The 17+ Best Casshern Sins Quotes With A Purpose!

Casshern Sins wallpaper anime

Casshern Sins quotes taken from characters:

  • Dune.
  • Casshern.
  • Luna.
  • Dio.
  • Braiking Boss.

Casshern Sins is an anime produced by legendary studio – Madhouse. With a focus on the distant future and humanity’s extinction.

If you’re a fan or are looking for some good quotes, this anime has a few worth sharing.

Here’s the best lines from Casshern Sins.


1. Casshern Quotes

casshern quotes

“Maybe people tend to develop their weakness’…when they protect someone other then themselves.” – Casshern


casshern quotes 1

“Even though there is life, no one here is living it. Life is overflowing and they are merely drinking their fill. But Dio and all the people I’ve met on my journey aren’t like that… they’re.. they’re more… they were blazing with fire. They were torches burning with life.” – Casshern


casshern quotes 2

“No I won’t kill you, there are still individuals who seek you out in search of life, it is your duty to help them, if survival is what they want then it is better they have it, I cannot deny them that. However if you or ANYONE forgets the face of death….then I will return.” – Casshern


casshern quotes 3

“If the world is spiralling into ruin because of my own actions.. then it is MY responsibility to try and stop it from destroying everything.” – Casshern


casshern quotes 4

“For all the beings that inhabit this world, each and every one of them live for every breath they take!” – Casshern


casshern quotes 5

“What people seek when the depths of despair and death are upon them, may be the silhouettes of the ones they love.” – Casshern


casshern quotes 6

“I bring calamity to the world, and for that I don’t deserve to live.” – Casshern


casshern quotes 7

“If you’ve forgotten death..then you’ve forgotten what it truly means to be alive.” – Casshern


casshern quotes 8

“I know nothing… not even myself, yet my enemies call me… Casshern.” – Casshern


casshern quotes 9

“Robots who believed in eternal life continue to perish, but not me.” – Casshern


2. Dune Quotes

dune quotes casshern

“I want to live… I want to hold something in my hands and feel its warmth.” – Dune


dune quotes casshern 1

“I am content with just being a flower, blooming and withering away… that’s all I ever needed.” – Dune


dune quotes casshern 2

“The Sun does not ever give, almost all choose to take from it selfishly.”  – Dune


3. Luna Quotes

luna quotes casshern

“I have answered the calls of those who have come here, and I have granted every one of their wishes.” – Luna


4. Dio Quotes

dio quotes casshern

“Endure It! You owe me that much Casshern for I am only alive to FIGHT you! I was able to survive and now it is your turn to do the same!” – Dio


dio quotes casshern 1

“I do not believe in God or a higher power, but I am grateful for this blessing.” – Dio


5. Braiking Boss Quotes

braiking boss quotes casshern

“I don’t know what you plan on doing, but I can only assume that its your only way of settling your debt to the world… Luna once and for all… As I lay here dying, I can only hope I have atoned for my own sins.” – Braiking Boss


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