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29+ Of The Best Manga Without An Anime Adaptation

We all know about and enjoy reading manga and how manga tends to become anime, right? For various reasons, some manga must be adapted into animation.

There are so many fantastic mangas that were and may never be animated.

You may have read about some of them or heard about them.

With that in mind, here’s my list of 32 Best Manga without an Anime Adaptation.


1.) Real

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A motivational manga is Real. Three basketball players may be seen in this manga. However, all three of them are disabled. Basketball team captain Tomomi Nomiya accidentally left a little child paralyzed one day.

Despite being talented basketball players, Hisanobu Takahashi and Kiyoharu Togawa cannot stand upright.

They shared a passion for basketball, but can they get past their disabilities and inner demons?

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2.) The World Of Machida Kun

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Its anime version might have worked well because of the story’s feel-good and straightforward nature. Despite being only a teenager, everyone adores Hajime Machida due to his sweet disposition.

He attracts people regardless of who they are family, friends, classmates, or even total strangers because of his benevolence. Machida is a kind guy who learns about new things as he meets new people and eventually discovers the meaning of LOVE.


3.) Spirit Circle

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Spirit Circle centers on a young kid who can see ghosts but hides a scar on his cheek. Fuuta Okaya can perceive ghosts. One day, a brand-new student entered Fuuta’s class. Kouko Ishigami was her full name.

From the first day, Fuuta developed a liking for Kouko. Kouko has a peculiar habit of having a ghost accompany her. It was a giant, amiable ghost. After an incident, Kouko said that Fuuta was the enemy and that Kouko had given him the scar on his cheek.

What exactly is happening, and how do they relate to one another from a previous life?


4.) A Bride’s Story

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In this manga, a young boy marries an older woman, yet the idea of child marriage is still present. The most stunning girl in town is Amir Halgal. Twenty is her age. Her family decided to set up her marriage.

She wed Karluk Eihon, who was a man. He was only twelve years old. Due to their disparate ages, Amir and Karluk’s friendship was first uneasy.

The longer they lived together, the more they appreciated and understood one another. But at one time, due to their families, their relationship was set to break up.


5.) Our Dreams At Dusk

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The proper foundation of Our Dreams at Dusk is sexuality. The manga protagonist is a young child who isn’t entirely sure where he stands but can’t bring himself to admit it. It concerns the challenge he faces as a result of his gender preference.

Due to the possibility that his peers have discovered that Tasuku Kaname is a homophile, he is about to end his life. He observed a woman jump from a skyscraper as he was travelling. Tasuku arrived in a hurry, but the woman was uninjured and safe.


6.) 20th Century Boys

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Kenji Endo is a typical individual who leads a short life. His routine life, nevertheless, is turned upside down when one of his old pals passes away. A new cult has emerged, and its leader goes by Friend.

This cult is becoming quite well-liked. Kenji meets up with some of his former friends to discover what is happening. A suicide by his companion left some hints behind.


7.) Billy Bat

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It’s a good manga, Billy Bat. It features some intriguing spooky, and mystery ideas. And anime viewers genuinely adore shows with such themes. Billy Bat follows a mystery involving a made-up figure.

One of Kevin Yamagata’s best comics, Billy Bat, has grown to be. Kevin, who served in the allied troops, is half-American and half-Japanese. But one day, Kevin discovered that Billy Bat, the protagonist of his comic, was also a character in several Japanese comics.


8.) Hana To Akuma

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A demon rearing a human child must be rather enjoyable, right? The plot of this manga could be happier. It is worthy of an anime adaptation. A powerful demon from the demon realm, Vivi.

He has lived among humans for a significant time after leaving the demonic realm. Until he discovered a toddler at his door, Vivi had become bored with the human world.

Hana was given the name after Vivi agreed to take care of her. Since Vivi last looked for Hana, it has been fourteen years. Hana is devoted to Vivi, and the two grow fond of one another. However, individuals may find it challenging to coexist because of their worldviews.


9.) Pluto: Urasawa X Tezuka

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It’s a good manga, Pluto. Science fiction and mysteries are well-balanced in it. Pluto is deserving of high recognition and widespread acclaim. A lot of people who have read it adore it.

Pluto has yet to receive an anime adaptation because it is no longer a planet. Pluto investigates the unsolved murders of scientists. Not just the scientists, but the robots they created, which would have been the ultimate WMDs.

The murderous spree continued, and a detective was hired to find out why. This case’s detective is Gesicht. However, the data showing that another robot is performing all these tasks, which appears impossible, make this riddle even more perplexing.


10.) Love So Life

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A relatively impoverished girl who works part-time in daycare is the subject of this manga. Her life, however, is drastically altered when she encounters a set of twins who get emotionally attached to Shiharu Nakamura.

High school student Shiharu Nakamura works as a nanny. In the daycare, some twins adore Shiharu. They refused to accompany their uncle when he came to take up the twins. Instead, Shiharu was surrounded by them all.

If she watches Aoi and Akane, their uncles will pay her twice as much from the daycare. Shiharu agreed to the offer because the cash would assist her with her living and educational costs.

This is a beautiful and heartfelt manga that has not undergone an ANIME ADAPTATION.


11.) Yotsuba To!

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This manga teaches you that happiness can be found in minor things and that you should appreciate life for what it is. A 5-year-old girl named Yotsuba Koiwai lives life to the fullest. Every day is a brand-new adventure for Yotsuba.

She wants to keep going since she enjoys everything. She begins solo exploring the entire neighbourhood, where she meets new individuals who grow to like her. She gains more knowledge as she relocates to a new city.

Even though Yotsuba occasionally annoys me, she is still a young child who is curious about the world. This slice-of-life manga is good. Unfortunately, there isn’t an anime version of it.


12.) The Climber

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An excellent manga is A Climber. Based on one of the most challenging activities, rock climbing, its anime might be more entertaining. Mori Buntarou is a recent transfer student who prefers to remain alone and doesn’t pay attention to anyone else.

One day, a classmate of Mori’s challenged him to scale the building. When Mori started climbing after accepting the challenge, he felt alive for the first time. He experienced the thrill and dread he had been seeking.

He was ready to fall from the fourth story and almost perished.


13.) I Am A Hero

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Hideo Suzuki, 35, is a loser. He was an unsuccessful mangaka before becoming the mangaka’s helper. Regarding his relationship with his partner, Hideo feels uneasy. Hideo confronts her with the idea that she is cheating on him.

Hideo decided to apologize to his girlfriend, but the world he once knew had changed. In Japan, zombies can be found everywhere. Hideo is forced to engage in combat to survive. He always carries a shotgun and looks for new allies.

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14.) Wake Up Sleeping Beauty

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After reading this manga, I’m incredibly devoted to it. Many individuals could have cried watching its animation. It’s heartwarming, not depressing. Tetsu Misato studies diligently in high school.

His father’s housekeeping business helped him land a job at a mansion where he works. At the back of the estate is a structure. The daughter of the mansion’s owner, Shizu Karasawa, was a young woman who was present in that structure.

Shizu has never interacted with other people because of her peculiar sickness. Shizu and Tetsu grew close, and Tetsu eventually started feeling something for Shizu. But Shizu’s condition is more severe than it seems.


15.) Goodnight Punpun

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This manga is focused on the worries, uncertainties, and anxiousness we experience as children. It’s a fantastic comic about growing up. You must read it! Like us, Punpun Onodera is just a typical youngster.

He is only eleven years old. He has a short life. His family is not typical, though. As Punpun grew older, he fell in love with Aiko Tanaka, a new girl in his class, due to the marital violence that sent his father to prison and caused his wife the most harm.

Punpun gained an insight into what adulthood is like and how difficult it is to maintain a relationship from this point on. Punpun might make some mistakes, but he will learn and come to terms with life.


16.) Psyren

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This manga has eight chapters, but they will make you cry. Many people would have cried if an anime movie about Our Happy Time had been made. I assure you—both the girl and the boy in this manga desire to pass away.

I won’t provide you with any details regarding the story. You’re curious as to why. It has eight chapters so that you may read it all at once.

Another thing is that if I give you the plot, it will fill all four chapters. However, I assure you that you will adore this manga; its conclusion is a masterpiece.


17.) Our Happy Time

word image 130963 17 |

When Yeon-brother woo’s went missing five years ago, an unexpected pocket watch possession occurred. Yeon-woo came into a journal detailing his brother’s journey searching for an elixir.

Yeon-brother woo’s noted in the notebook that he might already be gone by the time Yeon-woo receives the message. Several universes and dimensions converge on this planet at the Obelisk, the Tower of the Sun God.

Yeon-brother woo’s was deceived in the Tower, and as a result of the betrayal, he passed away. Yeon-woo decided to scale the Tower after discovering the truth in his brother’s diary.


18.) Liar Game

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You have to betray them to acquire a sizable sum of money in the game it is based on, which features real individuals. Because people would do everything to win, this does turn pretty gloomy at one point.

Nao Kanzaki one day receives a parcel containing a sizable sum of money, perhaps 100,000,000 Yen. She was unaware that by opening this box, she had accepted an offer to play a game called Liar’s Game.

Despite her opposition, Nao must play this game right away. Shinichi Akiyama, a criminal who just got out of jail, is enlisted by the woman to assist her. Nao will receive assistance from Shinichi, but there is more to the Liar Game than meets the eye.


19.) Dengeki Daisy

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Dengeki Daisy is a good rom-com manga with some excellent drama. It makes me think of Horimiya. I have no idea why; perhaps it is due to the personalities. If this had been adapted into an anime, it would have been the best anime to lift someone’s spirits.

Teru Kurebayashi lives by himself. Her sibling has recently passed away, and her parents died a long time ago. But there is someone who never fails to make Teru smile.

Even Teru is unfamiliar with him; she has never met him and only communicates with him on her cellphone. Daisy was the name of the person who always made her smile.


20.) Holyland

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Holyland reminds me of Hajime No Ippo, but the difference is that while in Hajime No Ippo, we have legal boxing matches, in Holyland, we have illegal street battles. It was possible to make Holyland animated like Hajime No Ippo. The life of Yuu Kamishiro is unbearable.

Every day at school, he is bullied. He lacks aptitude in all areas, and society needs to prepare to accept him. Yuu ceased attending school and began to explore the streets.

He began training and developed the strength to defend himself. Yuu earned the moniker “Thug Hunter” because he started beating up street criminals who were bothering other people. Yuu has undergone a personal and professional change. He will get stronger the more he fights.

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21.) Vagabond

word image 130963 21 |

In addition to maintaining a constant expression of rage, Shinmen Takezou is also quite violent and is greatly feared by others. He is still among the best warriors in the area. The Japanese Edo era serves as the backdrop for this comic.

Takezou was suspected of murder after an incident. He was accused of murdering his best friend by some. He was a violent man, and everything was against him. He was afterwards hanged from a tree and declared dead. But a monk who was passing by intervened to save Takezou’s life.

He now goes by the name Musashi Miyamoto, which the monk gave him to keep him out of trouble. As the narrative progresses, Takezou gains much knowledge, and his character growth is incredible.


22.) Witch Hat Atelier

word image 130963 22 |

In the story Witch Hat Atelier, magic is revived to the point where it once again feels magical.

There are many things to adore in Witch Hat Atelier, like the overarching story with the witches and the brim hats, the enigmatic yet clear rules of the magic circles that witches create, and even the various ways in which each character uses magic.

WHA is just so much fun to read since Coco (the protagonist), and the readers are both learning about magic simultaneously, which provides the setting with an enduring sense of “wonder.” And to top it all off, the manga’s actual artwork is stunning.


23.) Kaiju No. 8

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Recently, Kaiju Number 8 started appearing in Shonen Jump. It is significantly different from other shounen fantasy manga novels in many respects. Kafka Hibino, the protagonist, is 32 years old, unlike the typical shonen protagonist, who is typically much younger.

Rather than embarking on a quest, which is more prevalent in manhwa settings than manga ones, he and the Defense Force frequently face monsters. The protagonist is typically weaker than other characters, which alters the power scale.


24.) Dungeon Meshi (as of December 2022)

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One of the longest-running examples of publishing since early 2014 is Dungeon Meshi, which is also one of the funniest fantasy comics. The show captures viewers’ attention with a gripping plot that almost seems too excellent for its absurd notion.

Dungeon Meshi is one of the most adored comics without an anime adaptation, despite being drastically underappreciated for its quality.


25.) Hoshi no Samidare (Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer)

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In this manga, the world is in peril, and as the plot develops, Sir Noi Crezant—a lizard knight—goes on a quest to find a hero who can stop Biscuit Hammer from destroying the planet.

This series, which has a total of 10 volumes, is complete.


26.) Vigilantes

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This one is peculiar because it is, in fact, a spin-off of the My Hero Academia series. But Vigilantes (also featured in Shonen Jump) has long ago shown that it is equal to My Hero Academia and, in some ways, even outperforms it in terms of storytelling.

For starters, it takes place on a considerably smaller scale and focuses on the exploits of a smaller principal cast against street crime.

Vigilantes do more than that, too, as it delves into the subtle facets of a universe centered on “Heroes” and “Quirks” that viewers of MHA have long pondered. Vigilantes would be a great adaptation series to keep fans entertained until the MHA anime catches up with the manga.


27.) Fire Punch

word image 130963 27 |

It seems appropriate to discuss Fire Punch, Tatsuki Fujimoto’s debut manga, now that the Chainsaw Man anime will finally air before the end of 2021. Even if the plot could be more cohesive, this incredible story is equally worthy of an adaptation.

A primary character is a man named Agni, who has the “blessed” of ongoing regeneration. Agni was accidentally set ablaze by someone with the “blessing” of unquenchable flames.

Because of the resulting unending loop, Agni was constantly on fire yet could never perish. He embarks on some of the wildest adventures in manga history after eventually learning to manage the agony well enough to regain control of his body.


28.) Helck

word image 130963 28 |

Helck is a television show that takes place after the Hero has already triumphed and is breathtakingly gorgeous. Helck is the “He-Man” in this scenario, and he’s every bit as extremely buff and highly righteous as one would imagine.

It may be summarized as “He-Man tries to become the next Demon King to fight back against humankind and make everyone happy.” He is similar to Saitama from One Punch Man but smarter.

It’s a superb series with lots of action, unexpected turns, and heartfelt scenes that would work well as an anime adaptation.


29.) Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

word image 130963 29 |

Frieren, the elven magician who is a member of the Hero’s party, is the main subject of this narrative. Elves live lives longer than they usually do in this world, practically immortal lives.

Therefore, Frieren considered her ten-year voyage with the Hero Himmel, the Dwarven Warrior Eisen, and the Human Priest Heiter to be but a drop in the ocean of her life.

The central theme of Frieren is how a person’s legacy determines how they will be remembered and how that impact can spread kindness to many others, creating a domino effect of friendliness.


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