21+ Tower Of God Anime Face Masks Shoppers Will Love!

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Tower Of God, adapted by Crunchyroll is the talk of the industry in 2020.

With characters like:

  • Bam
  • Rachel
  • Jahad
  • Khun
  • Rak

And many other key characters there’s plenty to choose from with anime face masks. As well as merchandise.

Anime Motivation has some cool designs for you to shop for.

Here’s a list of what’s available.


Tower Of God Face Masks:


1. Khun Rak Bam Face Mask

9148097 2

Khun Rak Bam Mask


2. Cute Tower Of God Face Mask

9148187 0

Cute Tower Of God Mask


3. Khun Rak Bam Black Face Mask

9148249 0

Khun Rak Bam Black Mask


4. Bam Face Mask

9368963 0

Bam Face Mask


5. T.O.G Face Mask

9746700 0

T.O.G Mask


6. Khun Aguero Face Mask

9835640 0



7. Tower Of God Face Mask

9747080 0

Tower Of God Face Mask


8. Jahad Face Mask

9873491 0

Jahad Face Mask


9. Minimalist T.O.G Face Mask

8963266 0

Minimalist T.O.G Face Mask


10. 25TH Bam Face Mask

9629792 0

25th Bam Mask


11. Khun Face Mask

9720617 0

Khun Face Mask


12. Tower Of God Bam Blue Black Face Mask

9507663 0

Tower Of God Blue Black Mask


13. Headon Face Mask

9122116 0

Headon Face Mask


14. Bam Quote Face Mask

9371629 0

Bam Quote Mask


15. Tower Of God Chibi Face Mask

8894529 3

Tower Of God Chibi Mask


16. Tower Of God Designer Mask

9369214 0

Tower Of God Designer Mask


17. Tower Of God Text Face Mask

9449933 0

Tower Of God Text Mask


18. Tower Of God Quote Face Mask

9368393 0

Tower Of God Quote Mask


19. Bam Design Face Mask

9370401 0

Bam Design Mask


20. Bam Webtoon Face Mask

9372258 0

Bam Webtoon Mask


21. Tower Of God Kanji Face Mask

9146847 0

Tower Of God Kanji Mask


Shop for more anime Tower Of God merch:

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