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The Best Anime Mothers Of All Time Who Set A Good Example

Anime mothers stand out because of their animated designs, characteristics, “tropes” every now and then, plus the role they play in the main protagonists life.

In fact – there are plenty of anime shows that wouldn’t be HALF as good without the mothers “weaving” their way into the main plot, somehow.

And for shows that don’t take that route? Even the mothers in those types of series still make for a GREAT support character (or humor at worst).

Let’s talk more about that, how important they are, and why anime mothers matter…


The Best Anime Mothers Of ALL Time:


1. Sanae Furukawa (Clannad)

sanae furukawa glasses |

Clannad from my point of view, wouldn’t be half as good without Sane Furukawa’s “role” in Tomoya’s life.

In the beginning of this lightweight romance/slice of life series, Sanae doesn’t get much screen-time.

But it’s only later once things start to get a little serious that Sanae shows up more often. And she starts to “bless” the anime with her quirks.

sanae furukawa mother |

Sanae is an example of a mother who’s always there for her children… Especially in the hardest of times, and never falters on that goal.

Her quote sums it up the best:

“If your life can change once, your life can change again.” – Sane Furukawa


2. Sachiko Fujinuma (Erased)

sachiko fujinuma mother |

Erased is one of the most thought out psychological series that’s been released in the last few years.

It has the depth, well-written characters and a good overall effort from A-1 Pictures. That’s why Satoru’s mother is such a good character in the anime.

sachiko mother erased anime |

She’s firm but never too aggressive or strict with Satoru as a kid. And she doesn’t take no B.S no matter what the circumstances are.

I’ll avoid spoilers as much as I can, but even when things get “intense” in the anime, Sachiko never loses her strong resolve.


3. Junko Kaname (Madoka Magica)

junko kaname madoka mother |

“If you find yourself at a dead end and there’s no other options left, doing something the wrong way might do the most good.” – Junko Kaname

Junko Kaname is my favorite anime mother for how “deep” her role is in Madoka Magica.

Even as a side character she’s memorable and you wouldn’t know any better. Because she shows up whenever Madoka Kaname needs help, advice or a little “push” in the right direction.

YouTube video

Junko sets an example to Madoka by her actions and attitude towards work (even if she’s drunk on the odd day, so she’s not perfect).

What’s inspiring about Junko is how she takes all her experiences, and showers Madoka Kaname with it.

Not to mention she’s the type of person to never complain or whine about past mistakes, because she’s too busy thinking about the future and making it happen in the present.

AND making the most of everyday.


4. Nagisa Furukawa (Clannad)

nagisa furukawa mom |

Sanae, the mother of Nagisa Furukawa isn’t the only person who’s a great mother and parent.

When Clannad starts pouring on the strong emotions through a glass cup, Nagisa gets pregnant and becomes a mother herself.

Prior to that – Nagisa is the kind of girl who’s loyal like a Lion to its cubs, willing to die if it comes down to it.

For that reason – she’s well deserving of this list, even if her “mother” role doesn’t last as long as we’d like as fans.

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5. Yasuko Takasu (Toradora)

yasuko takasu toradora smile |

Yasuko is a mother with a tender personality. She’s a little clumsy, can’t cook to save her life, and would have you believe she’s an idiot.

But as a parent, and even as a person – she has a delicate touch. Always working hard to do the best for Ryuuji Takasu as a single mother.

And she has a surprising amount of wisdom to share with Ryuuji from time to time. Despite the everyday persona you usually see throughout Toradora.


6. Kie Tsutsui (3D Girlfriend)

tsutsui kie anime |

Hikari Tsutsui’s mother is firm, straightforward and sometimes a little too much for Hikari to deal with.

Because of the way Hikari is (as an Otaku and introvert), he’s not too interested in romance or relationships. He’d rather dive into a book or his favorite anime than think about “love”.

Kie worries about him for this reason, and is relieved when he ends up with a girlfriend like Iroha Igarashi, a stunning but hated girl from school.

kie tsutsui mother |

No matter the outcome or issue, Kie stands tall and doesn’t take BS from anyone, contrary to her appearance.


7. Inko Midoriya (My Hero Academia)

inko midoriya mha |

Inko Midoriya is overly sensitive and worries a little  too much about Izuku. But you can’t really blame her.

She’s against the idea of Izuku being a hero after seeing him almost destroy himself. Just like any loving mother would be.

And even though she’s still a little hesitant in supporting Izuku’s dream of becoming a hero, eventually she comes around. And cheers him on from the side-lines.

izuku and inko midoriya |

The most emotional moment between Izuku and his mother is when she doesn’t believe he’s capable of developing a “quirk”.

It’s sad to watch and hard to swallow.

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8. Akiko Minase (Kanon)

akiko minase mother |

Akiko, or has Koichi says – “Aunt Akiko” is the mother of Nayuki Minase. One of the main characters in Kanon.

Even though Akiko’s “just” an Auntie to Koichi, she treats Koichi the same way she treats her daughter, Nayuki. Like a caring mother who’s always willing to listen.

In a way – she’s similar to Sanae from Clannad (made by the same studio).


9. Minako Ayuzawa (Maid Sama)

minako ayuzawa |

Misaki Ayuzawa is the main protagonist of Maid Sama. She works harder than almost anyone in the anime series. Especially because her father abandons the family, leaving them with a pile of debt to deal with.

Minako Ayuzawa is the reason Misaki works so damn hard. Just like Minako does.

Like mother like daughter.

minako ayuzawa maid sama e1555954246120 |

And even though any ordinary person would be PISSED off after being ditched, she’s still sweet, kind, caring and positive. Choosing to look at the ”good” while refusing to become bitter about it.

Being open-minded is one of her most likable traits.


10. Kyoko Honda (Fruits Basket)

kyoko honda fruits basket mother |

Kyoko Honda is already dead in the timeline of Fruits Basket. But that doesn’t dismiss the kind of person Kyoko Honda was as a parent to Tohru.

She’s clearly wise when it comes to life, dealing with problems, and knowing how to navigate hardships that come your way.

And Tohru shares some of Kyoko’s wisdom and memories during the anime, which gives insight into the kind of mother she was while alive.

“Tohru, you must always be yourself and do things at your own pace. Someday… you’ll catch up.” – Kyoko Honda


11. Kurumi Saiki (The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K)

kurumi saiki smile |

Kurumi is the funniest anime mother for a lot of different reasons. Saiki K is a comical anime after all, with as much comedy as Gintamawithout any fan-service or inappropriate scenes.

That’s part of the charm Kurumi brings to the anime. And even when you take away the silliness of Kusuo Saiki’s parents in general, Kurumi is a shining example of motherhood.

She’s so optimistic, gentle and positive towards Saiki (and anyone she meets) that it’s hard not to like her.


12. Bulma Briefs (Dragon Ball Series)

bulma with trunks dbz e1555955266584 |

Bulma Briefs is an OG in the industry for anime mothers.

Any tropes, cliches or traits you see these days were probably inspired by characters like Bulma. Because like DBZ – she’s influential in the anime community.

bulma briefs thinking |

Bulma is a scientific genius.

With a knack for building tools, machines, technology, spaceships, medicines and even more. Thanks to her Father who runs the billion dollar company: Capsule Corp.

And those skills and genius carries over to motherhood. Choosing to be firm and direct as a parent, without being too strict and aggressive. And leading by example as a business woman.


13. Chigusa Sakai (Shakugan No Shana)


During the 2000’s the anime industry introduced a few anime mothers with similar personalities and styles to their characters.

Chigusa is one of those characters, alongside Sanae and Akiko.

chigusa sakai and shana |

Chigusa is laid back and easy going. It’s easy to talk to her without feeling anxious or nervous because she puts you at ease.

In fact – she’s so relaxed that even Shana, a “hot headed” character, is a completely different person when talking to Chigusa.

And as a mother to Yuji Sakai – she does her best without being a nuisance or too controlling.


14. Chi Chi (Dragon Ball Series)


Chi-Chi doesn’t have the best reputation in the anime community. Especially in the eyes of DBZ fans.

Almost everyone talks about how annoying Chi-Chi is, or how she interferes with Gohan’s training and his potential to grow stronger.

Or how controlling she is when it comes to education and trying to force Gohan to do “what she EXPECTS” of him.

CHI CHI DBZ e1555954916362 |

But you have to look at it from another perspective.

Chi-Chi wants the best for Gohan and Goten. She’s an over protective mother who’s independent, responsible, and knows how to take care of herself.

And even though she’s nowhere near as “rich” as Bulma is, Chi-chi is a leading example of what it means to take care of your kids. And raise them well.

Without excuses about how it’s hard or how there’s “no” time for this or that.

She’s not perfect, but that’s what makes Chichi more realistic as far as anime mothers and parents.


Honorable Mentions:

  • Hinata Hyuga (Boruto).
  • Trisha Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist).
  • Emi Handa (Barakamon).
  • Kushina Uzumaki (Naruto).


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