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The Worst Anime Series Of 2017 That Made Me Want To Puke

2017 is the year I really started getting into the “latest” anime shows.

Before that I preferred watching shows that interested me, and nothing more.

But I’ve done a good job of keeping up with anime in 2017.

And while 2017’s been an interesting year for anime, some anime made me want to throw up.

While others had potential but disappointed me.

Here are the worst anime of 2017, which I feel are some of the worst anime ever created.


1. Kiss Note (Love Tyrant)

worst anime 2017

You know how the anime: Death Note works, right?

Well the idea behind Kiss Note is: If you write someone’s name down in the kiss note… They’ll fall in love.

That’s the “simple” breakdown of what this show’s about.

While at first it sounds like a funny parody (it is a parody), the anime falls flat on its face.

And it falls pretty F’in hard, too.

The execution is awful, the comedy is poor and the jokes are more painful than scratching a chalk board.

I get that this is a parody, but it failed miserably even at that.


2. My Girlfriend Is A Gal

worst anime 2017

Even the name of this anime is bland, plain as white bread, and straight-up boring.

My Girlfriend Is A Gal is an anime about a Virgin who ends up with the most popular girl in school.

His friends are losers, and even the main character admits it. But I digress.

The harem aspects, so-called “comedy”, and Ecchi elements blends into a recipe of disaster.

Nothing stands out, and almost everything feels forced, unoriginal, and cliché to the point of insanity.


3. 18IF

worst anime 2017

You know what I hate? When an anime has so much potential, only for it to waste away.

18IF is a horror/psychological series, believe it or not.

It’s surprisingly colourful and vivid for its dark nature.

I thought: “Yes! An anime that looks and feels different, I like the innovative approach”.

But the more you watch, the more 18IF loses its focus, flair and uniqueness.

After all is said and done, this anime jumps off a 100ft building and splatters into irreparable pieces…


4. Blame Movie

worst anime 2017

This anime looks promising in the beginning.

It’s a sci-fi/mystery anime focused on a group of people living under the surface.

Though I watched it till the end, I felt disappointed and unimpressed after finishing Blame.

Nothing stood out in a way that got me excited.

Blame was an average series no matter which angle I decide to look at it from.

For that reason, It’s one of the worst anime I’ve seen in 2017. But not as bad as the first 2 on this list…


5. Tsurezure Children

worst anime 2017

Tsurezure children is a pure romance anime that had plenty of potential.

I liked how straightforward and bold this anime is when it comes to romance, sex, and topics of that nature.

Unlike the average romance, there’s no BS between the characters. It actually leads somewhere.

BUT… this anime is a little stale, bland, and the characters aren’t memorable.

In fact – there’s not much to differentiate most of the characters.

And one of the major flaws of this show is: there are too many characters in the spotlight.

So I dropped it. Damn shame too because it could have been one of the best of 2017.



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