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30+ Of The Best Manga Art Covers That Grab Your Attention

dabi my hero academia wallpaper manga
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Have you yet to read the manga but are still a fan of Anime?

We gathered a list of 30+ Best Manga Art Covers that will likely grab your attention.

The manga‘s front face is represented by its covers. More than just an excellent art style is displayed on a good cover. It also appeals to feelings such as awe, nostalgia, and others. It’s also the best tool a mangaka has for marketing their work.

For otakus, manga is the preferred form of entertainment reading, and the manga fandom is rapidly expanding.

The most recent manga have attracted a large number of new readers. Even though it’s taught not to judge a book by its cover, a manga‘s cover is equally as important as its story.

So let’s get on to the list.


1.) Assassination Classroom Volume 1 Cover

word image 130857 1

The simplicity of this volume cover is brilliant. It has a distinctive design that is simultaneously menacing and humorous. It is symmetrically styled and establishes a standard for the rest of the series.

Anyone who views this cover even once will always remember Korosensei’s appearance.


2.) Naruto Volume 72 Cover

word image 130857 2

The story of the Masashi Kishimoto-penned Naruto manga series centers on a young ninja named Naruto who was abandoned as a baby. The plot of Naruto is split into two sections, the first of which focuses on Naruto’s early years and the second of which focuses on Naruto’s teenage and adult years.

The finest manga cover for the 72nd edition of the Naruto manga is among its 72 volumes. The final cover shows Naruto standing in front of a metal barricade while leaves fly in his direction due to the breeze.

It also shows how Naruto gets ready for his upcoming mission, and it’s an emotional time for Naruto fans and Naruto.


3.) The Promised Neverland Volume 14: Encounter

word image 130857 3

Posuka Demizu is the one who created the Kaui Shirai universe. The covers of The Promised Neverland featured complex illustrations in vibrant, swirling colours. However, Volume 14 stood out from the rest.

There needed to be more focal points or eye-catching details to draw the reader’s attention away from the text. However, the artist effectively utilized her skill in perspective drawing.


4.) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders Volume 1 Cover

word image 130857 4

This cover is fantastic. As would be expected of a Joestar, Jotaro is posing. Egyptian scenery and Star Platinum may both be seen in the distance. The series’ most significant, ambitious instalment thus far is off to a wonderfully suitable start with this cover.

Additionally, it displays Jotaro’s hat/hair fusion.

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5.) My Hero Academia Volume 30 Cover

word image 130857 5

The Volume 30 cover of the My Hero Academia manga is the best one. Dabi, the manga‘s primary antagonist, is depicted here facing the opposing side and using his blue flame quirk. The black background symbolizes Dabi’s demonic character.

The dark colours complement my favourite manga cover from My Hero Academia.


6.) Hellsing Volume 4 Cover

word image 130857 6

In terms of subject, Hellsing Volume 4 didn’t offer anything special. Alucard is depicted holding his handguns in the foreground, front and center, by Kohta Hirano. He appeared to be about to transform into a cloud of bats.

It is the iconic depiction of the vampire from Hellsing. The Slavic mythology and the manga monster are combined on the cover. He made the straightforward idea into something more complicated by employing simple colours.


7.) One Piece Volume 30 Cover

word image 130857 7

This series’ hilarious and unique side is showcased on the cover. As usual, Luffy has a silly appearance, whereas Eneru has a commanding one. It has a typical map design in the distant background, but the circular pattern in the foreground is distinctive.

In contrast to other covers in the series, this one isn’t overly crowded.


8.) Slam Dunk Volume 20 Cover

word image 130857 8

Slam Dunk is the only sports manga to have attained the same level of popularity. In this manga, a high school basketball team is the focus. Takehiko Inoue wrote the Slam Dunk manga, which was released in 1990.

The finest volume cover comes from the 20th volume, which has 31 volumes. Takenori Akagi, Ryouta Miyagi, and Hanamichi Sakuragi are at the front, while the rest are in the back. The players are all wearing basketball jerseys.

All of them appear worn out yet prepared to win the next game.

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9.) One Punch Man Volume 1 Cover

word image 130857 9

With One Punch Man, Yusuke Murata reinvented the superhero genre. The cover of Volume 1 is reminiscent of superhero comic book covers from Marvel and DC. The main character’s personality is effectively communicated through the image.

Look at the Japanese veggie bag at the bottom right. However, like Saitama himself, the cover’s hues are subdued and muted.


10.) My Hero Academia Volume 1 Cover

word image 130857 10

The rectangle in the top left corner of this cover is reminiscent of an American comic book issue. It showcases numerous unseen heroes whose courage is yet significant to the plot.

All Might, the best character, is showcased in his grandeur, while Deku, who helps to explain the title, is dressed in his school uniform.


11.) Death Note Volume 1 Cover

word image 130857 11

What I find impressive is the Death Note manga‘s Volume 1 cover. This is because Shinigami Ryuk is positioned at the back, facing the left side. The cover features Light’s evil side, with him holding a death scythe.

Shinigami’s protruding eyeballs and evil grin are enough to frighten anyone out. Behind Light and Shinigami are a shining purple cross and a mound of human skulls, which convey a spooky, horror-like atmosphere that draws in many readers.


12.) Slam Dunk Volume 21: Victory?

word image 130857 12

Another cover from Slam Dunk by Takehiko Inoue is the pinnacle of sports comics. It also has attention-grabbing covers.

Hanamichi Sakuragi is particularly well-represented in Volume 21. The vibrant reds and oranges stand out sharply against the black background.

Instead of being a manga, it seems more like a book of art. However, it somehow controls the volume.


13.) Tokyo Ghoul Volume 9 Cover

word image 130857 13

Ishida’s gorgeous painting is on display on this cover. Akira is introduced at the same time as the plot. If you look hard, you can even make out another character’s back who is depicted on the back cover (a topic for another day).

The friendly way Akira is posing encourages people to watch this grim series.


14.) Tokyo Ghoul Volume 4 Cover

word image 130857 14

Volume 4 contains another of Tokyo Ghoul’s top manga covers. It shows Ken Kaneki dressed formally in a red suit with blue stripes, a tie, and red shoes. His right hand is on his chin as he sits on a red couch.

Although Ken appears to be well-dressed, something is clearly hidden. The title also features red and blue, indicating that things will get bloody.


15.) Pandora Hearts Volume 18 Cover

word image 130857 15

Mochizuki Jun’s concepts for manga covers remained consistent. She painted the conventional portrait of a character.

However, Volume 18 stands out. A complete perspective portrait is being attempted for the first time.

It highlighted Levi of the Baskerville family, perfectly expressing the intricacies of his persona.

The vivid purple conjures up the idea of the abyss engulfing him. It looks good in contrast to his washed-out colouration.

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16.) Rurouni Kenshin Vizbig Volume 2 Cover

word image 130857 16

The cover is excellent. Adding the leaves and the tree gives the cover a distinctive appearance. Everyone is intrigued by Kenshin’s rugged, determined appearance.

He is dressed traditionally, which fits the tone of the series, and he has his sword drawn. Nothing is wrong with this; the others are simply superior.


17.) Hunter x Hunter Volume 1 Cover

word image 130857 17

The fantasy and action-packed manga series Hunter x Hunter was first released in 1998. Yoshihiro Togashi is the creator of the Hunter x Hunter manga series. The Hunter x Hunter manga‘s Volume 1 cover is incredible.

The main character, Gon Freecs, is seen in this image seated atop a frog with his jaws open. Gon looks adorable and amusing in the portrait, which also captures his excitement.

The manga‘s title is displayed in block letters with the colour yellow. After all the supernatural covers, it’s refreshing to see a good-natured cover like this.


18.) My Hero Academia Volume 29: Katsuki Bakugo Rising

word image 130857 18

The cover art game by Kohei Horikoshi is insightful. He uses symbolism and nostalgia very skillfully.

He evoked change by including a mirror of the famous picture from volume one in book 29. Bakugo is still a young man dressed as a superhero.

He extended his hand, prepared to accept Deku’s assistance.


19.) Tokyo Babylon Omnibus Volume 2 Cover

word image 130857 19

The manga collective Clamp created a Japanese manga series, Tokyo Babylon: A Save Tokyo City Story.

The story centers on Subaru Sumeragi, the clan’s leader, and his sister Hokuto as they attempt to save Tokyo from various paranormal threats while residing with a man named Seishiro Sakurazuka. This cover showcases CLAMP’s distinctive aesthetic in a simple, understandable way for all viewers.

There is some mystery about Subaru because he is in a relaxed position and partially dressed in fashionable attire. This cover isn’t higher since the flag has nothing to do with the contents.


20.) One Piece Volume 61 Cover

word image 130857 20

One Piece is a treasure that Luffy and his Straw Hat pirates set out to find on an exciting adventure. There are currently 101 volumes in the series, with many intriguing personalities. One Piece‘s 61st volume cover depicts Luffy and a fellow crew member having a blast aboard their ship.

The cover appears exotic and vibrant, with all the characters laughing, dancing, and having a good time together while drinking. It illustrates how wholesome, enjoyable, and daring the manga is.


21.) D. Gray Man Volume 16 Cover

word image 130857 21

D.Gray Man played the nostalgia card for Volume 16’s cover image, similar to MHA Volume 29.

Katsura Hoshino changed the original scheme of the creative covers. With Komui Lee in the far rear, she portrayed the “nerds” of the European Branch. He is stepping out into the light and moving away from the reader.

The other members of the European Branch are beaming with optimism.


22.) Hunter x Hunter Volume 29 Cover

word image 130857 22

Another cover from Hunter x Hunter, this particular cover showcases Togashi’s talent as a cartoonist. The stuff inside has a lot of meaning, but I can’t reveal what it is because doing so would give it away.

Although exceptionally styled and intricate, it exudes calm. The inner art doesn’t match the cover.


23.) Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 16 Cover

word image 130857 23

Hiromu Arakawa is the author of the well-known manga series Fullmetal Alchemist, which debuted in 2001. Alphonse and Edward Elric, two brothers who study alchemy, are the main characters of this grim fantasy manga.

Fullmetal Alchemist’s Volume 16 manga cover is by far the greatest I’ve seen from the series. It shows Edward reaching out with a furious expression on his face.

He is holding a sharp weapon in his right arm, which he gave up to save Alphonse. Alphonse is in the back, wearing full body armor and sporting a slight smirk.


24.) Soul Eater Volume 19

word image 130857 24

Ohkubo Atsushi already had a recognizable, nearly three-dimensional shading. However, by Volume 16, his technique had changed to flatter and featured brilliant, rich shadows.

Volume 19, the first book without a pure white background, benefited from the alteration.

The frenzied, insane glow on the cover graphic symbolizes the craziness engulfing Death the Kid. It’s a beautiful Easter egg, that the colour selection adhered to his colour strategy.


25.) Attack On Titan Volume 1

word image 130857 25

One of the most popular manga and Anime series of all time, Attack On Titan, has a sizable fan base. The Attack On Titan manga, authored by Hajime Isayama, comprised 34 volumes and was first published in 1999.

The first volume of the Attack on Titan manga has the best cover. Here, you can see the main character, Eren Yeager, standing atop a wall and attempting to use a weapon to harm the Colossal Titan, one of the more formidable titans.

The Colossal Titan’s physique reveals his inner muscle with his jaws open, giving the cover a menacing feel.


26.) My Hero Academia Volume 25 Cover

word image 130857 26

Selecting a cover from MHA is challenging. However, Volume 25 also placed best 12 with Tomura Shigaraki’s madness as its central theme.

The hues mix harmoniously. The white, black, and purple colors clash and crackle sinisterly. Shigaraki chuckled in the middle. The strokes come alive and radiate a certain kind of madness.


27.) Haikyuu!! Volume 42 Cover

word image 130857 27

Haikyuu! is a sports manga. Features a lot of compelling covers. However, it’s not the intense ones that draw attention; instead, they create a particular emotion.

Hinata Shoyo can be seen fixating intensely on something in volume 42. The only thing about this cover that is intense is his look. Although the artwork psyches you up, the colours and lines are serene.


28.) Eyeshield 21 Volume 31 Cover

word image 130857 28

Eyeshield 21’s early covers were traditional shonen covers. Yusuke Murata used vivid, captivating colours and powerful, dynamic lines. Perfect for the American football theme of the manga. However, Volume 31 featured an intriguing watercolour drawing of the Hakushu dinosaurs in a muted tone.

Presenting the antagonist team of the protagonist team in such a serene and quiet setting is weird enough.7


29.) Vagabond Volume 37 Cover

word image 130857 29

Simple is beautiful has always been a theme in the cover art of Vagabond. Takehiko-sensei uses intricate artwork to accentuate the figures on the cover. His exquisite line work is not overpowered by excessive colour.

Musashi Miyamoto is seen in a beautiful artwork in volume 37. It is painted with simple black brushstrokes. The area around him is blue. It gives the impression that Miyamoto is gazing upward.

His covers are equally good as his panels, unlike others on this list.


30.) Death Note Volume 12: Finis

word image 130857 30

The level of detail in Takeshi Obata’s artwork is legendary. With his lines and shadows, he creates the appearance of live textures. Volume 12 made it into the top 20 with the calibre of a carved marble monument that seemed to belong in a museum.

Additionally, there is a strong religious undertone. At the center, light acts as the messiah.

This has a lot to do with how the manga was written. Concept, art direction, and colour selection all have high cover rates.


31.) Innocent Rouge Vol 12

word image 130857 31

With his two mangas, Sakamoto Shinichi reenacted the tragedy of the French Revolution. They go by the names Innocent and Innocent Rouge. With his meticulous artwork, he brought historical figures like Marie Antoinette to life.

His cover artwork is also delightful to view. The entire saga came to a rewarding finish in volume 12.

Marie Josephe Sanson is depicted on the cover in embossing red. In Innocent Rouge, it played with the word rouge. He described the character in a saintly-like manner with a menacing crimson tint.

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