa Shou


6. Ichijiku Chisato Quotes (Brynhildr in the Darkness)

Ichijiku Chisato quotes

“It’s a foolish thing, the human heart. Sometimes we fail to operate logically, and act on emotions.” – Ichijiku Chisato


7. Shirota Mahiru Quotes (SERVAMP)

Shirota Mahiru quotes

“What is an adult? Does coolly drinking black coffee and spouting logic make you an adult?! If that’s the case, I’ll stay a kid that likes drinking orange juice.” – sHIROTA mAHIRU


8. Kusaribe Hakaze Quotes (Zetsuen No Tempest)

Hakaze Kusaribe quotes

“There are no convenient miracles, and there is logic that should be inviolable.” – Kusaribe Hakaze


9. Dante Quotes (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Dante quotes fma

“People can say there is a balance, a logic that everything happens for a reason… But the truth is far less designed. No matter how hard you work, when you die, you die. Some spend their entire life trying to scratch their way to the top, and still die in poverty. While others are born into wealth without ever working at all. It’s a cruel and random world. And yet the chaos is all so beautiful.” – Dante


10. Tomomi Masaoka Quotes (Psycho Pass)

tomomi masaoka quotes psycho pass

“Everything you’ve been taught is based on theories and logic. Soon, you’ll come to realize how pointless they are.” – Tomomi Masaoka


tomomi masaoka quotes

“People’s thoughts, wishes, hopes and desires… We live in a time where technology can read everything in your mind, and yet, this place teems with people who hate, lie, steal and try to harm others. If that’s not irrational, then what is it?” – Tomomi Masaoka


11. Kent Quotes (Amnesia)

Kent Amnesia Quotes

“Argument and logic are not always the right path to take. Honestly expressing emotions is important. You were the one who helped me realize that.” – Kent


12. Hayao Miyazaki Quotes (Ghibli Founder)

Hayao Miyazaki quotes 5

“Logic is using the front part of the brain, that’s all. But you can’t make a film with logic. Or if you look at it differently, everybody can make a film with logic. But my way is to not use logic.” – Hayao Miyazaki


13. Alex Cazellnu Quotes (The Legend Of Galactic Heroes)

Alex Cazellnu quotes

“Love and the human mind can’t be analyzed with formulas. It’s not so unusual for love to make you forget the sense of care and respect for others. There’s no logic. It’s an uncontrollable urge. To tell you the truth, it’d be worrisome if you became like that. Your mind is keen, and your character is good. But passion has nothing to do with mind or character.” – Alex Cazellnu


14. Frontier Setter Quotes

frontier setter quotes rakuen tsuiho 1

“When receiving an illogical favor from others, one should do the same to return the illogical favor.” – Fontier Setter


15. Mine Quotes (Akame Ga Kill)

mine akame ga kill quotes anime

“Only I can help myself, and in the future, I can make up for all my misfortunes and change the world into a place where there’s no irrational discrimination and that’s why there’s no way in hell that I can die here!” – Mine


16. Ganta Igarashi Quotes (Deadman Wonderland)

Ganta Igarashi quotes

“Facing irrationality doesn’t mean not feeling fear, but rather possessing eyes that gaze upon fear and standing against the world.” – Ganta Igarashi


17. Aika Fuwa Quotes (Zetsuen No Tempest)

Aika Fuwa quotes 4

“Just because it’s illogical, that doesn’t make it wrong.” – Aika Fuwa


18. Yukari Hayasaka Quotes (Paradise Kiss)

yukari hayasaka quotes 3

“Loving a person isn’t about logic or reason.” – Yukari Hayasaka


19. Hoshino Kazuki Quotes (Zero No Maria)

hoshino kazuki quotes 2

“If I abandoned you, I would be released from this pain. I would live on. But before long, I would end up seeking you again, for all my actions are ultimately devoted to you and only you. All I want is to stay on target and walk straight ahead—ignoring the losses and opposition, and even the results. That’s all I can do. Some people might call it an obsession, others may deem it a miracle—but to me and many others, my driving rationale couldn’t be more obvious and natural. There are people who understand this and there are people who don’t, and I simply happen to belong to the first group. The only difference is whether they have noticed that they don’t need boxes to make their wishes come true, and what it means to fulfill a wish.” – Hoshino Kazuki


20. Inaho Kaizuka Quotes (Aldnoah Zero)

inaho kaizuka quotes

“Human beings aren’t known for remaining calm and rational.” – Inaho Kaizuka


21. Suzuura Natsuki Quotes

suzuura natsuki quotes Nerawareta Gakuen

“Embrace that feeling. Love’s never rational.” – Suzuura Natsuki


22. Yuuta Murakami Quotes (Brynhildr in the Darkness)

Yuuta Murakami quotes

“Only a foolish human would attempt to rationalize emotion.” – Yuuta Murakami


23. Kyoko Kirigiri Quotes (Danganronpa)

kyoko kirigiri quotes danganronpa

“Fear is proof that your imagination is functioning. Frankly, I feel bad for anyone who can’t feel fear. Without imagination, you can never deduce which action to take next.” – Kyoko Kirigiri


24. Franken Stein Quotes (Soul Eater)

franken stein quotes soul eater

“How did you learn of the reality that you speak of? The entire world is governed by the reasoning of dirty-minded adults. We’re able to obscure reality according to our obsessions. We’re never actually shown what reality is. In this case, the reality that you speak of is a half-baked nonsense that has been altered. Trying to conform this bullshit reality into the one you want is like trying to join two pieces of a puzzle that do not fit.” – Franken Stein


25. Watari Ryouta Quotes (Your Lie In April)

Watari Ryota quotes 1

“It’s only natural for the girl you’re crushing on to be in love with someone else. Since you’re in love with her, she sparkles in your eyes. That’s why people fall so irrationally in love.” – Watari Ryouta


26. Mahiro Fuwa Quotes (Zetsuen No Tempest)

Mahiro Fuwa quotes

“Hamlets mistake is that he believed in something like a ghost, that doesn’t exist. The second he believed in something irrational, he was doomed. Those are just delusions imagined by the living. Once you’re dead, that’s it. The dead don’t return, nor do they hear our wishes. It’s all an illusion. Things you forgot to say, things you couldn’t say… they want ghosts to hear them, so they dream one up. It’s also possible that people imagine their desire as ghosts.” – Mahiro Fuwa


27. Historia Reiss Quotes (Attack On Titan)

historia reiss quotes aot

“There are many ways of thinking as there are people.” – Historia Reiss


28. Saki Watanabe Quotes (Shinsekai Yori)

saki watanabe quotes Shinsekai Yori

“We have to change our way of thinking if we really want to change the future.


29. Shirasagi Yuki Quotes (Torikago no Tsugai)

Shirasagi Yuki quotes 1

“In some ways, the more one thinks, the closer one feels to getting the answer…but in the end, it’s hard to tell what is really the safe answer. I started to dislike being like that at one point, and my motto is, “make quick decisions and act fast.” I choose the first answer that feels “right” to me.” – Shirasagi Yuki

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