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The 42+ Best Anime Quotes About Sacrifice And Tough Decisions

Vegeta Sacrifice Wallpaper Dbz
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Making sacrifices is a common thing to do as humans. Whether that means:

  • Short term pain (to gain something).
  • The loss of life.
  • The loss of time, money, leisure.
  • Making a sacrifice for the future, your kids…

It comes in many shapes and sizes. And sometimes we have to do what needs to be done, to achieve what we want.

Especially when that result is everlasting, or long term. There’s a dark side, too (suicide).

These anime quotes highlight all of that in variations. So you’ll come across something you relate and connect with.

Here’s the best of the best worth sharing!


Anime Quotes About Sacrifice:


Migi Quotes (Parasyte)

migi parasyte quotes

“You sacrifice other lives so that your own life can continue. That is how animals live. Humans are one-of-a kind creatures that commit suicide.” – Migi


Mikasa Ackerman Quotes (Attack On Titan)

Mikasa Ackerman quotes

“If you think it’s natural for people to sacrifice their own lives to save others, surely you understand that sometimes a single death can save many lives.” – Mikasa Ackerman



naruto uzumaki quotes

“The many lives lost during long years of conflict… because of those selfless sacrifices, we are able to bathe in peace and prosperity now. To ingrain this history within the new generation will be a vital cog in helping to maintain the peace.” – Naruto Uzumaki


Emma Quotes (The Promised Neverland)

emma quotes the promised neverland

“What happened to that child… or rather, children? You didn’t cause them to be shipped out early, did you? You didn’t sacrifice someone for our sake, did you? Actually, never mind. Thank you. Thanks to that, we can all escape together now. But… Don’t do something like that ever again. You’re not alone anymore.” – Emma


Kashima Ouka Quotes (Danmachi)

Ouka Kashima Quotes

“I don’t want to be a loser who can’t do anything but talk. I don’t want to be somebody who can sacrifice others, but won’t risk himself.” – Kashima Ouka


Puppet Master Quotes (Ghost In The Shell)

puppet master quotes ghost in the shell

“Life perpetuates itself through diversity, and this includes the ability to sacrifice itself when necessary. Cells repeat the process of degeneration and regeneration until one day they die, obliterating an entire set of memory and information. Only genes remain. Why continually repeat this cycle? Simply to survive by avoiding the weaknesses of an unchanging system.” – Ghost In The Shell


Alphonse Elric Quotes (Fullmetal Alchemist)

alphonse elric quotes

“The Philosopher’s Stone: those who possess it, no longer bound by the laws of equivalent exchange in alchemy, can gain without sacrifice…create without equal exchange. We searched for it… and we found it.” – Alphonse Elric


Pain Quotes (Naruto Shippuden)

pain quotes naruto 6

“Because of the existence of love – sacrifice is born. As well as hate. Then one comprehends… one knows PAIN.” – Pain


pain quotes naruto

“Love breeds sacrifice… which in turn breeds hatred. Then you can know pain.” – Pain


Hikari Sakishima Quotes (Nagi No Asukara)

Hikari Sakishima quotes

“Having feelings for someone just brings sorrow to someone else. Someone always gets sacrificed and suffers. If this is what it means to fall in love, then falling in love is terrible.” – Hikari Sakishima


Saber Quotes (Fate Zero)

saber quotes fate zero

“I only joined this war to avoid spilling rivers of blood. Fight for the Holy Grail, no meaningless bloodshed, minimize sacrifices, one person taking up the mission of fate instead of armies of men and competing here! This is what we Servants should do.” – Saber


Ayanokouji Kiyotaka Quotes (Classroom Of The Elite)

ayanokouji kiyotaka quotes

“All people are nothing but tools. It doesn’t matter how it’s done. It doesn’t matter what needs to be sacrificed. In this world, winning is everything. As long as I win in the end… That’s all that matters.” – Ayanokouji Kiyotaka


Kamui Lee Quotes (D. Gray Man)


“It’s not a sacrifice. We’re helping each other so we can can live.” – Kamui Lee


Tatsumi Quotes (Death Parade)

Tatsumi quotes death parade

“In order to accomplish anything, sacrifices must be made.” – Tatsumi


Edward Elric Quotes (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Edward Elric quotes 1

“Alchemy: The science of understanding the structure of matter, breaking it down, then reconstructing it as something else. It can even make gold from lead. But alchemy is a science, so it must follow the natural laws: To create, something of equal value must be lost. This is the principle of Equivalent Exchange. But on that night, I learned the value of some things can’t be measured on a simple scale. My brother and I knew the laws of science, of Equivalent Exchange, that gain required sacrifice, that something had to be taken from us. But we thought there was nothing more we could lose. We were wrong.” – Edward Elric


Edward Elric quotes

“There’s no such thing as a painless lesson, they just don’t exist. Sacrifices are necessary, you can’t gain something without losing something first… Although if you can endure that pain and walk away from it, you’ll find that you now have a heart strong enough to overcome any obstacle… Yeah… A Fullmetal Heart.” – Edward Elric


Itachi Uchiha Quotes

itachi uchiha quotes

“Self-sacrifice… A nameless shinobi who protects peace within its shadow. That is a true shinobi.” – Itachi Uchiha


Souji Mikage Quotes (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

souji mikage quotes

“Ancient creatures died and left naught but fossil fuels, like coal and petroleum. Without that sacrifice, our present energy civilization would not exist. That sort of sacrifice is what is always demanded.” – Souji Mikage


Lenalee Lee Quotes (D. Gray Man)


“Even if I DO sacrifice my own life, I will only do it to save my friends.” – Lenalee Lee


Rau Le Creuset Quotes (Mobile Suit Gundam)

rau le creuset quotes

“You are the dream of humanity, the Ultimate Coordinator. It was in pursuit of that dream that Dr. Hibiki created the artificial womb. And you are the only viable child it ever produced. For that result, a very large number of your siblings were sacrificed.” – Rau Le Creuset


Seijuro Hiko Quotes (Rurouni Kenshin)

seijuro hiko quotes

“This era is not so simple that you can put everything on your shoulders and be the only sacrifice. And, at the same time, one person’s happiness isn’t that simple, either. If you should fall as a sacrifice, one girl who came to Kyoto with the one wish to see you will definitely face misfortune. Remember that. No matter how strong you get, you are just a human being. There is no need for you to either become Buddha, or a murderer.” – Seijuro Hiko


Sakamoto Yuuji Quotes (Baka To Test)

sakamoto yuuji quotes

“Pawns? Isn’t that such an ugly term to use? We should call them the foundation for our futures. But it’s a fact that they’ll be sacrificed.” – Sakamoto Yuuji


Haschwalth Jugram Quotes (Bleach)

Haschwalth Jugram quotes

“Even if doesn’t alter or change the end result in the slightest, making decisions based on convictions that you believe in and walking your own path has its own merit and worth. There’s something to be said for not having… even one regret.” – Haschwalth Jugram


Akane Ryuzoji Quotes (Walkure Romanze)

Akane Ryuzoji quotes

“Sometimes opportunity comes in sacrifice.” – Akane Ryuzoji


Yu Kanda Quotes (D. Gray Man)

yu kanda quotes

“There are sacrifices that must be made, rookie.” – Yu Kanda


Kiruoumaru Quotes (From The New World)

Kiruoumaru quotes Shinsekai Yori

“How many do you think have been sacrificed to get you this far?” – Kiruoumaru


Ichigo Kurosaki Quotes (Bleach)

ichigo kurosaki quotes

“Are you any different!? You sacrificed yourself to save me that time!! At that time were you thinking about complicated stuff like “this is my Shinigami duty”!? That’s not what sacrificing yourself is! At the very least… I’m different! I haven’t accepted any commitment. If things get bad I might run away… since I’m not a good enough person to be able to sacrifice my life for total strangers. But unfortunately I’m also not trash that can live happily without paying back his debts!” – Ichigo Kurosaki


Hachiman Hikigaya Quotes (Oregairu)

hachiman hikigaya quotes

“When humans are faced with truly terrifying circumstances, they don’t think about other people around them. They’re even willing to sacrifice those around themselves. By exposing that unsightly part of them, they can no longer get along.” – Hachiman Hikigaya


hachiman hikigaya quotes

“That’s not exactly right. If you had to sacrifice many things to protect one, you’re more likely to give up and throw it away. Including relationships you have in your hand now.” – Hachiman Hikigaya


Baam Quotes (Tower Of God)

Twenty Fifth Baam quotes

“You are just total trash. How can you justify other peoples suffering and sacrifice like that?! You are just rationalizing yourself with a flimsy excuse! No one in the world deserved to be sacrificed for you!” – Twenty Fifth Baam


Twenty Fifth Baam quotes

“I may still be too weak to save everyone. But still, if I have to choose someone to sacrifice, I would rather sacrifice myself first. I still can’t give up on anyone.” – Twenty Fifth Baam


Erina Pendleton Quotes (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Erina Pendleton quotes

“Jonathan Joestar passed away into undeserved oblivion. His life was an important part of history, but invisible to ordinary people. Most of humanity, for who he sacrificed, will never know of his noble accomplishments. But his descendants will. The life within me, newly created by Jonathan and I, will certainly hear his story.” – Erina Pendleton


Kenshin Himura Quotes

kenshin himura quotes

“When I was at the brink of life and death, I used all of my will to survive. I drew upon a different power than that of self-sacrifice and mastered an ultimate technique. The will to live is stronger than anything else. That was the ray of light that my master risked his life to show me. As Hitokiri Battousai, I have committed so many crimes that I cannot possibly repent for them. That is why I had secretly believed that it didn’t matter when I died or was killed. However, now… even if I am formally punished or restrained. I will never lose the will to live.” – Kenshin Himura


Gilgamesh Quotes


“Hero of Justice? A world where no one is hurt?” Don’t be absurd. “Humanity” is the name for an animal that cannot find joy in life without sacrifice. The pretty lie that is “equality” is nonsense spouted by weaklings who cannot look upon the darkness. Nothing but an excuse to cover up life’s ugliness.” – Gilgamesh


Emi Yusa Quotes (The Devil Is A Part Timer)

emi yusa quotes

“The peaceful world I’m fighting for is one where everyone has a smile on their face, not one where I have to pretend I didn’t see you make my friend cry. I don’t think that kind of peace is worth fighting for. And I don’t think it’s worth making sacrifices to achieve it.” – Emi Yusa


Vegeta Quotes (Dragon Ball Z)


“Trunks, Bulma, I’m doing this for you. And yes, even for you, Kakarot.” – Vegeta


Sebastian Michaelis Quotes (Black Butler)

Sebastian Michaelis quotes

“Well, aren’t you a very young master. You have summoned me. This fact will not change for all eternity. What has been sacrificed will never be returned. Now… choose.” – Sebastian Michaelis


sebastian michaelis quotes

“Forsake the future, sacrifice your dreams, while stained with deep despair, elude the past, fight the reality, and never relinquish your nobility. Just like that, Young Master. That is the soul I wish to consume.” – Sebastian Michaelis


 Zero Kiryu Quotes (Vampire Knight)

zero kiryu quotes

“That’s why for you, you have the right to be cruel to me. No matter how much you make me worry or how much danger you put me in, just as much as you like. But these are not enough “compensation”. Even if I have to sacrifice my left over life for you, I would not utter a word of complaint.” – Zero Kiryu


Elliot Nightray Quotes (Pandora Hearts)

elliot nightray quotes

“Your so-called “self-sacrifice” only satisfies yourself. Do you think you can save people with it? You’re only protecting yourself! You don’t know the suffering endured by those left alive. With your childish actions, you’re only pushing the pain onto other people!” – Elliot Nightray


Madara Uchiha Quotes (Naruto Shippuden)

Madara Uchiha quotes

“Man seeks peace, yet at the same time yearning for war… Those are the two realms belonging solely to man. Thinking of peace whilst spilling blood is something that only humans could do. They’re two sides of the same coin… to protect something… another must be sacrificed.” – Madara Uchiha


Berserker Quotes (Fate Zero)

berserker quotes fate zero

“I am the alienated, the ridiculed, the despised. No need to praise my name. No need to envy my body. I am the shadow under the radiance of heroic spirits. Birthed of the darkness of glorious legend. And so, I hate, I resent. Nourished by the sighs of the people precipitated within the darkness, people that curse the light. This is my disgrace. Because of her unsullied glory, I must forever be belittled. You are, the sacrifice. Good, give me more, your blood and flesh, your life. Let them ignite my hatred!!” – Berserker


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