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26+ Anime Quotes About Winning And Losing That Will Give You Perspective

Winning and losing are 2 sides of the same coin. You can win and still lose something. You can lose and still win something. And you can also completely lose or completely win.

Either way you learn something as they both compliment each other, and experiencing both gives you a better perspective on life.

In this post quotes will cover:

  • Winning.
  • Success.
  • Achievement.
  • Losing.
  • What it means.

And all the things associated with it from different angles and perspectives. It may give you food for thought, or give you a new insight.

Let’s get started.


Anime quotes about winning:


1. March Comes In Like A Lion Quotes

Rei Kiriyama quotes 1

“In this small universe, it’s an endless cycle of winning and losing until you begin losing your mind.” – Rei Kiriyama


2. Bleach Quotes

Bambietta Basterbine quotes bleach

“The whole point of fighting is that you don’t want to die! That you’ll be killed if you lose! If you throw your life away in battle, where’s the point in winning?!” – Bambietta Basterbine


3. Kuroko No Basket Quotes

tetsuya kuroko quotes 2

“So long as I don’t give up, the possibility of winning will never fall to zero.” – Tetsuya Kuroko


akashi seijuro quotes 1

“Winning is everything in this world. The victors write history. The losers are wiped from it.” – Seijuro Akashi


akashi seijuro quotes 3

“When I tell you to leave, leave. In this world, winning is everything. Winners are affirmed completely, and losers are denied completely. I’ve never lost at anything before, and I never will. Because I always win, and I’m always right. I show no mercy to those who oppose me, not even my own parents.” – Seijuro Akashi


reo mibuchi quotes

“It’s not about doing what it takes to win. Sei-chan told me before “Winning is just like breathing”. Victory isn’t something that Sei-chan seeks. It’s a natural part of his life. It’s a basic bodily function.” – Reo Mibuchi


4. Fairy Tail Quotes

Gray Fullbuster Quotes

“The pain of getting hit, the frustration of loosing, the joy of winning, all of that. They’ve been driven into this body, fists, and this head. It becomes my strength in the next fight. All of my battles up to now, those memories, they are all of my power.” – Gray Fullbuster


5. Medaka Box Quotes

Najimi Ajimu quotes

“God, just how long are they going to squabble over such pointless things? They are all the same in my eyes. Nothing but a bunch of trash. Light and Darkness. Good and Evil. Poison and Antidote. Winning and Losing. Strength and Weakness. Black and White. Success and Failure. Happiness or Sorrow… They’re all the same after all. Why hasn’t everyone realized this already.” – Najimi Ajimu


6. Assassination Classroom Quotes

Koro Sensei Quotes 1

“Exams are an opportunity to teach correctly the meaning of winning and losing, of strong and weak. Students soak up heaping helpings of successes and setbacks! Take in now what it means to win, what it means to lose!” – Koro Sensei


7. Berserk Quotes

griffith quotes berserk 7

“I feel no responsibility to comrades who’ve lost lives under my command. Because they chose to fight in each battle.. Just as I chose this. But if there is something that… I can do for them. Something I can do for the dead… Then it is to win! I must keep winning to attain my dream. The same one they clung to, and risked their lives for!! To realize my dream, I will perch on top of their corpses.. It is a blood-smeared dream, after all. I don’t regret or feel guilty about it.. But to risk thousands of lives while never getting myself dirty. It’s not a dream that can be so easily realized!” – Griffith


8. One Outs Quotes

toua tokuchi quotes 6

“What’s the use of looking towards the past? If past data dictates reality… then our 33,1 winning percentage last year means we shouldn’t even be playing the Mariners and their 66,7 winning percentage.” – Toua Tokuchi


toua tokuchi quotes 2

“Winning a game is not dependent on surpassing your opponents with your strength or waiting for lucky breaks. Conquer the opponent, crushing them, and stepping over the fallen ones ruthlessly. Winning means dominating over countless dead bodies.” – Toua Tokuchi


9. Aoharu x Kikanjuu Quotes

tachibana hotaru quotes aoharu x kikanjuu

“I never thought about winning making me cool, or losing making me uncool. But you’re right. If anything… Giving up before you even try is kind of uncool. That’s why I want to be someone who’ll fight as many times as it takes, and never give up. That’s got to be way more cooler.” – Tachibana Hotaru


10. One Punch Man Quotes

Mumen Rider Quotes

“I know no one expects much from me! And I know better than anyone how useless a C Class hero is! I know I’m too weak even for B Class! I know more than anyone else that I’ll never beat you! But I must fight you anyway! I’m the only one left! It’s not about winning or losing! I just have to stand here and face you!” – Mumen Rider


11. Baka To Test Quotes

sakamoto yuuji quotes 6

“Most of the winning results in war is caused by pursuit. Do you know why? Leaving aside modern times, it seems during the era of bayonet warfare, the worst losses always, arise from the moments when the losing side is being pursued.” – Sakamoto Yuuji


12. Classroom Of The Elite Quotes

Ayanokouji Kiyotaka Quotes

“All people are nothing but tools. It doesn’t matter how it’s done. It doesn’t matter what needs to be sacrificed. In this world, winning is everything. As long as I win in the end…That’s all that matters.” – Ayanokouji Kiyotaka


13. Vinland Saga Quotes

thorkell quotes vinland

“Doesn’t it ever get boring always being on the winning side?” – Thorkell


14. ReLIFE Quotes

saiki michiru quotes relife

“Knocking others down to gain an advantage is a fruitless endeavor. It means they’ve given up on winning any other way.” – Saiki Michiru


15. Katanagatari Quotes

togame quotes katanagatari

“By abandoning offense, even without winning, the result will be effectively victory.” – Togame


16. Yowamushi Pedal Go Quotes

Yuusuke Makishima quotes

“Your emotions have nothing to do with winning or losing, but they’re motivating us more than you might expect.” – Makishima Yuusuke


17. No Game No Life Quotes

sora quotes no game no life 18

“What’s the probability of drawing the ace of spades from a deck with no jokers? Normaly it would be 1/50. But what if its a brand new deck? The position of cards in a new deck are typically identical, so that means if you take out the jokers and draw the card at the very bottom, it’s the ace of spades almost 100% of the time. Oh that’s right! I didn’t say a word about it being a new deck. Rather, you didn’t ask. Being in the “no” gives you the power to turn the probability of winning from 1.92% to 100%. The more knowledge of a party will be the inevitable victor.” – Sora


18. Dragon Ball Quotes

Master Roshi Quotes

“You will not go in there with hopes of winning the tournament the first time you compete. To do so would be arrogant! And arrogance is for fools, not warriors! So you will enter the tournament with the sole purpose of improving your fighting skills.” – Master Roshi


19. Accel World Quotes

haruyuki arata quotes

“Strength isn’t just about winning. Even if my attempts are pathetic and comical, and even if I’m covered in the mud of my defeat, if I can keep fighting and look up at the sky as I lie on the ground, that alone is proof of true strength!” – Haruyuki Arita


20. Rave Master Quotes

haru glory quotes rave master

“Is fighting right, or wrong? Does winning in the end mean justice? Truthfully, I don’t know. But I know we must fight this battle! Or we will never save the world.” – Haru Glory


21. Eyeshield 21 Quotes

Hiruma Yoichi quotes 2

“Trying without the winning intent is meaningless.” – Hiruma Youichi


22. Eureka Seven Quotes

renton thurston quotes eureka seven

“Never beg and earn by winning or else you won’t get anything.” – Renton Thurston



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