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The Most Impressive Nabari no Ou Quotes About Life

Nabari no Ou quotes taken from characters:

  • Kouichi Aizawa.
  • Kourin Shimuzu.
  • Yoite.
  • Durandal Tobari Kumohira.
  • Shijima Kurookano.
  • Kazuhiko Yukimi.
  • Tojuro Hattori.
  • Raiko Shimizu.
  • Miharu Rokujo.

Nabari no Ou is an anime series produced by J.C Staff, in the Shounen and supernatural genre.

If you’re a fan of J.C Staff and this 2008 series, these quotes will give you something to remember!

Here are some meaningful Nabari no Ou quotes.


1. Shijima Kurookano Quotes

Shijima Kurookano quotes |

“The most precious thing is different for every human. They resist and kill each other because of their difference. It has nothing to do with the inability to sense the other’s most important thing.” – Shijima Kurookano


Shijima Kurookano quotes 1 |

“Everyone is sacrificing something precious to them in order to save something else. Is that the reason for human action?” – Shijima Kurookano


2. Kouichi Aizawa Quotes

Kouichi Aizawa quotes |

“The strength of life lies in the possibility of dying.” – Kouichi Aizawa


3. Yoite Quotes

yoite quotes |

“If it’s a wish that can be fulfilled, then fulfill it. If there’s hesitation and worries, then remove the sources of worries altogether.” – Yoite


yoite quotes 1 |

“Night is good. Appearances lose their meaning and get swallowed up by the darkness.” – Yoite


4. Kourin Shimizu Quotes

Kourin Shimizu quotes |

“Swords exists for just judging and killing. They can never save others.” – Kourin Shimizu


5. Tojuro Hattori Quotes

Tojuro Hattori quotes |

“Humans lose focus of the big picture when they’re drunken in the midst of their feelings.” – Tojuro Hattori


6. Durandal Tobari Kumohira Quotes

Durandal Tobari Kumohira quotes |

“Because it has powers that surpass everything, a king must cut off his own desires and never use it.” – Durandal Tobari Kumohira


7. Raiko Shimizu Quotes

Raiko Shimizu quotes |

“Unwilling to listen or see anything else, you lost yourself in your own world and became incapable of seeing the things around you.” – Raiko Shimizu


8. Miharu Rokujo Quotes

Miharu Rokujo quotes |

“You won’t be able to achieve anything if you worry about everything.” – Miharu Rokujo


9. Kazuhiko Yukimi Quotes

Kazuhiko Yukimi quotes |

“There are three kinds of secrets. Something that you hide at the bottom of your heart because you don’t want it to be mentioned. Something that you can’t say even if you want to and something that you hope someone asks about even though you’re hiding it.” – Kazuhiko Yukimi

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