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20+ Normal Anime Girls Who Don’t Fit A Cliché Or Stereotype

shiori shinomiya cute
Avatar of Theo J Ellis

Anime has an obsession with:

  • Weird.
  • Strange.
  • Cool.
  • “Badass”.
  • Tough.
  • Tsundere.
  • Yandere.

And any type of anime girl who fits some sort of stereotype, cliche, trope, or something related. Something that gets attention and gets noticed.

But what about normal anime girls? And does that mean normal anime girls are boring?

Normal anime girls can be:

  • Cool.
  • Attractive.
  • Likeable.

And all the rest of it, but they’re not praised, recognized, or appreciated as much because there’s LESS meme material and things of that nature when compared to tropes.

Let’s make a list.


Normal anime girls who don’t fit a cliche:


1. Nagisa Furukawa (Clannad)

Nagisa Furukawa cute kawaii

When you think of Nagisa if you’ve watched the anime, you realize she doesn’t have anything that makes her jump out, stand out, or make her more recognizable than the next female character.

That’s because she’s what you’d call a normal anime character.

Nagisa Furukawa is:

  • Kind.
  • Has her own set of struggles.
  • A bit fragile.
  • Very normal and relatable.

And doesn’t fit the typical “dere” types of characters that are common in 2023.

She’s a rare breed. Clannad is one of the most emotional and best-written anime of all time, debatably. And she’s a major part of that.


2. Yoshida Kazumi (Shakugan No Shana)

Yoshida Kazumi girl

Yoshida is the normal anime girl of the Shakugan No Shana series. Others can arguably be put in the “stereotype” crowd like Shana (Tsundere), and Wilhelmina who’s the cold type.

But Yoshida is a normal high school girl who has feelings, lives her life, has insecurities, has romantic interests, and has clear weaknesses and strengths.

She only comes across as annoying or useless when compared to the supernatural characters of this series. That only shows how “normal” she is as a character, without much cliches to speak of.


3. Bulma (Dragon Ball Z)

Bulma dragon ball female character

Bulma’s journey in the franchise has been a mad one. She’s gone through a lot of changes. In Dragon Ball, you could call Bulma a sl*t or a girl who’s willing to flash her bits to get what she wants at the least.

She then evolves into a woman of standards and she’s always had beauty so that counts naturally. She’s always been a scientist and was born to a mega-rich family, yet Bulma never felt cliche or stereotypical.

Not compared to someone like Chi-Chi.


4. Laki Olietta (Fairy Tail)

Laki Olietta

Laki Olietta is one of the many supporting characters in this series. And she’s not one who gets too much shine compared to others like let’s say, Lisanna or Elfman.

She’s a normal character in the series and that’s clear from her personality. She’s not exaggerated in any way, or strange, or a “in your face” type of character that will win any Fairy Tail polls any time soon.

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5. Winia Chester (Scrapped Princess)

Winia Chester shy scrapped princess

Winia is the supporting character of Scrapped Princess, a classic anime series from the 2000s era. She’s nothing special on the surface, and isn’t a character that looks striking in any way.

She’s an introvert taken in by her uncle after a tragic event. She’s a lonely person, but even still, she doesn’t fit any extreme stereotypes or cliches we see with anime that was released years later.

She’s relatable to a lot of people.


6. Levi Mcgarden (Fairy Tail)

Levy Mcgarden smiling

Levi is another character who doesn’t fit any extreme stereotypes or cliches. Or modern-day tropes we see today.

She’s a smart girl, clearly one of the smartest characters in the entire Fairy Tail guild. And the guild has relied on her abilities and smarts time and time again when in a crisis (or in times of peace).

For someone so small she has a surprising amount of courage and balls of steel. But it’s not in a cliche kind of way.


7. Marin Kitagawa (My Dress Up Darling)

Marin Kitagawa eating food

Marin is the star of the show. That’s clear as day. She’s an extrovert who’s also an Otaku, a shameless one, and doesn’t care what people think of her.

This makes Marin a bit unique as far as the typical stereotypes would go if she was an introvert.

She’s also into cosplay and gets excited when talking about it (a dere dere trope, but that’s as far as it goes).


8. Teletha Testarossa (Full Metal Panic)

Teletha Testarossa beautiful art

Tessa, or Teletha Testarossa as her real name is called, has a unique job unlike any other girl her age. She’s in charge of a military submarine that travels the globe.

She’s more than just unique based on her mindset, her intellect, and how her brain works compared to the average person.

She’s also the captain of the submarine who leads an independent military group called Mythril to stop terrorism across the globe.

That sounds extreme and abnormal on the surface, but when you analyze her character, her personality, and show she is as a person, she’s as normal and down to earth as the next no name person would be.


9. Uiharu Kazari (A Certain Scientific Railgun)

Uiharu Kazari railgun worry

One of the few characters you get to see in Railgun who doesn’t have any abilities to speak of just yet, or at least she’s not a powerful esper as it stands.

Uiharu is a cute girl who wears an arrangement of flowers on her head (fake flowers obviously). Her design is ordinary but unique at the same time.

She’s smart, skilled, and knows how to work a computer, hack into systems ethically, and helps the organization JUDGMENT catch criminals essentially.

Everything about Uiharu is normal but there’s an element of uniqueness to it as well (very few cliches if at all).


10. Shouko Hida (Happy Sugar Life)

Shouko Hida cute girl

Happy Sugar Life is anything but happy and cheerful. Shouko, the best friend of Satou Matsuzaka, is a friend everyone needs, wants, and strives for in real life.

She’s loyal, genuinely cares without any strings attached, and is an open book when it comes to her problems or discussing them.

She’s just an overall nice, kind, and genuine person, not to mention a normal anime character who doesn’t lean too strongly towards trope territory.


11. Shiori Shinomiya (Sakura Quest)

Shiori Shinomiya anime screenshot

One of the supporting characters of Sakura Quest, an anime with a location based on a real equivalent in Japan. Shiori is the motherly type of character, but she feels surprisingly normal and non-cliche.

She’s also the “wife” type, despite her being ordinary, normal, with nothing that stands out or screams for attention the way a typical Tsundere would (or any comparable cliche).


12. Konori Mii (A Certain Scientific Railgun)

Konori Mii railgun senpai 1

Konori is the senpai of the series. She’s a senpai to a lot of characters, even ones who aren’t affiliated with JUDGMENT (the company she works under).

Her ability is x-ray, which helps her see any potential threats so she can eliminate them when dealing with a criminal. She’s also trained in martial arts but personality-wise, she feels as normal as it gets.

That’s a good thing.


13. Irene Belserion (Fairy Tail)

Irene Belserion erza mother

I won’t say too much about this character for anyone who hasn’t gotten his far in Fairy Tail, but either way, she’s a character who lacks cliches and tropes (unless you factor in her Oppai).

Irene is a bit complex. Her story, her background, who she is, who she was, how she comes to be, her true motives, and what drives her are all unique but ordinary at the same time.

If you understand her character, you feel more sorry for her than you do hate her.

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14. Kate (Shadows House)

Kate Shadows House cute

Kate is the mirror image of Emilico, and vice versa. Both are main characters in the mystery series Shadow House.

She’s not like the other shadows of the house (no pun intended). Her personality isn’t over the top, dramatic, attention seeking, or the type that you can make too many memes out of.

Still, she’s a likeable character and does stand out in her own way. She’s an MC, after all, just not a cliche one.


15. Nina Fortner (Monster)

Nina Fortner pout

Nina Fortner is the supporting character of Monster. She’s the sister of the serial killer known as Johan Liebert. But she was separated from him at an early age.

This plays into how different their lives become. Coming from a tragic background, Nina is a person who’s stressed, under pressure, and is easily panicked.

She’s strong, overcomes a lot, and plays an important role in the anime’s overall story.


16. Momoka Kibitsu (Sket Dance)

Momoka Kibitsu sket dance girl

Momoka is a character who starts out as a gangster of sorts. But it’s short-lived. She was never about that life and like many people, she was acting out for attention and it wasn’t true to who she is as a person.

She goes on to become a voice actress for many anime series, which is a pun in itself.

This a comedy/parody series after all.

Momoka is a solid character.


17. Tenten (Naruto)

tenten character naruto woman

Tenten is the one female character who didn’t get the shine she deserved. And she’s also a female character who doesn’t fit any extreme or stupid stereotypes in the Naruto series.

I can’t speak for Boruto though.

Tenten is attractive, has work ethic, is willing to pull her own weight, and has a feminine charm to her overall character (more so later).

She strikes a balance.


18. Yui Kiriyama (Kokoro Connect)

Yui Kiriyama kokoro connect martial artist

Yui Kiriyama is the support character from Kokoro Connect. That’s the best way to think about it as far as the anime’s priorities.

She knows martial arts and can handle boys because of it. But after a sensitive incident (victim of sexual violence), she loses her confidence.

She’s one of the few characters I’ve seen in anime with this kind of background, and where the anime focuses on helping the character through their trauma either through someone else or other methods.

She’s more than just a decent character.


19. Yuuki Konno (Sword Art Online)

Yuuki Konno swords woman

Yuuki Konno shows up in the 2nd season of SAO. Not to say all the girls in SAO are cliche, but Yuuki Konno stands out from the crowd with ease.

Her backstory is one of the most unique of any anime you can think of as an example. For this reason she’s deeply relatable, if not tragic.

Her inner strength, resolve, and determination (given her situation) makes her relatable. But her weakness and frustration makes her surprisingly normal in the way it’s portrayed.


20. Kobeni Yonomori (Engaged To The Unidentified)

Kobeni Yonomori school character

Most may have never heard of this anime in 2023. It’s a romance series with some elements of mystery and supernatural.

Kobeni is the youngest in her household, and her crazy older sister Benio has a sister complex, a part of the anime’s extreme comedy at times.

That aside, the anime’s wholesome because Kobeni is a wholesome, very normal and ordinary character.

This is shown in her interactions when it comes to Hakuya, her romantic interest. And it’s also shown in normal situations as well.


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