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The Hidden Gem Of Gakkou Gurashi, One Of The Best Horror Anime

gakkou gurashi wallpaper yuki
Avatar of Masaomi Soma

Sometimes, when you’re looking for a new anime series to watch, you may tend to stick to the popular and most talked about shows.

I know I have been guilty of this, like when I watched Attack on Titan or Sword Art Online.

It may be easier to stick to the more popular shows because you may think you’re more likely to be entertained. However, there are some hidden anime gems out there that everyone should check out.

gakkou gurashi yuki and megumi

One of these “hidden gems” is an anime called “School-Live!”. Or Gakkou Gurashi in Japanese.

I started watching this show kind of recently, and it’s captured my attention. I don’t have to try and like the story, and I’m never bored while watching it.

At first glance, this anime already looked appealing to me because I loved the animation style.

Anime’s set in school usually turn out to be my favorites, like Orange and the incredibly popular Ouran High School Host Club.

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miki and her friend gakkou gurashi

“School-Live!” would have been an even bigger surprise if I hadn’t read about it first. The cover looks cute and the theme song sounds uplifting, but the show is actually rather dark.

Just from looking at the cover, you wouldn’t know that the show is about a world during the zombie apocalypse.

A group of girls are stuck in their old high school and they’re trying to survive. Even though they have a food supply and electricity, they know they are going to run out of supplies eventually.

One girl, Kurumi, uses a shovel to fight off the zombies. While I was watching this series, I was happy that the girls had her in their group because they needed someone who was willing to fight off the zombies.

Yuuri is kind of the “mom friend” of the group, and I often saw her cooking meals for the group.

Miki is the calm friend. The group rescued Miki from the mall when she was surrounded by zombies.

Then there’s Yuki (pink hair), who’s in denial of everything.

yuki takeya book cute

She still goes to class everyday, even though no one else is there.

Yuki also still talks to the teacher, Megumi, who has turned into a zombie.

What’s really heartbreaking is when Yuki expresses interest in going on fun field trips, and the other girls know there’s no way they can happen.

There’s also an INCREDIBLY cute dog named Taromaru. Honestly, just watch School-Live for Taromaru.

Taromaru and Yuki Takeya gif

Throughout the series, I felt myself being annoyed by Yuki and her clumsiness was rather frustrating.

Of course, the voice actress still did an amazing job. Although I found Yuki annoying multiple times, I couldn’t help feeling sorry for her.

She must have been so incredibly traumatized, and had to create almost an alternate reality in her head to keep herself from losing her mind.

gakkou gurashi episode 4 main characters in car

I label School-Live! as a “hidden gem” because I don’t think it got as much recognition as the other horror anime’s.

I think that High School Of The Dead, which is another show about the zombie apocalypse, is far more popular and gets more attention from anime fans.

There are plenty of great horror anime’s out there that are super popular, like the aforementioned High School Of The Dead as well as Future Diary and Shiki.

However, I believe that everyone should give “School-Live!” a chance, especially for the sweet dog Taromaru.


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