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15+ Refreshing Anime Eyes Tattoo Ideas (Recommended)

I think you’ve often noticed that anime fans get tattoos related to it.  It makes no difference if you’ve had a tattoo before or are just planning to get one, it’s the anime eyes that can look the most aesthetically pleasing.

With the right picture choice and tattoo masters, anime eyes can always look good on your body.

Here are 15 of my favourite anime eye tattoo ideas!


The best anime eyes tattoo ideas:


Tattoo with Crying Anime Eyes

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Those cute weeping eyes with the sparks are just mesmerizing, aren’t they? You can stare into them for a long time as if you were looking into your soul. They would look great in different parts of your hand, and not only.

Pick a place where you can see anime eyes, and I’m sure you’ll want to look at them all the time.


Bright Anime Eyes Tattoo With Colors

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When I saw the anime character Sailor Moon’s eyes shone brightly. I could tell that I had watched a lot of anime and was very excited about it. Her eyes looked like they were painted on. They were so bright they looked like fireflies.

They would look just as enchanting on a tattoo, and if you added bright accents, you could just fall in love.


Cute Sparkly Manga Eyes Tattoo

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There’s something about the way Sparkly Manga‘s eyes look that grabs your attention. They’re all so happy and content, and you want to see more of them.

No matter how hard you try not to, you can’t resist looking at their pretty eyes every time you look at yourself.

Manga glitter eye tattoos are also some of the most popular pictures among people. They are simple, sexy, and a great addition to any look.

Whether you want to show off your sparkly eyes to everyone or hide them for someone special, there’s no reason not to get a Sparkly Manga Eyes tattoo on your skin.


Angry Kawaii Anime Eyes Tattoo

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I’ve always been a big fan of anime, and I have a lot of favourite characters. But these eyes just fell into my heart. I think their eyes are so expressive and beautiful, and I would love to get tattoos depicting them.

This art is very cute, even though it still looks a little evil. That said, it doesn’t stop the tattoo from looking classy.


Passionate Anime Eyes Tattoo

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Anime eye tattoos are one of the most popular trends in the tattoo world. But the best-known type is the Sailor Moon eye tattoo. They are considered such because they look beautiful and add a twist to your body.

We think you’ll know what I’m talking about when you get one done on your body. You’ll just be fascinated by it and can’t take your eyes off it.


Creative Tattoo with Naruto’s Eyes

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Something unusual, bright, and interesting — that’s about this tattoo. It just makes you want to look at it.

Naruto’s eyes look pretty cool and would look especially classy on your arm or your shin.

I think the multicoloured version would look incredible, and if there’s going to be glowing paint, it’s definitely better to do it with them; the effect would be just mind-blowing.


Black & White Arm Anime Eyes Tattoo

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When I see an anime character with a black & white tattoo, it makes me cringe. I love how their eyes stand out with such bright colors. They look so happy and content, like they can lie there forever and not worry about anything.

When I look at them, it’s as if I can see their soul lying inside — clear and distinct, as if pulled right out into the world. It seems like a very natural choice for someone who likes to spend time alone with their favourite characters.

And the tattoo itself will always remind you of your favourite character.


Anime Eyes Tattoo with Hieroglyphs

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Agree, the tattoo looks like a frame from an anime. It’s pretty damn cool, and the hieroglyphics add a special aesthetic to the picture. It’s simple enough here, but overall it looks chic.

Such a tattoo belongs on your hand, where you and everyone around you will notice it. This is a great way to show off a cool tattoo and show your passion for anime.


Minimalist Anime Eyes Tattoo

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The tattoo is simple, but it has a powerful message. The eyes represent the watcher’s soul, and the tattoo is the viewer’s connection to it. It also allows the watcher to convey their feelings through their eyes.

Those sweet patterns will show your true soul and be so gentle.


Elegant Colorful Anime Eyes Tattoo

word image 130936 11 |

As someone who loves anime and looks at anime characters, I find the eyes tattoo mesmerizing. The picture is colourful and vibrant. With so many different anime series and movies, this tattoo could be a favourite for many fans, including you.

This delicate picture will adorn your body and show that you are a real anime fan.


Fun Anime Eyes Showing Emotion Tattoo

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A fun anime eye-showing emotion tattoo is an amazing way to show your emotional side. Some people find it more cool or interesting than a regular tattoo.

It can be a fun and unique way to show your personality and emotions. If you are someone who likes to express yourself through your body, then the fun anime eyes tattoo is the perfect choice for you!


Crying Eye Tattoo

word image 130936 13 |

A minimalistic and concise tattoo; I’m sure all anime fans will love it. Two eyes look cool, but by the way, even one eye looks very stylish and special.

If you want to distinguish yourself in some way, you can do one anime eye. By the way, it would look cool if you stuffed one eye on one arm and the other on the other arm.


Luminous Anime Eyes Tattoo

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Glowing anime eye tattoos are a great way to show your passion for anime and good taste. They add extra expression to a person’s face and can be a proud acknowledgement of whom that person is.

Some people choose these tattoos as part of their body art collection, while others enjoy looking at them every day. By getting these anime eyes, you, too will want to look at them all the time.


Sad Anime Ayes Tattoo

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There is something inherently sad about eyes fixated on a certain object or person. Whether it is the eyes of an anime character or how we look at the world in general, there is something lonely and out of place about them.

For some people, tattoos depicting crying anime characters can help express their sadness and loneliness more tangibly.

It can physically represent who they are and let others know they are not alone. But I agree, it looks very classy.


Fascinating and Colorful Anime Eyes Tattoo

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And lastly, something extraordinary and vivid. A real tattoo for brave fans of anime and bright colours.

We think you’re sure to like this tattoo, especially men. Surely a desire has arisen to make such an eye on the hand, showing your taste and style. It will be able to attract the attention of many, especially fans of anime.



In conclusion, there are plenty of mind-blowing anime eyes tattoos ideas to choose from. If you’re looking for something truly unique, look at some of the more daring designs – they could make a statement that will leave a lasting impression.

So we’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for an eye tattoo to show your passion for anime or just something to spruce up your existing body art.


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